Zara Larsson - I Can't Fall In Love Without You Lyrics

I feel so happy
Happy that I'm free
And I can see things
Things I couldn't see

I can be out every night
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
No one else holding me down
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I can do just what I like
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

But I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
Please don't fall in love without me

I hope you're sorry
Can't find the words to say
Hope you're always worried
Worrying 'bout me

Don't you think I give a fuck?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Give a fuck 'bout who you fuck?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
But I hope you can get it up
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

'Cause I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
Please don't fall in love without me

I can't fall in love without you
I can't fall in love without you
So please don't fall in love without me

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Zara Larsson I Can't Fall In Love Without You Comments
  1. Kenzi Gabbie and Jayda

    I just went through a breakup and my ex the next day got a new gf and i'm having fricken break downs every day I miss him I hate I can't hug him anymore or talk to him and I just want him back😭

  2. Jacqueline Honcoop


  3. Artist Floating


  4. Patricia Alvarez

    The background music is kinda random

  5. Jemia Abdalla

    Så fin röst😻💖

  6. Jacqueline Honcoop


  7. Aria R

    0:00 Just gonna casually make an instant replay button for myself hehe

  8. saja saja

    LPDL7 ?

  9. Sanya Sharma

    this song is giving me vibes of astrid's doing to me

  10. Mariella XD

    Wow,my new favorit song🥺💕

  11. Hype

    I’m reading the comments and majority of it is females and guys (i’m a guy) feel the same too, I’m sorry the ones you came across were cheating or didn’t treat you right however one day the right guy will come along.

  12. Simi Blau

    I have everything.. but without you it means nothing to me.. one day my heart will be whole again

  13. cvcilyy

    " please don't fall in love without , me . "

    im the biggest idiot for falling for him.

  14. Md Salehin Mondol

    Hit like here 22:10:19 at 14;48

  15. Mary JAne C

    ❤😔 kevin

  16. Hassan Khaya

    تحية عربية لكل عربي مر من هناا

  17. Sparkles Xox

    Jason😘 I forever love you infinity you have my ❤️Heart infinity!💋 your my forever love!💙🎼🔐 Don’t ever forget me please!💞😘💯❤️🔐

  18. Sunney Leone Official

    Lovely 😍

  19. Omolaiye Paulina

    🎼🎼🎼Don't you think,i give a fuck about who you fuck👌👍

  20. addy Sadrija

    Beautiful song!

  21. Beloved Ruby

    Wow..these songs today are trash !!!! Cursing in every line SMH

  22. Victor Kipkirui

    Zara, couldn't go to sleep just listening to it..honestly, can't get over my girl, broke up with her 3 years but i can't move on😪..hope she hasn't felt inlove without me

  23. Solomon Marshall

    Anyone in 2019?

  24. lone wolf


  25. Dev Sha

    I love you my dearest my Man!

  26. Jajie Malidas10


  27. Anabell Matos

    It's the 5th day of school and I have a crush on the new boy:( My friends keep accusing me of liking him but I keep saying no that I don't and won't like him. I'm constantly lying to my bsf telling her I don't like him. Barely said a word to him though.

  28. blonddevil

    4days ago hè broke up though Whatsapp 😭totdat we would be 3 month 💔💔💔

  29. Rajesh Choudhary

    Just go to him / her and express how you fee about theml , later don't regret ... And please don't cry 💔 ...

  30. JoJo hanna

    I miss him :( but he doesn't want me anymore..

    Kenzi Gabbie and Jayda


  31. Jaeliyah Stafford

    If a boy dosent treat you right he's not the right one for young there's always gonna be someone that is right for you😘

  32. Sa Mar

    So true this song...

  33. Lisbeth Rivera

    I’m just sad :c 🥺❤️

  34. Sumaiya Hoque

    Zubi , it's for you..♥️♥️

  35. Oishorjo saha

    It's really difficult to fall in love again......

  36. Karen Ledezma


  37. nazz

    in 2019 i found this song. its really related to me. and im currently in this situation :(

  38. R Dunn

    Dear C,
    You were my rock. When I drove past your house and I saw you for the last time all the life was sucked out of me. You were my sister. Years of fishing on the dock and swimming in the lake all just hit me in the face. You were four years older than me but yet a reliable funny friend. The last time I saw you wrapped in plastic I lost it. It’s been a year and I miss you. I miss gossiping about your brother who is now my boyfriend. C you really meant the world to me. If I knew what you were going through I would have gave you the moon. I love and miss you but I know you wouldn’t want me to be sad. *always remember that your life is worth living and if nobody loves you and you feel broken I love you and if you are going through hard times be brave because you are amazing and strong and a capable person and I’m routing for you and if you need help reach out to someone because life is truly beautiful*

    Love you forever,
    Coco ❤️

  39. bb bia

    he loves me back but wants to be party & single? i think not, i hope fate brings us back tho.

