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Zappa, Frank A Vicious Circle Comments
  1. AvangAmbient PlanetMusic

    The track Waka Jawaka is so sublime

  2. horsew/noname

    always a pleasure when sneaky pete shows up somewhere lol

  3. Phil Zappa

    Thd Most Awesome Piece of Freestyle Jazz one could hear.....thanks Uncle Frank



  5. pineappaloupe

    OMG so how does Your Mouth Is Your Religion end?!?!?!?!?!!!

    a fade out?

  6. daredab


  7. Pedro Zampatti

    who are the women singing at the back in your mouth? does anybody know?

    Harry Abma

    there's a woman named Janet Ferguson listed in the credits. She is the only woman mentioned

  8. 0o I Died In A Time Machine o0

    these past few years I've been getting into a lot of "jazz fusion" type stuff and have had this album reccomended a ton of times but kept avoiding it for some reason.. what a dumbass I was lol

  9. razzle dazzle

    This song sounds like it should be in the background of a high speed chase scene.

  10. Chuttanooga

    Zappa is not dead, he just smells funny...


    lool, long live you and your crow^^

    Bob Stonehill

    A true Zen saying, nothing is what I want

    Andrew Harper

    And that's just the Stinkfoot! Zoot Alors.

    gil wood

    Its just his PYTHON BOOTS

  11. quogir1

    esta muy bien, si

  12. quogir1

    Frank Zappa is the best band in the whoe world ever including all members and Chad Wackerman and Scott Thunes also

  13. Karl Nordquist

    Still timeless - FZ was innovating jazz fusion the same time as Miles Davis and I'm sure if your listening to this album and not new to his music (if you ARE just now learning of him welcome and enjoy the vastness of the realm) I'm not telling you anything new - about the prolific exploration FZ imbedded into the history of the sonic arts and you're most probably a fan of sorts. In my opinion it may be common knowledge in say 100 years from now just HOW much exploration and incredible artistry he actually created - I have little doubt he will be at the very least be considered the most prolific 20th century composer who developed techniques in recording and in writing that have been created since the written notation was created.

  14. MagicN9ne

    These ads are really pissing me off, keeps interrupting the music get the fuck Outta here

  15. Rosemarie Sawyer-Corsino

    I am not Rose but the husband making comments on Zappa.


    Someone's got some esplaining to do to the wife

  16. Rosemarie Sawyer-Corsino

    Haven't heard this for decades (!) and now it seems to me the legitimate follow up of Grand Wazoo


    it was released 4 months before The Grand Wazoo

    Stäni Steinbock

    @hakantunaTV Right. But anyone who listens to both albums can hear they're quite closely related!

  17. Mark Hall

    This is one of Frank's underrated works. Along with the rest of his shit. PHI ZAPPA CRAPPA!!

  18. Jesús Enrique Crevoisier Cabell

    Varese's influence is clear

  19. Mike Btrfld

    Jazz-rock-classical with a hint of Poofter..

  20. Didn DiDo

    31:23 is where the otherworldyness starts...


    13:20 aint too bad itsself

    Didn DiDo

    @pineappaloupe That's a brilliant part! The last guitar sound is an unexpected yet perfect ending..."A, A...a, a...a, a..."!

  21. Didn DiDo

    29:36 captivating soloism

  22. Joe Mastro

    Best usage of orchestra chimes at the end of the title song, playing while the staccato horns fade into the sunset. Absolutely superb!!!

  23. Giants588

    The late Frank Zappa, I think he was out of his mind, but he was an incredible musician. Tremendous composer, arranger and guitarist. This is one of my all time favorite Zappa albums.


    out of his mind? He was one of the sanest people around.

  24. Darrylizer1

    An underrated album to be sure. One of Franks best of the seventies

  25. el orejano

    Zappa, el padre de la invención..

  26. Andy Hugg

    just love to this guy, he always make my ears high

  27. craig nelson

    Aynsley Dunbar on drums if I remember correctly!

    Mike Btrfld

    Not until later I do believe, the Flo and Eddy madness.

    Chris Miller

    @Mike Btrfld it is definitely Dunbar.

    gil wood

    Yes ...Its RIVET BOY

    gil wood

    Erroneous on BASS , I think ...Jeff was on this one too.

  28. Edgar Alanis

    Love this

  29. David Potter


  30. Leleu David

    In 70's one of the best musician

    Gerard Mullen

    Which o n e


    In Russia road forks you

  31. Dave Rockwell

    I bought this when it came out, and then drove my girlfriend up the wall by playing it a ridiculous number of times in a row. Still a major favorite.


