Zac Brown Band - Sic 'Em On A Chicken Lyrics

Uh ha, you thought we were done, huh? Ha-ha-ha, we got more!

Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken and watch them feathers fly
Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken
Bring out the butter and the flour we're ready to fry

My dog Pete is the smallest dog of all the dogs in my yard
(That's right)
He's a mean son' bitch
Drinks Beam and water from a broken mason jar

Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken and watch them feathers fly
Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken
Bring out the butter and the flour we're ready to fry

I heard this awful noise coming from the woods
(Coming from the woods)
I heard chicken screams
Know it wasn't gonna be good

I think we lost a chicken
I think we lost a chicken
I think we lost a chicken because I just heard him cry
I think we lost a chicken
I think we lost a chicken
I think we lost a chicken but you can get another one for a dollar 79

Over a couple of years his spurs have grown
He wasn't safe to keep around the home
And he almost took an eyeball from Lonny's son
And I was in the kitchen making fig preserves
And I heard that youngin get kicked in the face
And I knew 'twas the day that that rooster's gonna get what he deserves

So I chased the chicken
I chased a chicken
I chased a chicken and Pete hit 'em from the side
I chased a chicken
I chased a chicken
Me and Pete suppered on a home-made chicken pot pie

That's awesome

Well, sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken and watch them feathers fly
Sic 'em on a chicken
Sic 'em on a chicken
I can smell the kitchen and it's almost supper time

You're damn right I like my chicken fried... Yeah

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Zac Brown Band Sic 'Em On A Chicken Comments
  1. Mandy Choyinski

    This is one of my 4 year old sons favorite songs!! 🐔💙🐔💙

  2. cody mann

    This is a very true song and really happened my dad was there drinking he called me right after it happened

  3. Avery Tucker

    My friend lemron loves this song.

  4. Kernal

    My dog killed some of our chickens

  5. Dylan Son

    No country gets better the older the better

  6. Jackie Wilburn

    Anyone who thinks Jerry Reed wasnt the influence behind this is deaf.

  7. 420Country Brooke


  8. eman5413

    most goddammit shit I've ever heard.

  9. EdGy rAt

    i actually want to die

  10. Isaac Sousa

    *we got more*

  11. Charles Music Studios

    3:47 haha

  12. Deborah Ruth Barlow

    That would be a dachshund!

    Ok Hm


  13. Maddison Spendlove

    That is me the dog he is talking about in this song💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  14. Maddison Spendlove

    This is my funny favorite song from you love it brother💪🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸number 1 song 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🏽💪🏽

  15. Dagro Zombie

    Looks like there's 359 peta retards who are butt hurt by this song.

  16. Seth Abernathy

    I like zac brown bands chicken songs

    Kevin Freeman

    Both are excellent, love Highway 20 Ride also.

  17. Kate and Eric Blinka

    Super funny

  18. unemployed

    This is my favorite song.

    David Mayes

    Same dude

  19. unit 9-48B

    Anyone still listening 2018???

    Ok Hm

    unit 9-48B no

  20. Liezel Bickle

    I can not understand what is said at the beginning and end of the song, the axent is to thick for me to understand, does anyone know what he says?

    Tarponpet Secord

    You thought we were done? Nuh uh we got one more.

  21. James Marinelli

    This song is for my brother Christian because 9of yesterday he became a spring chicken because he called off my birthday date

  22. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Does anybody in the sticks with an acre or 2 need a year old female black and tan coondog.Im in the ghetto see.This dogs whole game is its snoot.And folks shes getting on my damn nerves.Shes precious,especially asleep.Shewould be good for an avid Elmer fudd.

  23. Brody Brady

    When you have multiple number ones on your debut album.. you can finish album with any funny song you want.. CUZ NO ONE GIVES A FUCK LOL

  24. Nancy Gann

    Was it hard to come up with the liryicks

  25. Nancy Gann

    Epic ending

  26. James Marinelli

    I'm going to sic my cabbage patch kids Jonathan and Andrew on a chicken because they aren't my friends

  27. Glitchy Artist

    this is the song of my childhood.

