Zappa, Frank - Just One More Time Lyrics

[Don Vliet:]
Oh yeah!
That's just fine!
Come on boys!
Just one more time!

[Spider:] I think I can explain about... about how the pigs' music works
[Monica:] Well, this should be interesting
[Spider:] Remember that they make music with a very dense light, and remember about the smoke standing still and how they... they really get uptight when you try to move the smoke, right?
[Monica:] Right
[John:] Yeah?
[Spider:] I think the music in that dense light is probably what makes the smoke stand still. Any sort of motion has this effect on... on the ponies' manes. You know, the thing on their neck
[John:] Hmm...
[Spider:] As soon as the pony's mane starts to get good in the back any sort of mo... motion, especially of smoke or gas, begins to make the ends split.
[John:] That's the basis of all their nationalism. Like if they can't salute the smoke every morning when they get up...
[Spider:] Yeah, it's a vicious circle. You got it.

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Zappa, Frank Just One More Time Comments
  1. gil wood

    I'm forever in debt to your hard work ... PS. I love the covers you make ...I hope its ok to print them ...For personal use only !!!


    @gil wood - I'm glad you like my covers. Of course you can print them! I hope you keep my CDs on your library (next to the official ones)

    gil wood

    @br1tag ALL ZAPPA is kept next to my heart ...LOL

    gil wood

    @br1tag And big thanks for sayin its cool to print them ... I've kinda been doing it . A friend was looking thru and said ..I NEVER HEARD OF THESE...Thanks again

  2. Joe Pickell

    These are some awesome compilations you've put together my friend, keep up the good work and thank you!

  3. Paul Salazar

    Amazing version of 'Why Don't You Like Me'!

  4. j hart

    Love catholic girls version, well everything I guess!

  5. mike panza

    I'm working on my 9th genetically modified monster and they're awesome thank you bro

  6. Paul Salazar

    Very best version of Easy Meat Ever! solo is amazing!

  7. tjw3999

    that some bad ass shit right there :)

  8. Helena Kiele

    Frank Zappa !!! Der Genius!!!

  9. Jorge Monroy Canchola

    a real nice selection!

  10. Alan Shaffer

    br1, you sir are a master genetic biologist. Stay busy in that lab of yours whipping up more of these concoctions. A

  11. Barrett39

    Love these compilations

  12. Sugaree Wazoo


    Steve Ambrose

    Wow fantastic

  13. Charlie Newman

    Great selection of songs...thanks for the upload.

  14. Sausahga

    Here's something I wanted to hear but otherwise wouldn't have!

  15. Michael Wolfe

    FN wow this jamming version of catholic girls just amazing !!

  16. Michael Wolfe

    I said it before and I will say it again you sir my friend are so generous to share only the best music ever created FZ4EVR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. pauline butcher bird


  18. Gerard Mullen

    Br1tag thanks for another masterpiece. The 11-23-74 concert was at Michigan State University -- Awesome recording

  19. William Norkelun first '79 Stinkfoot!

  20. Alberto Tomasoli da Silva Braga

    ARF! ARF!

  21. Flechokalhipto

    fabulous ...!!!

  22. Wadilson Oliveira

    Help I'm A Rock mais linda que já ouvi. Thanks man

  23. arf she said

    Arf arf arf!

  24. Jet Earlewood

    Orange County from 1988 The Big Band. Love it!

  25. Joel Fairchild

    This Series of Albums is Bloody Fu*kin Awesome, But The Question Remains, Who Did These Remixes Frank Himself or Someone Else Since His Passing In 1993...?...}=:

    cKn fUkR

    read the description of the video.

    Joel Fairchild

    @cKn fUkR Yeah, that was the first thing I did, It Does Not Address The Actual Mixes Just The Equalization of said mixes...

  26. Jeff A. Taylor

    Chunga has one of the best FZ bass tones I've heard.

    Steve Szakacs

    Jeff A. Taylor , i really enjoy Treacherous Cretins’ bass lines

  27. wiserbud

    Nice collection, I only have bout 68.

  28. John Tabacco

    Dig the funky rendition of Easy Meat.

  29. Alex Schaffer

    crank sum frank

  30. Paola Marin

    Love Zappa! Grazie!! ;)

  31. Phillip S

    Wow br1tag, you certainly continue to crank out the Frank of the years. On behalf of all the fans, thank you for being deeply dependable and sharing these hither to unheard gems. Long may you continue!

  32. Arthur Fremminger

    Don't miss the mind-blowing rendition of Chunga's Revenge at the end!

  33. MrDanylong


  34. Douglas Veragino

    Helo from Brasil é do Brasil mesmo , Zappa o Chapa , maravilhoso

  35. Riccardo Musiu

    Fantastico! Sempre materiale stellare amico mio! Mitico Frank! Grazie mille come sempre! Like e buona serata! 👍👍😉🍻🎸🔥

  36. Zoot Z Allures