Z-Ro - These Niggaz Lyrics

These niggaz, must of forgot
That I will squeeze triggas, thinking you gon play me
Nigga please nigga, get put in a G-R-A-V-E nigga
At ease nigga, you don't wanna be my enemy nigga
When I'm sipping drank, and smoking trees nigga
Fuck around and be a memory, nigga

Boo, guess who sneaking up from the rear
You niggaz hearts be pumping fear, but they don't pump none here
I never knew how to be scared, just how to handle my infrared
I love nothing, ain't my barber ride up fuck you in my head
This how I feel about, all of y'all
Disrespect me if you want, and all of y'all will fall
I use to be 165 in a city, where the skinny niggaz die
But now, I'm 220 with a 45
And I be set tripping, ready to wet niggaz and wet women
I stand alone me and my chrome, Southside representing
Don't need no motherfucking body, behind me
So when the law come looking for me, can't nobody find me
Mo' murder, bite em all like gasoline in my gat
So you get slid, like you got some vaseline on your back
This is an anybody killer, I ain't prejudice at all
Ever since my nigga set me up, to kick it with them laws


Bouts to put the smash on niggaz
Put the gas on, and put the match on niggaz, y'all must of forgot
How quick we flash on niggaz, blast on niggaz
Your ass gone nigga, you done fucked with the Lot
I gave you a chance to eat, but you chose to bite the hand that fed
You took your shit nigga, lay in your bed
Who'd ever thought this nigga, that was sat down at our table and fed
Would turn on the streets, and roll with the FED's
I loved this nigga, now I roll around
With a mask and a strap, and a grudge for this nigga
Fucking with me, just adds the fuel to the fire
And I'm about to snap that wire
And go off, and empty out the whole clip in you
Denting your dinner, with bullet holes in your wind-a
I ain't fucking around, J give the word and we busting the clown
If you can narrow it down, we touching the ground


It make me wanna holla
Throw up both my hands, cause a nigga can't understand
Why these snitch niggaz and bitch niggaz, be P-A Spanish
Straight up strong enough for a man, but just too weak to take the challenge
And each way with display, they got no backbone
Looking like jellyfish to me, about to get they back blown
Out of proportion, kicking they doors in trying to find em
But I'm above em and behind em, killing em slow with perfect timing
Bitch I always know where you at, your baby mama's
On your block, it really don't matter cause Ro and 'Face gon bring his hat
Please push my button, for me
So exit wounds can be all in your tummy, from my tommy
Mini 1-4 is what I ride with, cause thugs and murderers I reside with
Beef with and beef with, murder them or get high with
It really don't matter, it just depend on the situation for me
Like I don't get down and dirty, I can't believe nigga


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Z-Ro These Niggaz Comments
  1. Jonathan Rico

    "Fuck around and be a memory nigga" Damn🔫

  2. Michael & Crystal Bermea

    Still banging ro let's go astros

  3. Francois Young

    2019 beat that mannnnn

  4. Zarry Valair

    classic z-ro shit jamming all the way in crowley louisiana

  5. Han Min

    Ya it more of a health desperation racist thang 2 me ho

  6. Han Min

    I don't think yu live Asian gang life

  7. Han Min

    Only colored racist good can truly enjoy gangster rap

  8. Han Min

    Do a 187 2 this

  9. James Bond

    zro real htown shit still bang it 2019

  10. Slime Nation for life

    Real H-town shii👀💯

  11. Mesh Statements

    19 from a 96 bby

  12. Kenwood502

    Those times where you feel out of place singing one of Z-Ro's best as a white guy...... lmao

  13. Brian Jackson

    Texas classic

  14. Mr. Warrio

    165 now he 220, damnnnn

  15. DanThaMan Rodz

    Sounds like pac

  16. BigG LilWayne

    Face lyrics always teach game, sadly most of yall are to blind to listen


    pls everyone listens to face i dont know if all that shit lil troy pulled on him is true but i still gonna listen to scarface

  17. Ethan Von

    #1 fav artist of all time

  18. Timothy High

    It shoot out on da blk
    And these people runnin
    Im da only one standing
    Im not afraid of da bullest
    A nigga ran up 2 ur vehicle
    And yall still didnt kill me
    We was on next blk
    wit that choppa stoppin all of da static

  19. Desmond Clifton

    SOUTHSIDE represent N

  20. Jerry Henry

    The 191 people that gave this thumbs down straight ho's! and y'all bitch ass don't know real g shit when you hear it!?👂🖕yep I said it cone get at me!?