  28. James Marinelli

    This song is for my brother Christian because it is about a chicken and he is one because he doesn't want me around on the weekends at his house or he ignores my phone calls

  29. Yolonda M Browm

    I 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 this song❣️

  30. Alfredo Castro

    I remember I was little and I went to Best Buy with my dad and he picked up this cd. He played it as soon as we got home and this song just caught my attention and made me laugh.

  31. Infinity Breaker

    Dinner time just got a lot more interesting.

  32. quinevere

    Epic style😎

  33. Venomgrievous 8

    The old lady in the background makes it hilarious

  34. CoreyandMissy Ackerman


  35. Heath Colt

    It sounds so funny if you bass boost it

  36. Jason Eisler

    239 PETA bitches disliked this video

  37. damyne77

    i bet none of yall thought a black person would ever find this white ass video lol

  38. Nick Jaramillo

    I can see Toby Keith doing this kind of a song he does these types of things all the time he's funny goofy country songs or semi Bluegrass this is really good one of the better ones from Zac Brown Love Zac Brown him and Toby to get together

  39. Facts Dino

    Would blast this song in the shipping container of an office we had in Iraq to boost the mood.

  40. James Marinelli

    This song is for my cousin Danielle

  41. Arkadia Moon

    217 people think it's a big mystery where their chicken sandwiches came from.

  42. James Marinelli

    My cousin Danielle was the first person to play this song for me

  43. Candi Taylor

    This song is my full childhood from 3-now

  44. Eras To Eons

    This is the only country band I love <3

  45. Richard Scott

    This song is great

  46. scott decoskey

    My sister and family love it

  47. Philius Rex V. Nord

    "Damn right I like my chicken fries! Yeah!"

    Deborah Ruth Barlow

    Oh yeah

  48. Jacob Pearce

    I love this song and all song they made

  49. Karen Canterbury

    We had a rooster like this when I was a kid. I swear he could tell time. He would meet us everyday, when we got off the school bus! We never killed him. My Dad always threatened to tie flies out of his hackles, never did. He was a beautiful, mean, little Banty rooster.

  50. Elvis Presley

    I chased TRUMP

  51. zach hall

    This song is about country boys fuckin chickens.

  52. firepiplup

    I was in the kitchen makin' fig preserves and I heard that fucker get kicked in the face

    *queue russian rock n roll played by the grim reaper*

  53. firepiplup

    Comin' out of the woods

  54. firepiplup

    That's right

  55. Michael Anderson

    Laughlin river run 2014 anthem! Bunch of drunks singing this song at the top of our lungs!

  56. Big Stinky

    this song is GANGSTA as is gets

  57. Xgamer34 94

    I caught one of the fastest chicken in the world not joking I did

  58. Big Bro Bro

    Yee yee

  59. copperhead smith

    we lost a chicken a month a go.


    I'm so sorry for your loss

    Pandaplayz Gaming

    copperhead smith you can get another one for a dollar seventy nine!

  60. Matt Savoie

    I love this song

  61. Molly Ragsdale

    how can 135 people not like this song


    Maybe there chicken 🐓 lovers

  62. Molly Ragsdale

    how can 135 people not like this song

  63. J. McGahey

    awesome song

  64. izzy fink

    Music video please

  65. randy frisch

    Great song had to download it.

  66. Jon Musicia

    I listened to this while I was at Talladega this weekend

  67. Brenda Field

    Best song ever!! Makes me so happy!

  68. Elvis Presley


  69. Jason Elsbury

    Roosters are mean!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

    Trey Grimes

    Jason Elsbury was my time for a good night

    GradyL John 3:16

    Jason Elsbury no u

  70. John Hicks

    "my dog Pete is the smallest dog in my yard...he's a mean sum bitch, he drinks bean and water from a broken maple jar..."

    Arki Kali

    A mason jar is a jar typically used for canning. I be never heard of a maple jar, though I guess it might be a jar with maple syrup in it :-p

    Arki Kali

    Also, Beam and water, which would be Jim Beam.

    John Hicks

    Good song. People that are partially deaf don't distinguish the consonants, so words sound like other words to them. ("n" sounds like "m", "s" sounds like "t", etc. But then even normal kids and people sing songs wrong like that.) I'm 80% deaf unfortunately.