  40. Khoti' Dumi

    I cant fall in love..without you..

  41. Mikayla Eddinger-Besson

    I love my boyfriend/ex/my everything, you guys probably don’t care but me and him played football together and I kept laughing with him and we became pretty good friends. About 2 weeks After football season started we were dating He didn’t have a phone bc he’s 10 so my friend texted his brother bc I liked him He said he liked me back so I asked him out he said yes! Then football season was coming to a end and we weren’t in the same school so I could only see him twice a week for practice. I had to break up with him bc we couldn’t see each other or FaceTime bc he didn’t have a phone. He was upset that I broke up with him but not that bad bc ya know how 10yr olds are they get over it. I liked him for the whole summer and now he’s coming to middle school with me So I told my friend to text his brother that I liked him again and he liked me back He took his brothers phone and asked me To go out with him. Ofc I said yes and then he got a phone and we both can text each other now. I feel Like he doesn’t like me Tho And I love him to death 😭

  42. Clara Menke

    When you meet this special person, who gets you, who is so kind and pure, who you can talk to for hours, but you have to move away and will probably never see him again, because you will live in another country

  43. dbk Claire

    For dear you.., I'm still in love with you...
    And I'm worried that you'll fall with another one. Please wait for me.

  44. jose maria

    That's a great music.
    Hope you do more.!

  45. Paige Pearson

    I miss my ex so much lol:/

  46. Amy Grace

    2 years later...
    and my crush has fallen for my best friend:,(
    I never get anything I want...
    I don't get happiness
    I don't get things i deserve
    and tbh I'm kinda done with everything

    Chloe A

    Amy Grace your time will come. Just be patient. I wish you nothing but the best for your future.

  47. Robert Reid

    Love ya girl more magic songs please...hugs bobby

  48. nutella e buna

    I went to a holyday last week and i Find a boy there that i fall for and i really wanted to Tell him how i feel but then the bus came to Take me and i regret i didn’t got to told him that i Like him a lot and i am afraid i am never going to see him again. I don’t care if he doesen’t Like me back i just wanted him to know but he’ll never know probably and i hate this. Sorry for this it probably doesen’t make any sens. Don’t mind me

  49. Bromin micro Khuraijam

    I like u zara

  50. Bromin micro Khuraijam

    I luv zara larsson

  51. Sarah sksksk

    My crush just sent me this....I think I'm going to pass out

  52. zhou shiu

    Plz don't fall in love without me

  53. Dare to Survive

    Why isnt this even more viral

  54. werner campher

    At the end of the day you moste prob caused the cheatting by doning the relationsip wrong .
    Just be truthfull to yourself and God wil help you if you are willing to set it straight an try it over .


    Coz i can't fall in love without u

  56. Jodi Hanley

    Zara Beautiful song but why ruin it with the F words really ruined it for me!😓

  57. Chunny Nuch

    I love this song 😘

  58. jjangjjangjam S

    aww this songs really pretty

  59. Jasmine jane

    nice song

  60. Empress Sky

    All of the sudden you actually think about that one special human from last life. Sing along then says next song please. Lol. Love will find it's way home. :)

  61. George Michael learns to rock

    Absolutely ...... nice

    George Michael learns to rock

    I can't...
    Never.... never ever....

  62. Denny Ariando

    All her songs so good

  63. Andrew Krossman

    I'm going to tell you something there a mashechell Crabell hacked in phone marking life crap

  64. carbonamigo

    #1 I love you till the day after forever

  65. Daw Winn Mar

    That song my feelings

  66. Charie Mae Pales

    Its breaking me 💔 . Avoid people feeling unhappy to you . They are not deserved .