  21. TabathaThomas Warner

    His vocals resembles pac a lot. And that person right this slap music

  22. Steve Lambert

    Zro much better chopped and screwed but he stop decent

  23. Jacob Mercado Sr.


  24. Danny Jackson

    Shot out to everybody in the Big "H-Town"!!! Representing that Sothwest-Side...It's "D" out here in A.k.-47... To those who didn't know; now y'all know.....Puttin' it down for Anchorage,Alaska.(bka)... The AK-47. And last but not the least ...First and foremost much love to the hometown East Oakland...To my family and friends. No matter what, it's always deep with us.... And finally to the few niggas I did fuck with. I ain't forgot about ya'...... Still got love for Ms. Antoinette Lee, Tamarra Lee, and Tameron Lee.. God Bless you guys!!!

  25. morganideleot

    Greatness face tha shit

  26. pac 2

    zro an Face y'all niggaz Kant fuck with em Dawg

  27. jermiah cars

    Dam clean Z-ro

  28. Dicky Arndt

    Wake up you,smell that, life is knocking.sleepie,boY go be another statistic.

  29. KNG E

    Riding A1

  30. Telly Mims

    I was 165 in a city where skinny niggas die now I’m 220 with a 45!! Mayne!!

  31. serpentsally

    I f'n love ZR0

  32. stephanie cloud

    This my mf shit!!!...fuck AROUND a MEMORY NIGGAAAAAA!!!

  33. Jacob Mercado Sr.

    man its hard to keep muthaf****s of your phone line...🤔

  34. Josh Webb

    Fuck around and and be a memory niga

  35. Prince Young

    More muder by the mile like gasline in my gat so u will get sled like u got some vasline on ur bac

  36. Tee Bee

    at ease nigga......

  37. Tank Three

    MOBB DEEP$$$$

  38. Chris G

    SLAB LiFE or NO LiFE

  39. serpentsally

    I Love Zro

  40. slow moe

    Get put in da G r a V e nigga

  41. Crip52Crazy

    Put my Uncle on Ro and this is his Favorite song...Yal gotta hear him sing the Chorus shit be havin' me Rollin'!!!

    Ethan Von

    Lmao got a patna that screams the chorus walking thru the shop at work.

  42. PatriciaAnn Smith

    this the shit coldest song all over my NIGGA

  43. MickleNicholsJr


  44. Christina Riley

    Z-Ro gets me

  45. Jacob Robison

    The only rapper to be on the same level as Tupac


    Boosie too

    faviola rivas

    Yes zir!

    Ethan Von

    Wait we talking music wise right? Cuz Ro was a G in the streets for real...straight monster

    BigG LilWayne

    Same level as Tupac? You mean he acted in movies with the likes of Janet Jackson before suddenly discovering that Thug Life?? Tupac #OSG #OriginalStudioGangsta

    lil sneaks

    Hell yea rt tho💪🙏🤳💯🤔💨😠😎🤑🔥✌️

  46. Brianna Biggers

    "Bout 2 Put Tha Smash On Niggaz Put Tha Gas On & Put Tha Mash On Niggaz Yall Musta 4Got Hw Quik We Flash On Niggaz Blast On Niggaz Ya Ass Gone Nigga" Ctfu i Love Dat Part This Ho Bang Dis Still My Jam Evn N Damn near 2018 Lol Omm Tho 😇💯

  47. Ms Black


  48. James Morrison

    Are White people allowed to sing this song?

    Mod mojo

    James Morrison nope..unless they been oppressed like n*ggas, no Sir

    Shala Dookum

    Veronica Ryder shut yo dusty ass up bitch

    Shala Dookum

    Veronica Ryder you could sing a song cool but that dont mean shit if a real one pull up out front ya house so dead all that shit quick hoe

    Blake Rose

    Mad mojo I been in prison and don't say it.

    Ronald Walters

    You got damn right!

  49. Emanuel Hodges

    LOVE this shit...

  50. drafford harden

    I bang all his shit everyday Crip💯

    Emanuel Hodges

    drafford harden. on Cripp

  51. Matt Price

    need a remix with gucci

  52. DeeIn ThaCut

    At ease nigga!!

  53. Smile Always Cry Never

    thinking you gonna play me nikkuah pleeeeaseee nikkuah

  54. HalfOgre

    scarface on here too

  55. Twisted Insane

    2 PAC damn

  56. Mike Henigan

    stop hating on South because most of the music cam from South dirty South


    Mike Henigan DJ Screw put the south on the map .

