Z-Ro - Why? Lyrics

Why, do they worry me
Because the game, ain't what it use to be
Where did all the G's go, uh-huh

I be beeping niggaz with cell phones
So why the fuck, the call back take so long
If I depended on my niggaz, I'd stay stranded at home
But everytime I got a show, my telephone ring
They wanna fuck with me when, I'm in the spotlight
Trying to get in friends, smoke and lean
Feel me when a nigga say that, I don't love nobody
The same person you call a partna, might try to slug your body
Never ever underestimate, the next man's greed
And it ain't no love if it come down to it, second and first cousins even bleed
Losing love for my partnas, because they treat me like a stranger
Plus my nigga for life, is headed straight for the gas chamber
I took an oath, and said you didn't do it
But when the judge winked at the prosecutor, we knew we blew it


And it ain't no such thang, as a faithful broad
But I've been blessed to peep the game, that's why I'm thankful Lord
So all the love letters and roses that you send her, she won't even much feel
Cause all the while, the bitch be phonier than a fo' dolla bill
Some niggaz got mo' bitch in em than bitches, always pulling a strap
Sending mo' chicks up out they boxing game, but hiding behind a gat
If you pull the thang on me, I might provoke you to use it
Cause my life-my life is painful, and I ain't scared to lose it
Even though it's brightly lit I live in darkness, keep a pistol
With an extra cartridge, they mistake my paranoia for being heartless
I wanna live in peace, but drama won't allow me
That's why my mind is gone, I'm seeing X's and ounces to tree
I know I've called up on your name in vein, but I'm humble when I bow
If there was ever a time I needed you God, I need you now
Lord have mercy too many suicidal thoughts, so I sold my piece
But what's worse, knowing you live in hell or being a lost soul in the streets


And I will never understand why, the Governor
Know innocent people living on death row and all he do is stand by
No evidence on Dinkie, so we feeling the stress
But you gotta satisfy public, when in arrest
Whatever happened, to innocent until proven otherwise
I promised I been dramatized, ever since the day that my mama died
I'm running away from righteousness, and learning to sin
But the same niggaz I kicked the do' with, facing five to ten
So I've been blessed to a certain extent, and given a privilage
Where if a sentenced committed, I'm forgiven when I repent
When the police pull us over, they wonder why we're nervous
Too many jobs defy with homicides, and funeral services
And if I die please make it quick, no pain
At least I know, I left a stain in they brain
If it's time to die I won't cry, just make it quick with no pain
At least I know, I left a motherfucking stain



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Z-Ro Why? Comments
  1. yoboy od

    z-ro sound just like 2 pac That’s awesome This song is timeless they need to put some respect behind Z-ro name no bs !!!

  2. preston and sylvarrance Young

    One of my favorite to songs ever

  3. Dalton Hairston

    This song hit hard. I can't even go into detail

  4. Issac Dennis

    Tupac lives in ZRO Music, but Joseph M. , is a Man that a DreaM came Alive, when shattered glass was his Mirror, to see Somebody to Live More%

  5. Bluu Jaramillo

    2019 Still Jamin real music !

  6. Alisha Johnson

    Mann I just had to reply over before phone goes dead.

  7. Jigga Star

    Z-ro is the Best,Too Deep

  8. KaeV

    2019 love you Z-Ro

  9. restless nite

    2019 playlist

  10. L W

    Can anyone tell what sample they used for this beat. I always recognized it from some old song.



  12. D Shane Harrison

    After big hawk was gunned down in front of his home where his kids laid there head Zro had to touch on that issue cuz it could be him RIP

  13. Oscar Rodriguez

    0.75x thank me later

  14. Reginal Bell

    Southside Pac on this tracc

  15. yung king

    2018 who here

  16. David cusack

    This is the shit that he is.. Gutter raw than fuck he needs to get back to it more

  17. Alisha Johnson

    this is my jam

  18. Ab 313

    Why Is It So Hard To Find This Version

  19. Chris Ferrer

    Why doesn't this song have 100 mil like stupid ass 21 savage... whose agenda is treat women like shit, act like you have money which you don't and let's glorify mass murder...