    I remember we used to play Absolutely Free to potential GF's. If they dug it they were keepers if not oh well next. Maybe we weren't that picky but that was the idea :) Peace

  32. Che Behr

    I hear quite a few Fela style horn lines - who made who?

    Lawrence Meyering


  33. Mircea Eliade

    Could someone please recommend me other great Zappa albums? Ive only heard this, 'hot rats' and 'one size fits all'

    Robert Tiernan

    How's the journey going? I highly recommend STUDIO TAN, full album listen!!


    Pretty much pick one, they’re all genius

    Stäni Steinbock

    Why not start from the beginning with Freak Out, and then advance chronologically? But beware: CD:s may be remixed and won't sound like the original LP versions! Especially Cruising With Ruben and the Jets sounds quite different.

    Andrew Harper

    Joe's Garage is wonderful. Freak Out is incredible. Cheep Thrills contains a lot of live recordings and I love it. I have a copy of Tinseltown Rebellion which is still good although not my favourite.

    gelu batir

    @Mircea Eliade de unde esti ? cred ca ai intrebat despre discurile lui zappa doar dintr-o pornire usor glumeata ! sint convins ca ai ascultat aproape tot... gelu batir ( vrei raspunsul in engleza ?) craciun fericit ! 23 dec 2019 rm.valcea

  34. David Potter

    Musical genius.

  35. J. Wright

    Mmmmmmm mental floss!

    Lawrence Meyering

    ear floss......

  36. teppolundgren

    Your daily random piece of trivia, kids: Frank got the title for this album by playing around with a Ouija board.

    Karl Nordquist

    I've been fascinated with his music since I first heard Lumpy Gravy in 1968 when I was a ten yr old Beatles/Kinks fan and thought it sounded like Carl Stallings WB's cartoon stuff - needless to say by 14 or 15 I began grabbing everything he unleashed on the public and I'd never heard that Ouija board snippet - thank you for that one man! I got one to lay on you - did you know that he was NOT actually from the future OR a different dimention (cept when he was writing obviously) HA! Be well

    gil wood

    @Karl Nordquist Thats weird ...I found LUMPY GRAVY in someones trash when I was 8 ('74) ..Music was changed forever ...Like you mentioned WHO/KINKS fan then found this and BEEFHEART -Strictly personal and herbie hancock in the trash ... I was the freakiest 8 year old in town

    Karl Nordquist

    @gil wood If we lived nearby and were close in age we either woulda hung out or I wouldve at least annoyed you with constant musical offerings and mostly bad opinions and worse hyperactive jokes at that age I'm sure! I had a friend I turned on to Apostrophe when it was a few days old - he promptly tore the Aerosmith patch off his Jean jacket but months later he bought Uncle Meat but the next day he dragged a nail across it and returned it! I saw him in school later that year with a STYX patch on! Possibly the only band that could make the Eagles sound like some kind of ROCK! (ok now Ive spent too much time as an example of me at that age! )

  37. Dimitra B

    00:00 Big swifty
    17:20 Your mouth
    20:35 It just might be a one-shot deal
    24:52 Waka jawaka


    That should be enough to satisfy my zappatite!

  38. Mark D luc

    Qual o nome desse estilo de jazz?


    "jaiz-pra-gilo-Ët-cigarra"....não é mesmo cára!?? ;)

  39. Avi Soncino

    Eww, there's ads in my Zappa!

    Che Behr

    This is a great Zappary style line...


    ublock origin, homie.

  40. Avi Soncino

    Frank is playing the beautiful slide guitar starting at 22: 23?

    Karl Nordquist

    Tony Duran of the Rueben and the Jets "For Real" possibly

    Lawrence Meyering

    not Frank...

  41. Mister Arnauna De Lisio Clips & Pics

    The Electric Guitar Genius! Y Siempre Viva Zappa! :-)

  42. PrankZabba

    Love this album

  43. Farid Nassar Junior

    Zappa recupera minha mente!

  44. Bruce E Schmidt


  45. Bruce E Schmidt

    My favorite album of all................GENIUS.

  46. Kris DogDesigner

    this really feels like the 'earth heals herself' on population override from buckethead. rip bernie worrell. Love this stuff.


    i hope mr buckethead is doing well. he has been cooped up for too long. rumors about him being physically unable to shred.


    the ocean is the ultimate solution

  47. boomiron

    Cursed adverts

  48. Pavlov Tarkovsky

    frank zappa has infuences of Igor stravinsky, zappa and more igor stravinsky,,,,,

  49. Pavlov Tarkovsky

    this is the first time that I've listened to this Masterpiece !!!!
    what was I thinking.....



    gil wood

    Welcome aboard !!!

