Z-Ro - Z-Ro Lyrics

I'm a Ridgemont soldier, state of Texas stunner
King of the ghetto, even when I was a new comer
24 hours a day, I be sending fellas under
If they people want revenge, I never worry or wonder
When my motherfucking beef coming
Nigga this Rap-A-Lot mafia, head-n-chief coming
Everybody claiming they got guerillas in they click, why they be lying
When automatics start bucking, they turn them monkeys on the vine
Trying to get away, from the drama
But my barrel be spinning, like a set of Yokohama
I gotta blame it on my messed up childhood, this how I turned out
Hotter than first degree burns, unable to burn out

[Hook x2]
Z-Ro, I think you fellas know my name mayn
Z-Ro, making these haters mad that's my thang mayn
Z-Ro, I'm real and I ain't gon never change mayn
Z-Ro, me and a piece of platinum that's the same thang

We ain't riding on no horses, round here
We get it how we live, that's why it go down round here
We going through thangs, plenty plenty pain round here
I cheering a smoke ass, we don't play games round here
Everybody living wild, nobody tame round here
On they click em juice, with evil in they brain round here
Since the turn of the century, it ain't been the same round here
Must be a soldier or get voted, just to claim round here
Some people, say we a fashion show
Don't let the Screw tapes fool you, cause we be blasting hoe
This is what it sounds like, when we ride on our enemies
Houston Texas, we pulling negative energy

[Hook x2]

Be all up in my face, when I be sanging that song
But when haters be up in my face, I be swanging that dome
Because patience is a virtue, that I don't have
And you a fool, if you thinking that I won't jab
I hate the world, is the kind of attitude I got
But I could justify reasons, for any dude I shot
So I never be watching my back, Jehovah do it for me
I'm not a criminal, just trying to keep t-bone in my tummy
I'm as good, as the best of them
Or as bad, as the worst
Lil' fella you can find out, don't make me have to pull my iron out
I do my dirt but I hide it, like a bottle of Zydine

[Hook x2]

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Z-Ro Z-Ro Comments
  1. deadbyAnthrax

    Need this for spotify! @@@@@@@@@@

  2. Danny Labrada

    Z- ro is the realest in the game mayne !Z-ro!

  3. Matthew Bertrand

    What’s the name of this song??

  4. Danny Boy D-Boy Lil D labrada

    2020 Z-ro!

  5. Ashley Odom

    2019 still bumpin'!! That's how we do it down here in this Lone Star State baby!👌👍👍

  6. Danny Pena

    Tx nigga

  7. Danny Pena


  8. Tehran Martin

    Still bangin 2018🔥🔥🔥💯💯✅✅

  9. IamKorry That’sme

    The beat to my life ❤️✌️ crunk af!

  10. IamKorry That’sme

    The beat that can make me change my attitude at any moment❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏽

  11. br3wskee

    "Dont let the smooth taste fool ya cause we be blastin hoe" lmao

  12. Lexa Looney

    We aint ridinnnn on no horses round hereeee

  13. Lakisha Young

    Wtf really tha hardest rap z-ro I think you fellas know my name mane z-ro making these hater cause I'm mad mane cause that's my thang mane real n ain't gone change mane z-ro. Kay all day everyday

  14. Ashley Odom

    36 year's old with kid's and still jamming this shit!!! Fuck em!!!! Longview Texas 2018...

  15. Bigdickchaney Tripp

    Z-ro the great


    Second Pac is but love Ro

  16. Gabriel Soto

    z-ro and mike dean had an incredible chemistry they made great music together

    Cranky Jay

    We went and saw devin, bun b, trade, billy cook, and others at warehouse live not long after it rebranded itself as such back in 06-07 and me and folks in my crew were like who the fuck was that white guy straight wrecking the turntables during the devin set and I'm 99% sure now that it was Dean. We also got to stand right next to Billy Cook prior to his being brought up on stage. Free show. Good night


    !J!O!R!D!A!N! #23 1963-17 STUFFES SOMETIMES !B!R!O!O!K!L!Y!N!'Y!O!R!K! !3!8!7!4!4!6!0!5!1!0!0!0!0!0!??????

  18. albo rand

    Mo cities truest H-TOWNS finest

  19. Mr.Mr. SliC

    still bangin

  20. Danny Boy D-Boy Lil D labrada

    jammin right here in 2017

  21. Talisa Arthur

    this better than hotel boys real talk

    Martin Sasha

    Talisa Arthur soso

  22. Talisa Arthur

    z~ro i 💖 ro

  23. Joyrdan Taylor


  24. Rocky Terry

    zro be killing any don't 💯💯

  25. Joseph Campos

    my boy z-ro da crook

  26. Cortez McMillan

    This shit remind me of the hotboys 

  27. BobbyBooshay1000

    patience is a virtue that I don't have either RO

    Dylan Golden Bell

    True for a lot of people, actually.

  28. Gilberto Martinez

    That boy ugly but stupid fire though haha!

    Shawn Jr

    Gilberto Martinez u talking about ro

  29. James Gonzales

    My favorite JAM!!!

