Z-Ro - So Much Lyrics

Lately I've been going through more bullshit, than a bull fighter
So when I say my praises to God, one verse is like a full choir
My every thought is pain, strain and stressing me to death
Everyday is like a rehearsal, that's prepping me for death
I think I'm ready, because this world ain't no friend of mine
Only thing I qualify for, is murder and Penitentiary time
Y'all should of shot me, in the jimmy instead
But I guess they was feeling eachother, to get head in the bed
Here I am, first born torn between heaven and hell
I tell my people so no to dope, but I let it sell
Need to practice my preaching, calling the kettle black
I know I'm on pot before or not, I gotta peddle crack
Ain't nobody got my back, except the laws when they on it
So I be going for broke, demolishing my opponents
Leaving no traces just blood on faces, believe that
HK I'ma squeeze that, you won't even want be back

I got through so much, so I try to stay fucked up
Because, when I'm sober I can't maintain
Even though I do my best, the only thing I earn is stress
So I, spend most of my days chilling with Mary Jane

I can't focus, I'm losing my mind real fast
Dreaming and fiending for the day, I could make some real cash
Dropping album after album, platinum song after song
But it's like I ain't did nothing, cause the lights ain't on
How can I win, it's like everything I do is a motherfucking sin
It got a nigga, fiending to see my end
All of my friends are fake, they come around when I'm spending cash
But when I'm broke they out the do', with wheels spinning fast
Lonely, daily dodging the devil but he on me
Telling my people fuck him, cause he be working through my homies
Burning bridges, and I don't give a fuck
Remember y'all laughing at me, when I couldn't get a buck
It's all gravy baby, I got bigger hurdles I'm trying to jump over my residence
And my vehicle, is something I dump over
And it might not be much, but it's all I got
So when I paint it, promethazyne is all I pop


I'm on pre-trial now, and I can't smoke no weed
Cause if I catch a dirty, I'm facing T-I-M-E
My first time ever sober, it's fucking with my brain
Got a nigga with an attitude, I can't maintain
If you cross me I'll bring it to you hard, not softly
Living like I'm invincible, one day it's gonna cost me
When it's time to pay up, and I lay up in a grave
Bury me with a fifty sack, and a motherfucking 12 gauge
Hey, no love in my heart
Cause my homies was phony, straight from the motherfucking start
Why couldn't I get a ride, if I ain't have no weed, these motherfuckers
Ain't my people, they gotta be strangers up a reverend breed
So I bless the streets, with my smith-n-wesson
And if you beefing with me nigga, better get your weapon
You better pray that I'm codeine, and I'm just tripping
But I won't let you add up to my problems, I will leave you tripping


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Z-Ro So Much Comments
  1. TheMrdenton


    NOBODY cares about the poor.
    NOBODY will stop the war.
    NOBODY will fix the system.
    NOBODY is the perfect politician.

    Law Without Government

    "Such an institution of coercion - centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality - exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded - for its survival - more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III
    "The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard

    Like and share to wake the masses.
    Alliance of the Libertarian Left
    Black flags for black markets!

    Agora! Anarchy! Action!
    Ⓐ³ ⚑

  2. Whiskey Da Don

    Real food for thought music 👌💯

  3. Lone Wolf

    “When I’m sober I can’t maintain”

  4. AlwaysOneDeep

    I dont know why people hate on Ro So Much. He turned his pain into fame and fortune, helped people push thru their hard times, relate in their sad time, laugh and smile during their happy times, as well as thanks and/or praises ..... At the end of the day or the beginning, dude Is the best compared to anybody dead or alive #NoDebate

  5. Terria Mcconnell

    12/21/2018 trunk rattling.. it's up!! Zero&mary jane✌

  6. Deandra Allen

    My favorite song

  7. stylaah steez

    I love brew so much

  8. Marcal Batiste

    I like when he sings his notes

  9. Daniel Cruz

    Is it just me or can you listen to this song over and over again and never once get tired of it...

  10. nico nugent

    This song has got me thru a whoooole lot. Much love Ro. Hope you see this message. Thank you for all the motivation you've given me. Hope you live a long lavish life....you deserve it....by the way FUCK just Brittany that bitch is full of lies and got whatever she deserved. Stay Blessed 100

  11. Crip52Crazy

    Everytime I hear this version Makes me think about Ma...Always knew we was connected but once I heard this as her ringtone I knew it was official....YF's

    Joe Thadon

    Crip52Crazy I see u on all the comments on z-ro song

  12. Jayme Ramirez

    Now listen to Bobby Caldwell- what you won't do for love

    Rodolfo Maldonado Jr.

    The other version sounds more like it.

  13. Dead Boy

    "Even tho I do my beeeeest the only thing I earn is streeeeeess so I spend most of my days chilling with Mary Jane "

  14. Austin Simon


  15. Andrew Gallegos

    Mayne this Track takes me Back! Pain and Poverty! Gotta $tay Focused Get Money!!! RIP Angel Melchor!! Love You Unc!

  16. tv Dro


  17. BGP

    Still Jammin Mo City Don.
    He is no Longer zro, get it right

  18. Steven Salinas

    Man I miss the real zro

    andrew smith

    The fuck u talkin bout best to realize hes one of the only real artists left count ur blessings or go listen to Fuckin 2chains

    Steven Salinas

    Ha whoa getting a little cocky there buddy. He just went commercialised look at him back in the day and look at him now

    andrew smith

    @Steven Salinas any of his new songs are better than jus about every other song that came out at the same time by different artists

  19. Steven Salinas

    Man I miss the real zro

    Tyler Wahell

    Steven Salinas ZRO is still real. he hasn't even changed up.


    I see him at least twice a month at the Houston Improv this man ain't changed one bit man

    htx in here

    Steven Salinas I get u bro when he was hungry..now he on a difrent level...rnb

  20. frank soto

    Gosh damn it Z RO be talkin some real shit vibe to dis any fucking day

  21. FeetLoving Teamate

    Shit was out when I was a real young nigga ,like o4 o5 sometime ,real nigga muzik

  22. Brandon Jones

    I think im ready to leave cuz dis world aint no friend of mine. The only thang i qualify for is murda and penitentry time

  23. joe chambers

    no 4 people cant stay sober

  24. chavo6820

    Im from Houston, Been Jamming Z-ro for yrs....when I was in the Marines I was in a bar in a small city in Japan and they had this song playing when I walked in, Im thought i was trippin

    Rodolfo Maldonado Jr.

    chavo6820 id be trippen balls too

    Daniel Cruz

    chavo6820 what's even more tripped out is the original song zro sampled this from is called what you won't do for love by bobby Caldwell... well if you search the video some guy named Chris said he was a marine and the first time he heard it was in Japan in Tokyo I just think the similarities are weird me seeing that happen was one in a million

  25. doohustle23

    Real shit

  26. mocitymatt95

    i thought this was called mary Jane??


    Thats a diff version

  27. Jason Lindsey

    I Can relate

  28. Monte Gee

    1 person isnt going through more bullsh*t than a bull fighter

  29. zayd954

    no matter how real u are u still gunna have haters i fucks with zro

  30. LoudSackd Clov

    Realest Nigga Rappin Man

  31. Hung Solo

    Same lyrics dude only different beat

  32. BRO SKI

    or is this the same song just mary jane is chopped n screwed?

  33. 274cari

    i dont do so much but i try to stay fucked up because when im sober i cant maintain even though do my best the only thing i earn is stress so i spend most of my days with mary jane

  34. bri love

    ganjagas bitch nigga quit haten its fuck nigga like u try 2 hold a real nigga down.318 east side