  67. Dilshad Rawat

    Sweet 👍❤

  68. sahal barely

    I Love you zara

  69. Caroline Lim

    Secondhand Serenade - Your Call 😉👌

  70. Rana Rajan

    Nice lyrics 🤟👌🤟

  71. Mohamed shariif Mohamed shariif

    Am in kenya nairobi he is in Australia 😭😭😭😭😭 💖❤💏👑💍i miss him baby come back

  72. Groot

    So heres a story when i was 10 year old a guy had a crush on me. He was fucking damn cute the most popular person in the whole school and i was ugly and fat i used to get bullied a lot, i had no friends. I was very sad. Sreejet(who was the most prettiest girl in our class) asked Xoren(the handsome guy) out. But surprisingly he said no. And the after a few days he asked me out. I was schocked i didnt know what to tell him. I was very nervous. Even though i liked him i felt not so sure about telling him about it. So i asked him whats the reason that he liked me. He said the way that i smile the way that i talk. I inspire him and im his only reason to live. And i make him feel alive. I was so happy and everyone was so schocked and were screaming at us telling is fat,ugly a whore and more stuff. So i ran away from there with tears running down my eyes. I was crushed. The next day i didnt come to school. That day Xoren visited me. And begged me to come back and asked me not to cry. I didnt opened my bedrooms door. So after a few hours i thought he left i even screamed and told my mom that he had left or not. Xoren told my mom to tell me that he is gone so that i would come out. So after a few hours i did. And he hold my arms and told me he loved me and was heartbroken of me crying. I was still crying and i said him i love u too. I losed a some weight,grew my hair and no one bullies me. Im was very happy with myself. I asked him "do i looke pretty now?" He said "I loved u because i want ur heart and not for ur body and then stuffed two pieces of cake in my mouth. Im so happy we made 12 years together. I love u Xoren and i still do.

  73. Deepak yadav

    Today's generation love is like a cell phone which can be changed every year

  74. Souliyanh Sylakham

    Move on! Yeah I'm trying to move on🖤

  75. Vanessa C

    Please, don't fall in love without me..

  76. Anine Holde

    Someone plz help me, this song was in a sad scene in a Movie or a tv-serie But i cant Remember what! Anyone know?

  77. Hewo My name is Max

    This song reminds me of explosive diarrhea. Why? Idk

  78. Shelly Colson

    P. I cant fall in love without you :( please dont fall in love without me . my heart hurts

  79. Nur Fazlina

    Stupid me. To fall in love with u in the first place. Now im so fucking miserable

  80. Vee Red

    me and my partner dont even broke up.. but by listening to this song and just imagining if we will gonna split up.. damn Ill cry I really do love him so much, i dont wanna lose him.


    Zara Larson till the day i die you are along with me

  82. Pink Ponleu

    Why so much emotional ?

  83. Lauren Carol

    😍 in love with this song

  84. Alee Bin Ejaz

    Please don’t fall in love without me. ❤️

  85. Karla Alba

    Is it possible to be in love in 8th grade

  86. Mm Shahllah

    He gonna fall in love without me😭😭

  87. Rose Vaj

    5/21/2019: My friend texted me saying that she confessed to my crush that she like him. But she didn't tell me what he said. Plus she knows that I like him still for 9 months....but she like him for 1-2 months. We both agree that we will like him but won't go out with him until one of us get over him. It is really hard to move on because me and him use to talk a lot in class. We only talk in one class, once in a while. When ppl ask him who he likes, he will say no one..but it's obvious who he likes. But it's really confusing bc he always stares at me but likes my friend too. So I am always hurt bc my other friends sometimes tells me that he likes this girl or that girl. In that class, that we are together is math and in there sometimes he always come near me and tease me or touch me. Which is really weird! And we have a ship name "Charina." All my friends call me that and I am use to it now. Too bad we have the same last name too.

  88. Laurent Tores

    I just broke up with my boyfriend and this song kills me but its so beautiful... I love him so much ..

    Thirsa De rooij

    Laurent Tores same, iT was actualiteit me decision but i am so sad. He is in my class and he is always laughing and with other girls. Why the heel die i broke uw with HIM? I still like Jim sooo much. I miss the moments with HIM

  89. Brittany Crabtree

    I love the songs 😂 😍

  90. Orion on me
    I made a cover :)

  91. Hester Hester

    “It wasn’t fair,
    I thought you didn’t care
    But you did all along
    So I’m singing you this song,
    Even if you don’t love me anymore”

    I suck at rhyming all the time.

  92. Ugly MotherFucker

    I thought I was over him... but then I crossed paths with him recently and now I’m so stuck to him but I can’t have him 😞

  93. Jan Kingma


  94. huit t

    i love a person that love other person, she's my best friend and she tell me everything about the person that she loves but it hurts so much inside cuz she didn't even know how much i love her, not just friendly....I don't wanna be that person but I can literally die for her

  95. Kaylie Clites

    Omgosh!! Love the lyrics! So true!!!

  96. Brittany Crabtree

    I love the songs 😂 😍

  97. bonface muthuri

    ~It is going to be a long story but please bare with me.~
    So I met this girl at work she was a customer, I liked her and so I borrowed her number. At first I wasn't planning to love her since I believed I wasn't her type. But after texting with her for a couple of days she showed Interest and I slowly started falling in love with her, before I knew it we were hunging out a lot, talking and texting a lot. But just when I was about to settle and be loyal to her just when I had completely given my heart to her, she started showing less interest on me, I was forcing dates, texting and calling a lot but she responded less, my heart started aching. Everyday for me and her it was a different story today we bond tomorrow my heart is paining, and now am here thinking she didn't like me before and she was just using me to heal a heartbreak she was suffering from. But what do I do now I can't stop calling her I can't stop texting her I feel like I might never fall in love without her am so broken I need her.