Zac Brown Band - Long Haul Lyrics

I know it ain't easy
'Cause I'm the kind of man that makes it hard to love
I just wanna believe that all this runnin'
Could lead to all this comin' back around

I'm in it for the long haul
Long haul
I'm in it for the long haul

Let's pick up the pieces
Find a way to come back home from all this hurt
I just wanna believe that we still got it
So let's stop all our fighting and make it work

I'm in for the long haul
Long Haul
Long Haul

These dead ends roads all look the same
But I know our love could lead the way like
Headlights shinin' in the dark
There's nothin' for us in this town
Honey, this time we ain't slowin, down, fo
Best we leave our past in the dust
Oh, ho, ho, ho-oh

Long Haul
Long Haul

We finally made it out this heartbreak town
Notin' in the world could keep us down
Take my hand, you and me, we're gonna make it out
Tired of bein' broke in this heartache town
We don't wanna live this loney, I
And I ain't givin up on us

I'm in for the long haul
Long Haul
Long Haul
I'm in for the long haul

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Zac Brown Band Long Haul Comments
  1. Lisa Burns

    my absolute favorite band. They are so talented.

  2. Social Butterfly

    Great harmony. Great Band.
    Love Zac Brown Band. 💕

  3. Cullen brott

    Wish they would come to New Zealand

  4. Knot Sew Shorty

    I love Zac Browns Band. Never really liked country music til I heard them. Aiming to have every one of their albums one day. I'm from the UK. X

  5. anthony wilson music

    best voice 2017 18 19 20 21...

  6. 351lrs

    I love this song! Good story about a man's love for his woman even after hard times. It does have the good old sounds in it. I hear some blues/70's/ old country. This is great music!

  7. Greg Jackson

    I have to say, I'm hearing some tidbits of Allman Brothers and a little Marshall Tucker on this and a couple other songs on this album like "Trying to Drive." The harmonies and that guitar really have a strong old school southern rock feel and I love it.

  8. Steve E

    What a great song. Best song on their new album in my opinion.

  9. Steve Eskew

    I love this song. The lyrics are spot on.

  10. Eric Powers

    it's da shit!

  11. Fisch Tales'

    great jam boys! must say I have been waiting for a few more mango tree type sounds , u great either way, no doubt . luv from Philly !!#

  12. Barbara Santoro


  13. Jordan Francis

    been a fan since the beginning and I'm not going anywhere!!! makes a country boy want to hop in my pick up and just ride

  14. carolinem22

    Love this! Reminds me of "one day"

  15. Vic Highfill

    love your music. When can I purchase "MY OLD MAN"? My father passed away 6 yrs ago this Father's Day. Wish we had this song for his memorial service. Good job.

  16. Derek Hoyt's Music

    fabulous tune

  17. Kristen Mahoney

    Thank you for this, ZBB!

  18. Animesh Das


  19. Tellal Jugurtha

    love this song

  20. Lou Curelop

    #Dreamy :)

  21. Emily G

    I mean those harmonies can't be much talent

  22. Raven Gray

    can you guys come to Wasilla for my birthday Oct. 14, you've been my fav band since I was three!!!!

  23. Amps_Gt

    I love it

    Ronnie Mcloving

    Amps_Gt same