    Romando Martinez

    Hell yeah bro like pimp c say it aint a west or east its a south side thang

  57. Monique Ward


  58. RendaK Rapdav

    I love this vidoe

  59. Kristian Trammel


  60. Michael Littlejohn

    Pac don't harmonize like ro you can tell bone influenced ro that's what's krayzie on his latest album I aint hat in on Pac but he was more of mc like ll and rakim them niggas let r n b niggas do the hooks example toss it up

  61. live and learn learn to live

    fuck z hoe Mexican pride bitch these wannabes might not of caught what you said or either their just busters but I know what you mean bitch ain't no wanna be nigga around here Holmes revolution

  62. Blue Iron

    When I'm sippin drank and smokin trees nigga fuck around and be a memory -TheMoCityDon.

  63. justinleo117

    this song just makes you want to slap somebody for no reason

    Daphne Johnson

    justinleo117 the

    Marlon Terry

    Real street talk, that's backed by some today truth.

    Ethan Von

    Still banging this one in 2019 babaaaay

    Ethan Woodley

    No lie tho


    justinleo117 NAWL FRFR THO

  64. VILLAIN666

    Sounds like scarface.

    tyler kuehn

    Nick Chartraw it is fool

  65. John Gabriel Rodriguez

    fuckin wit me just adds the fuel to tha fire 👊💪🔥🔥

  66. Darius Grinding

    Real HTown Music

  67. Christina Briones


    Christina Briones

    love this song!!!!!😙😊😄😍


    +Christina Briones

    at ease nigga

    Otis Jenkins AKA Thugnificent

    Christina Briones damn 😍😍

  68. KNG E

    real g nobody realer hit after hit

  69. Rebecca Fahrlender

    Put the smash on it Ro!...#lovefromSugaLand

  70. Samantha Salazar

    rip to my bro jesse he hated this song cause i always played it.. miss yu bro

    Antonio Hubert

    Rip Jesse📿like me lol I always play songs I Like back to back...this was one

    Edward Turner

    Samantha Salazar R.I.P."Salute one hunneth"

    Kourtney Wesson

    My favorite rap zro

  71. Carbonero

    You don't wanna be an enemy nigga

  72. Christian Gutierrez

    zro always been bad with thrm lyrics

  73. Hogginthegame Hogginthegame

    dis dat Southside shit to the fullest

  74. Jd Davis

    this hoe be jammin

  75. Jorge Perez

    I agree str8 westcoast beat that shit hit hard.


    But what about the East Coast? We have New York. And you know that they dont fuck around. And we have Philadelphia. I know you guys underestimate us, but we have the hood here too.


    Oh, yeah, cause like im gonna take shit from a stupid west coast democratic douchebag that probably has never fucked a girl

    Curtis Davis

    +Zach Reeves lmao
    exactly what i was thinkin when reading the comments


    +Aptivont DBM

    dirty south goddamit!!!!

  76. Cee Jay

    Sounds more west coast than down south I can picture a L.A nigga crip walkin to thiz


    sounds kinda like tupac. i always thought that

    tyler kuehn

    Cee Jayyy u trippin

  77. sis pie

    my shit

  78. Mayaa Ariella

    Yuu Don't Wanna Be My Enemy When I'm Sippin' Drinkin' Smoking Trees Nigga 🍃🙌


    Ro is tellin it like it iz

  79. Terence Thomas jr

    just like pac

  80. Terence Thomas jr

    real nigga shyt

  81. Bryce Evans

    this is my shit rite cha

  82. GucciveliDaBoss7

    When I first heard this I thought it was 2pac

    Paulie Walnuts

    jerell collier who are you and why are you talking ... what the fuck are you joking about I have not a clue what your even talking ya idiot

    Miguel Lule

    Pac didn't have the vocals that zro has

    Dario Guzman

    Ro is the Tupac of Texas

    Kaliber 9

    Song legit sounded like a OutLawz type track

  83. Fred Cato

    Y'all don't know bout this shyt

    Kimberly Buckner

    real talk

    Joshua Traffanstedt

    Shit. Been jamming this since I was a kid

  84. Gilbert Navejas

    this song here for this one nigga who a punk i dedicated this song to u "christian diamantes" look up on facebook o fake ass nigga


    That's wuts up


    hahahaha that shit funny af

  85. Ehpology c

    I'm in At Ease

  86. Eugene Sutton

    Folks & Locs for lyfe bitchs!
      throw up them 8-BALLS

  87. Tyler Galloway

    At ease nigguh

  88. Elijah Hernandez

    Sounds like Tupac :)
    Sick ass shit

  89. John Doe

    z-ro sqweezez triggaz

  90. a 6

    so when the law come lookin cant nobody find me

  91. L Mo


  92. idugagrave

    So who gives a fuck?

  93. Jay

    Whats even funnier about it is that Ro wouldn't give a fuck about yall. So why do yall stand up for him on you tube?