    Arki Kali

    It is a good song :-) And people run consonents together all the time, so I understand. Sorry to hear about your hearing - - that's a huge challenge. My husband's hearing is pretty bad in one ear. If you're on his left and day something, he usually won't hear it. Happy Easter!

    John Hicks

    Thanks Anne you are a very beautiful lady. Happy Easter to you as well.

  71. Elvis Presley


  72. Charles Kirkland

    i dont know how ANYONE who loves music not like this song ither. but oh well.

  73. Goober

    FUNNIEST THING EVER AND MADE SOME MEMORIES When i was 6 i would always laugh to this ALWAYS i still do and i'm 14 man i love this song !

    Austin Solom

    IntoxicatedMonkey 02 or 03

    ariana paschall

    me and my dad used to dace to this song I Love it too

    Stalker Maddie

    Omg im the same

  74. cool cat creations

    i love this song!

  75. Nycosel Lotl

    This is great.

  76. Michael Pean

    gotta 💘 this song

  77. RandomName

    This was written primarily as an easter egg for his CD I think. Good song :D; first heard it from that CD

    Isabella Stokes

    SomeGuy me too

  78. Kolby Barton

    this songs about me

  79. Audrey Rovillain

    Omg so catchy

  80. Irelan McCormick

    I love you

  81. Ruby Bros

    Yesterday was christmas

    *Jazz Music Stops*

    5 days ago was new years

  82. Viva la Falange!

    Today is thanksgiving…

    Gaming Dude

    GREGGG! Help me kill this chicken

    Pewdiepie Felix

    Sic 'Em on a Turkey

  83. Eric Schiller

    My dad is I this band

  84. Jack Dempsey

    this fucking song


    Jack Dempsey me

    Deb shrader

    let the beat go to your feet .. the words put a smile on your face .. it is reality and you can cry or laugh .. or you can just sing with your dog and be crazy .. this is an old comment just ran up on it dude hope you have a great day

  85. Turner Reed

    Think we lost a chicken but we get another one for a 179

    Angry Ancestor [KbanjoK]

    sure, well now you know the truth. if you ever buy a chicken, know that you can do much better than 4.79 :]

    Andre Golledge

    KbanjoK ahahahah maybe in Australia their that much, cause that's where I'm from ahah

    ZBRO THE PRO gaming

    Its 4 79 im in ga and thats were zac brown is from


    "for a dollar 79" not "four dollar 79" four dollar 79 makes no sense. Also 1.79 is more accurate.

  86. Kendra R

    Love this song

    Victoria Cowin


    Victoria Cowin

    iyv.igc,jclucljmhf chicky boom by the Bay

  87. Jon Labbe

    i think i need some chicken
    going to the burn yup yup

    GradyL John 3:16

    Jon Labbe stop commenting you have said it five times

  88. Jon Labbe

    i think i need some chicken
    going to the burn yup yup

  89. Jon Labbe

    i think i need some chicken
    going to the burn yup yup

  90. Jon Labbe

    i think i need some chicken
    going to burn yup yup

  91. Jon Labbe

    i think i need some chicken
    going to burn yup yup

  92. tddnenc

    zac brown is hot what a cub

  93. Christopher Broadstreet

    wow I love this song for ever

  94. Erik Vinson

    Damned this is the best song EVER!!!


    Erik Vinson this is two yrs ago but lasignia bitch is the best song now

  95. D.K. Lloyd

    so true it is to funny my x boyfriend got me listening to this band ! chicken froed is his favortie then this one !!

  96. Chicken In With Em

    My names Em and I loooooooovvvvvvveeeee chickens

  97. Visshaldar

    i love this song because it is reality!! when i was very little we had a big rooster in our yard and it got to where he would try to attack me and my sisters (ages 2-5) and one day that rooster got me and tore up my back so we had fried rooster for dinner that night.

    I am Miconis

    My wife had a similar story from her step-dad's rooster. She counted down the days to Thanksgiving and would grin knowingly at the bird

    Isen Popper

    @Im JayBoi ye

    Phoenix Farm

    me too, at the time I was 7 years old and  wearing corrective shoes with a very had toe cap so I kicked that rooster as hard as I could that rooster must have gone 30 feet in the air. needless to say he never attacked me again.

    Sandie Rzeszutko

    My daughter has Brahmas and my granddaughter goes through that!