  50. Genghis Khan

    don't forget to eat your toothpaste

  51. marcelo gustavo lopez

    Encontré este vinilo en la feria ( a causa de la crisis económica que esta pasando Argentina) de mi barrio por $40 ! Gracias Frank por tu legado.

  52. trident3b

    I just keep repeating from 22:21 to 23:53. Always have done since the early 70s. I simply cannot ever ever get sick of it. And when i get the chance I play it really loud and undistorted on a good powerful system. Ugh... unbelievable.

    Didn DiDo

    Strange, it's 24.51 for me till the end..

    Dave Rockwell

    Although not one of my own favorite passages, it still enhances the overall masterpiece. Initially (all those years ago) I thought it was a tongue-in-cheek reference of some kind. One evolves, hopefully, in appreciation.


    for years i thought 21:48 was its own song and was like 'goddamnit what is that fucking hook from'


    im pretty sure what is played after 22:21 is what the grateful dead tried and failed to accomplish for decades. and all of their goddamn fans will tell you that this is how all of their music feels. OKAY. no. they need to take a goddamn shower and learn to count in something other than multiple of 4 while dancing.

    Joe Collins

    loved it since the first time I heard it years ago

  53. DB Brewer

    Yes you should be diggin' it while its happenin' (love it)

    Sarah Cook

    Because it just might be a one shot deal....

  54. Ed Mess

    Good One

  55. Paola Marin

    Love Zappa!

  56. Looksik

    man so good

  57. Armin Hennig

    The instrumentals I and IV are great fusionjazz, the Flo (Leech) and Eddie Stuff (II/III) is not my kind of meat.

    John M

    I hear ya, but I love it all. After all, Billy Was a Mountain and wss replaced by the mud shark. I dig the entire evolution of Frank. Flo and Eddie stuff comes in handy when I want to clear out a party quick!

    jzostrianos apochryphonicus

    Flo and Eddie aren't on those songs. Sal Marquez and others at those sessions are the vocalists.


    @John M Ethel was a tree

  58. gerald pysniak

    this is like a constant polynomial

  59. rmary kirk

    That part about 2-3 minutes in sounds like Chick Corea and early RTF!1

    Armin Hennig

    Had the same impression, does anybody know the line-up of this album?


    @Armin HennigWow i think the same... even the album it's from 72, the same as the return to forever first album

    Laszlo Beke

    To me it sounds more avant-garde, though I think I hear some of the same musical "Cliches"


    That's George Duke playing the keyboards (synth and "ring modulated electric piano", which is probably a Fender Rhodes, like Chick Corea frequently played during that time period). George Duke was a major contributor to Zappa's bands in the 70s.

    Erik van Doorn

    @callmejeffbob Yup, 100% right. George Duke, what a hero!

  60. John M

    "Sneaky Pete K" on pedal steel and a false aurelia (sp) plant (that looks alot like another 7 leafed plant) currently in resurgence, placed prominently, behind Frank on the back cover. The sheer scope and imagery of the music on this LP, put it as one of franks top 10 studio efforts imfo.

  61. John M

    Personal favourite. God I love this record. written into my dna as a zygote. Discovered musically induced transcendence thru Frank.


    si, señor...

    Karl Nordquist

    Mine was my first purchase BURNT WEENY SANDWICH but it created the same reaction as yours!

  62. Bora Temizsoy

    Total sublime musicianship here...

  63. Peter C

    This and Grand Wazoo made whilst FZ was wheelchair bound love them both!!!


    top tier big band zappa.

    i love all of the 'jazz fusion' from this era. mahavishnu, return to forever (romantic warrior was fucking peak jazz fusion IMO), but this album and grand wazoo might as well consume most of the best of the 'genre' in the early to mid 70s.

    big swifty is like... john McLaughlin with a rhythm section with more swing. and some creepy bitches brew horns. and some herbie hancock sextant funky spacey shit.

    fuck it, and some tribute to jack johnson flavor.

    yeah this album, in its first track, is

    wait what was i writing about. i just got the the return. yessssssssssssssssssss

  64. tixximmi1

    I was coming off of The Mothers and Hot Rats. The first time I heard this album I could only say, WHAT?!?!

  65. Sandro Curci

    Il più davisiano fra i capolavori di Frank.
    Un sogno,dopo trapassato,una piccola nuvola in fondo e vederli suonare assieme.