  30. Dusty Foster

    Can someone plz post the chopped and screwed version or send me a link to it

  31. stuna210

    Been looking for this jam forever!

    Thank you!

  32. Dre Austin

    Z Ro always keep it real.

  33. Lieu tenant

    now dis da realest shyt aint a nigga fuccn wit em lieu

  34. Pavel Naumov


  35. Chiemeri

    I loveeee Zro

  36. blacktazz0707

    @lavabone Yes Thats my Dad.... and thank you

  37. DanteBTV

    Great New Hip Hop/Rap Song CB - GameTime Produced By: Dante' B

  38. Punished Diplomat

    @blacktazz0707 AC Chill was your father? Damn. Well RIP man. He was legendary.

  39. A DeMAMP

    this song makes me wanna PUNCH A MOTHERFUCKA , for some weird reason...

  40. 313thugboss

    24 hours a day i be sending fellaz under:-)

  41. blacktazz0707

    @Nick12n8 Thanks bro!!! Much Appreciated

  42. blacktazz0707

    @Nick12n8 Yea K-rino is... well like my God Uncle.. So is Rapper K... My dad used to be with S.P.C before he Passed in 2005.. A.C Chill was my dad....


    Man you got some straight up Geez in your family bro. Make em proud 👊

  43. blacktazz0707

    @Nick12n8 daz my unc

  44. Mariah T

    Who in the hell put "Paul Wall" as the artist of this song?! (iTunes song info section...) Paul Wall WISHES he could make a song half as good as Ro.....

  45. saltlifemx

    damn wish they had an auto reset button..im pressing too may keys

  46. screwedupish

    my nigga z-ro wrecked dis song

  47. vibeboytre15


  48. Alan4658

    First song i heard from him

  49. BigCee CarStereo

    listen 2 dis song on 4 12z with da epicenter, dis ho knock hard as hell z ro my nigga

  50. chucoztlan2

    Z-ro Tha Crooked

  51. scootamacc

    nigga name on dat pistol

  52. Kat dimops

    @marinoblefighter trippen

  53. Pavel Naumov


  54. Lit Mark

    the realist rapper alive usewhen haters in my face i be swing at domes im as bad as the wirst
    u dont feel this u a bitch

  55. adwe

    @RealSouthShit nigga you crazy

  56. Knockout Rituals

    i was bad in algebra but i'm cold in trigga-nometry, b4 they die i make em look up and honor me. - rawdawg903

  57. jonathan cantu

    hahaha all of ya are pussys

  58. Pavel Naumov

    Now it's very funny cuz yo ass probably white nah man super white and yo momma beat you when you waz lil boy !!
    anaway fuck you come up here and start dissin?? get a life mothefukaaa

  59. big92fs

    Fake ass bitch, made punk.

  60. big92fs

    Nah! that's your mom for having you.
    Now That's the real bitch ass.

  61. Pavel Naumov

    bitch ass

  62. joshuabanks72

    u sound like a bitch

  63. big92fs

    This guy sounds like a cash money copy cat.

  64. KeyLowGeezie

    pac was hot when gangsta rap was hot! zro is still hot even thou gangsta rap aint on the scene

  65. Dre ramirez

    Z-ro is the best rapper out there and if u dont dig that then u aint real thats real

  66. LemonSqueege

    Trae and Z-ro is like Megaman and Zero, both go hard seperately, but Put em together and dey tear up some shit. :) I'm a nerd, i kno.

  67. Blamejdubstudios

    Z-Ro & Chill "The Rain" In Stores 6/23/09

  68. Shadow155

    damn this is bump

  69. LilTrezerepla

    Cant nobody fuck with ro

  70. DreDuBb

    what was the album he dropped after this one?

  71. Pavel Naumov

    Cut the bulshit

  72. jhim767

    my boy z-ro holdin it down for mo city texas....but im from that northside trinity garden
    we got our own style of swangs and lean
    tha trinity garden drop

  73. regan caro

    you're a fucking idiot

  74. f150man55

    hell yea tx all day baby

  75. bigmooti

    i thought i like cali butt damn tex got this shit screwd

  76. serpentsally

    Zro keepin it real

  77. Pavel Naumov

    keep supporting z-ro

  78. Dameon Green

    best lyricist.period.this nigga wreck every tack he get on

  79. CMS713

    He's Not A Rapper
    He's An Artist
    Rappers Now-A-Days Are Hoes & Liars
    And 'Ro Is One Of The Few Real Dudes In The Game....Let's Just Hope All This Bootleggin' & Robbin' Shit Doesn't Run Him Away From The Game!

  80. Pavel Naumov

    This Song Is Called "Z-Ro",
    Check On Amazon, Check On Wikipedia Or Other Shit Mannn...

  81. Murked512

    Best Rapper Ever, not alive nigga, ever nigga.

  82. DMario

    niggaz bk hatin on Z-ro......dey need 2 get ^ on sum real shit

  83. Pavel Naumov

    keep it gangsta!

    mo city don 4 life...

  84. Pavel Naumov

    mannn this song is 10/5 for real

  85. zRO4LYFE

    Z-ro All Day 4lyfe homie..good look with tha video