  20. humblewarrior

    i think i have heard this sample before, great song

  21. Jigga Star

    Z-ro is the only best

  22. Tyquan StJulien

    Favorite Rapper Da Don

  23. snow pusha

    You you know frames idle is zro...the sad part is he don't have no relation to what my nigga ro be talking bout.... ppl always be telling me you only listen to htown music . guess wat nigga I'm dine with the H born and raised babehh and I sTay dine no matter wat nigga fuck them stupid ass wack rappers they talk ahi5 bout each other but not to the real niggas like zro trae pimp c bun b 5th wars boys or scarface cause they scared bro they not bout that life they just talk it

  24. kkevin harris

    real deal zro tx

  25. Potta713

    "Day by day it's getting harder to hold on I'm going head up with the shadow of death and getting stole on."This song one of the realest Ro ever wrote .
    Timeless still 2017

  26. Alex G

    "man they tied up my nigga and sawed off his head,
    cold part about it they aint even take no bread"
    realest shit i ever heard..

  27. Cayden Ballard

    cool zroe

  28. Jose Esquivel

    shit still jammin 2k16

  29. Jason Vorhees

    The real shit !!! FUCK DRAKE

    Bobby Steev

    why are you saying fuck drake? lol just enjoy the music

    rap instrumentals

    Bobby X Steev fuck Drake

    Bobby Steev

    what will you do if drake asked if you wanna hop on a song.

    Jason Vorhees

    Alejandra Vasquez damn, yea I know people that inspired Z Ro that live in south acres southside and was out Mo city for a little bit during this summer, H town is cold and unpredictable, yet rea as fuck and hard as nails

  30. Dwade James

    THIS SO REAL $$$$$$

  31. Terrence Phillips

    He puts the truth out there...

  32. Corey Cates

    Man as a Damn near 30 year old Texas man.
    I remember around 96 my brother started to listen to Zro more after Pac died.

    Man not many ppl spit this hard about the Pain/Struggle.

    I don't listen to his new stuff but anything early before 2006 was great.

    makes me miss my old hood

    preston and sylvarrance Young

    real talk

  33. Houston Mccelland

    started out as a christian..look at how this world made me

  34. No More Pain No More Pain

    I feel em

  35. No More Pain No More Pain

    He cold


    Bad ass


    Not bad




    I feel you ro but don't say your love is only for the chedda always love ro much love to my NIGGA ro keep yo head up


    I feel you ro

  41. Anthony Miller

    This is my mother fuckin jam


    Realest In The Game

  43. humblewarrior

    one of the realest tightest tracks ever, definitly

  44. Nashuv Badur

    the eyes

  45. Tron Grogan

    Z-ro let You Know how Life and Women Can Be

  46. Tyesha

    I was lost on the wrong track now o realize Wats wrong from right and I didn't realize Wats I was doing and now I found me

    -I found me

  47. stonerminmcjoe

    If I could be like Jesus, I would spread the love.
    But I can recognize the demons, so I spread the slugs.
    These mother fucker say they love me, but I'm peepin' their lies.
    Feel like jealousy and envy when I look deep in their eyes.
    That's a friend for you, they spit at your girl then try to spend your ends for you.
    But when it's drama they won't sin for you.
    And that's the reason Joseph is one deep until he dies.
    I aint gotta wonder why my people wanna see me flop, fuck 'em.

    Stephen Meek

    real sucking verse to live by.

  48. Big Dog Young

    He is the new pac, RIP pac we miss u fam

  49. Big Dog Young

    I feel this dog

  50. Tony Snow

    @ jewishdad u wild homie

  51. too late

    cross the lines...even white people like this


    @michael brooks of course why not? we are all the same this is so real

    Sess Millzzz

    too late Yea we do "they tied up my Nigga and sawed off his head cold part about is they ain't even take no bread"

  52. Texassouth donttreadonme


  53. eDL713

    damn this shit jus brought back memories

  54. ZyroIzMvp

    For the people who think Z-Ro is the best rapper in their book. You my nigga and this blunt is for ya

    Dog Meat

    ZyroIzMvp he is to me

    freddy long

    I'm still waiting for that blunt.

  55. KwikNik22

    the best

  56. Jasmine Sewell

    masterpiece, one of them anyway...

  57. MyTommy65


  58. ghostedkush06

    ro the man in the mo. nobody is tryna fuck w him. indictment has nothing to do w the thug in anybody.

  59. Rahman Hudson

    Tell me something WHY would someone DISLIKE this??????

  60. Corey Cates

    Wish ro would go back to these days.