  66. franck lampkin

    zappa apres son accident, en chaise roulante ,avec sal marquez et surtout : aynsley dumbar a la super batterie.lf

  67. DeadheadYates

    This is one of Zappa's most underrated albums


    @Sublime Music Channel when did it become soulless ? apostrophe, Roxy ,Sheik Yerbouti ,shut up and play yer guitar ,etc ? what does soul mean in your vocabulary ?

    Sublime Music Channel

    @welekid The instant Frank turned to the technically astonishing, yet entirely SOULLESS music school victim-drummers he may as well have been programming it himself on computers. As for "what is the soul"? I hope you weren't seriously entertaining the idea that it's a subject that can be squeezed into a youTube reply comment when 2,500 years of Western thought have yet to come to a final conclusion. Nevertheless, after 1973 Frank's dead, he just didn't know it.


    @Sublime Music Channel He turned to technically astonishing drummers as early as Hot rats (he says it in his autobiography with Occhiogrosso ).And as for "what is the soul" if you say that it hasn't come to a conclusion ,that means your assertion is based on something you don't conceive clearly yourself , so it's an opinion not a fact ,it's allright opinions are not a problem for me. Now I happen to be an African ,not a westerner (absolutely not better) ,in approximately 12000 years of African thought , we define the soul as the part of an individual which was given by God as a direct part of him/herself and will survive eternally after the flesh is gone.(In Africa an individual is made of more than merely the body and the soul ).So if you follow that meaning,we're talking about those musics he made some 26 years after his body died. And new pieces have been released every year since. I humbly think there must be some soul in it . Anyway in my opinion ,calling Overnight sensation,Apostrophe,Roxy and elsewhere or One size fits it all "soulless " is just crazy.and I've never been in any music school ,so how come I like those musics if they were made for music schools ? (except that your taste is better than mine ).


    All of Zappa's albums are underrated for what they are...

    Juan Andrade

    And The Grand Wazoo

  68. trashteamracing

    Zappa Lives!

  69. Mario Eduardo Maruri Zamora

    2 Dislikes????!!!!! Excuse Me?????


    Some people... some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say
    There is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of god's grey
    Earth as that prince of foods... the muffin!

    Chris Miller

    Now 30 dislikes. 
    Presumably these are all from Nazi skinheads and punks, who would prefer to listen to rubbish like Clash or Sham or Skrewdriver than to anything as elevated as this.
    Oi Oi!

    Andrew Harper

    Frank didn't care about them and neither should we.

    Chris Miller

    @Andrew Harper
    Very sensible indeed, Andrew.
    Unfortunately, 42 years ago or whenever it was, it was rather difficult not to care about them, when every page in the music press was devoted to the antics of these revolting people, with their questionable political views and their inability to play their instruments. One would hope that the verdict of history will be against them.

    Andrew Harper

    @Chris Miller 42 years ago was the year before I was born. I think I can judge based on the music and behaviour.
    Firstly Punk was mostly a reaction to the musicians having focused on being musicians first and trying to craft masterpieces. A lot of the bands weren't making pop songs. They were writing epics or trying to mix wierd time signatures you couldn't dance to with styles the man in the street had never heard of. In the case of prog they were doing all of the above. Some of whom like Genesis had been to public schools which rubbed some people the wrong way.
    Secondly Punk was primarily created by the working class and they were affected by people being racist like Enoch Powell and shop owners who would hang signs up saying No dogs, no Irish, no blacks. So as revolting as their behaviour was it doesn't alter the fact that in some cases they were revolting against a society that was treating them badly.
    Personally I enjoy a wide range of music and listen to primarily blues and hard rock which I supplement with Miles Davis, Johnny Cash and Frank Zappa. I also enjoy Abba, Blondie, Joan Jett, Argentinian Tango and Al diMeola. Amongst others.
    Ultimately when all is said and done some good if unsophisticated pop music was created by the punk bands whether you enjoy it or not is your choice. Like anything. It had social relevance to its time and influenced a successive generation of bands and as such can't simply be ignored. Were they nice people? Some maybe, all? Like any group of people of course not. Musically sophisticated definitely not but for what they achieved with little money, little talent and a DIY attitude they do deserve respect.

  70. Ray Weir

    [email protected] would love to hear from any Frank fans 484 667 0050 every fan his prisoner every guitar his slave

  71. Marco D'Ercole

    Waka Jawaka capolavoro assoluto dal punto di vista compositivo (non certo l'unico di Zappa)! Grande l'ingresso dei fiati dopo l'assolo di batteria intorno a 32. 50

  72. David Michaelsen

    Great music

  73. Francis Truffax

    Thank you