  61. Motivation to fit and fab with Laken Sims

    Real Talk Ro raps about real life shit! Best rapper around

  62. TexasMade TexasRaised

    Zro best rapper alive fuk his haters

  63. chris Sisson

    trill shit classic

  64. Soul on ice 82

    You can tell who been sleepin on Ro, cuz they keep comparing him to RO

  65. Jeff Ruffin

    Stop comparing Ro n Pac

  66. Forgotten Streets

    sounds like bun b and 2pac mixed

  67. jjrrhh11

    thats cuz the radio they always playin bullshit ,,, if ro was all over HOTT 1041 he would be errbodys favorite rapper

  68. Big Smoke 5054

    Straight up, alotta sleep on the great artists. How come I didn't hear about Z-Ro, Scarface, or K-Rino a couple years back? Why I gotta hear about all this trash like Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and Big Sean? Nobody ever mentions great rappers like Z-Ro, K-Rino or Scarface up there with the greats like 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie and all of them. To me, (and not just because I'm from Texas) Scarface and Z-Ro are the best rappers alive right now, not fucking Lil Wayne, and Tyga or the mainstream garbage...

    Billy Gorey

    Where u been ??? And you from Texas?? I'm 31 been listening to them since 1998 middle school how could you not of heard lol?? Atleast you got put on better late than never!!! HTOWN🤘4LIFE!!!

  69. latinachicka009

    The best rapper of the south :)

  70. MG214STYLE

    man i love this song!!!!

  71. Big Smoke 5054

    Yea fuck that nigga that say shit like "I have no brain I am retarded" "Real G's move in silence like lasagna" and "I'm flyer than beetlejuice!"

  72. rocortez361

    Yeah fuck you pea

  73. NGT4LIFE

    come on man,he even uses pacs lyrics in some of his songs,you can tell he listens/listened to pac alot.
    but yeah ro is a real nigga tho.

  74. Anthony Jackson

    this video go hard

  75. Jay

    z-ro sounds like big mike on this track his voice flow and everything

  76. kingpimpinful

    Lil flip a snitch

  77. imnotaterrorist

    Sounding like pac should be a light saying this nigga spitting real shit! ATX TEXAS STAND UP

  78. gene volly

    460000 est viewer

  79. ben moon

    anyone can listen to him. reppin out tha 850florida. check out some music he did with my homeboy out here in pensacola," lay lay ft. z ro" trez up from warrrington. You guys take it easy

  80. ben moon

    Man, dont ya'll understand what he even spittin. All yall internet thugs fighting and hating on each other and thats what ro aint about. If you really feel him, just stop hatin' on each other. Ro the realest there is i respect that man. It dont matter where you from we all go through shit. any

  81. laidbacc9

    @marieluv1212re shut the fuck up Z-ro a real nigga fuck what you talkin about Lame!!

  82. marta kościałkowska

    @xlDominator yeah, I got the same feeling. but that is why I like him!!

  83. g67early

    @marieluv1212re... I can Hear Pac, But I like to think of an artist message... This guy does have other blazin hits in the Houston Tx, Louisiana Zone and vastly growing out east and west coast. You are entitle to your Opinion by all means I'm not trying to tell you what to like. For the Record I like your interviews on your page It's was done well and welcome to our world...


    Ro cant really hate for being compared to the great tupac

  85. Shawn Lovett

    @Koolguy713roy im not from houstonn, im not from texas at all im from arkansas but i know it all when it come 2 ro

  86. Koolguy713roy

    fo all you boyz that aint from houston yall "watch you know about this"

  87. laidbacc9

    Yall get off Pac Nuttz and recognize my Nigga Ro Dis A Real Ass Song Quit Talkin Down lame Hoez!!

  88. laidbacc9

    @marieluv1212re you must be out yo damn mind!!!!

  89. Britney N Brandon Harris

    realest nigga on earth my nigga ro

  90. flex463

    z-ro's my mothafuckin nigga from day1 ..... and he'll be my nigga til the end yaheared me ......... CHECK MY SHIT ....

    FLEX463 for more of this real shit

  91. moneybagz827

    @youlose830 hell yea fuck these fakes . fuck a bitch nd friend nd a click

  92. stuna210

    Looking thug in a tux.

    Only Z-Ro could pull that off.

  93. chaun sirasang

    reason why zro dont get the respect he deserves is cuz only thew real few people walk down the right narrow path to narrow gate while others walkin in 9 lane freeway fall in a pothole

  94. certifiedplaya005

    @xbluemystx3 Never cuz the world has lot of fake weak pussies who r mostly posers n cant feel REAL shit