Z-Ro - Mirror, Mirror Lyrics

Let my coedine settle, and have a toast one time
Multiplications on my digits, come up over some time
3-57 in my spine, they can't hold me like Kobe Bryant
Powered up, popping tulips and clovers and stop signs
Taylor made, Gucci looking like a million bucks
Neck full of gold baggets, and trillion cuts
I reside on cuts, cause having money is a must
Give me the issue or get touched, the scuffling up
Fuck with the raw like a cut, cause I hit too hard
Radio stations don't play, cause I spit too hard
I know they hate me everyday, and I ain't quit so far
But if you cross the line, AK is gone hit your car

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the throwdest of them all
Cause you know my name, it's Z-Ro the Crooked
Z-Ro the Mo City Don, it ain't over it just begun
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the throwdest of them all
Cause you know my name, it's Z-Ro represent the third coast
Let my codeine settle, and have a toast

I'm a guerilla that's after the scrilla, I cock glocks
I'm the top knotch, body armored like Shaq done blocked shots
Dropping cops cause they crooked, I'm the law now
Posted on the corner, selling raw now
Looking for them people, keep an open eye
And if I see the jackers, never hesitate I gotta open fire
Active like a live wire, retalliation is a must
Rock and buy these bezzels, and then I bust
Geniva watch, telling me it's time to ball
Get in the line till I make it to the front, and then it's time to fall
But if I ever fall off, just fall back behind the scene
Take seven, catch me up in sitcoms and big screens


When I roll, I roll one deep
I never stop wrecking, these H-Town streets
And ain't nobody holding me down I'm a roll, I'm rolling
If you didn't know Southside still holding, folding
Big lemon faces, got real money cause I catch cases
Sipping on skeet tastes, and I'ma lean in private or public places
Milicated refreshness, keep my mind at ease
Trying to reach another level, keep me climbing trees
Coming smoke out my nose, bald faded minus before
Keep it gangsta, got groupie hoes striking a pose
But see they ain't getting chose, or catch me tipping my dob
I need a independent thug chick, launder money and drug shit
I'm the boss hog, ain't nobody hogging me over harder
Soft then I'm off, in the funk in my roller

[Hook x2]

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Z-Ro Mirror, Mirror Comments
  1. Dianna Ebert

    2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. 1000HoursFreeAOL sp

    Iv been listening to this song for years what is this I now hear about the Mandela effect. Plus that nigga was never in prison y'all just high asf

  3. Dianna Ebert

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Jack Coulson


  5. sean666999100

    Wait this is catchy as fuck not really a hiphop or rap fan but damn this one is good

  6. Tommy Veggiti

    big money

  7. Shnics

    got mandalad again

  8. Frank Nitty

    I used to jam this track all the time 🎙️🎶🎵

  9. EvilDrMainstream . . .

    Bouncing on my boys dick to this

  10. Declan Lynch

    It’s the moon beams I tell you, Big money is inter dimensional content creator

  11. FireHermit

    Aww man... The Mandela Effect happened again.

    Xener D

    Bounced on my boys Mandela Effect Residue for 2 years to this.

  12. RaXZerGamingZ

    Thanks Z-RO, very cool

  13. Nordguy 713

    Big money salvia and zro at the same time

    watch out for the alternate diemensional space warlock moon beams!

  14. Ryan Notyourbusiness

    z-ro to he-ro Hercules

  15. walterjonas25

    One of the most underrated rappers of all time.

  16. Alex Bruce

    Bounced on my boy mandella's effect to this

    Xener D

    This is residue, that video only just came out

  17. kylaa monea

    The Realest Nigga To Touch A Microphone Since Pac & Pimp C 2018 Still Jamming

  18. Klemend Cela

    2018 still fire 🔥

  19. deadly kidder

    I'm here bc of daddy long hair

  20. Crip52Crazy

    *But Never ever fall off, Just fall bacc being the Scene*

  21. Buffy W

    my xmas gift

  22. Buffy W

    3 pack zro disc

  23. Ayy Lmao

    What does "wrecked" mean in this context?


    big weed

  24. TheAshenNamedJerry

    That moment when after binging all his vids you stop to check if he really posts the comments.

    Potato Salad

    TheAshenNamedJerry and then he did🤥

    Raging Reaper

    You don't even have to mention who he is and we all already know who you are talking about.

    Razi Zarook

    We all know who is responsible for the 11th day of September


    I guess dad’s comment got deleted


    I could have sworn he wrote a comment, but oh well, I guess it's the mandela effect

  25. dbass29

    Bounced on my boy's dick to this.

  26. Chris Michalopoulos

    Big Money Salvia...


    More like boypussyforfree.org

  27. Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik



    Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik


    Jacob Blood

    Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik SHAZAM

    MikeYT Studios

    you actually commented it. props. love your content.

    Razi Zarook

    Here again Mandela fucking with my timelines. WHO ELSE REMEMBERS IT WAS FUCKING NOT FUCKIN IN THIS COMMENT?? Whoa there Mr. Mandela, you fucker I don't give a shit about the good things you did if you don't bring back Erik's comment you piece of shit. But then again win the Illuminati bring back our freedom? AND POST

    Brother Malachai

    WE NEED TO ALL FLEX LIVE DAVID ICKE! Btw, could you be a bro and do a vid on Papa Franku or David Icke!? You rock! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc7wg58wpkU ANNNNNDDDDD POST! *SLAMS KEYBOARD*

  28. Vim Idzerda

    on the wall, or unqualified?

    ScrewHead SEHTX

    On the wall

  29. Cduran Duran

    Feeling like zero. Keep it up! RO AKA MO CITY DON.

  30. Mr. AmityVille

    Retaliation is a must

    Dice Flawless

    @Salvador Zep .... I'ma bust with fury. Look at me laugh at my competition flashin my jewelry.

  31. christoker1109

    hahaha daaaammmm, dis remind me of wen I first started sippin syrup. I would bang dis whole ablum screwed up wit a potent ass cup in my stomach... maaannn

  32. Egg Kneel

    Mah nigga...

    Last name First name

    Egg Kneel you're nigga

  33. Nelson Cruz

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!! :::::TEXAS BABY::::::::

  34. Simon


  35. Cody C

    There ain't no screwed version of this song son, you may find a "slowed" version though. If it aint screw it certainly aint true

  36. MrJayra210


  37. Matthew Hernandez

    let my coedine settle n hav a toast

  38. Delphi Dark

    where's the screwed version!?

  39. TheDarkest Light

    fuck the radio! keep it underground!!

  40. As Seen On PC

    2 people listen to tha radio duck ass niggas

  41. Jimmy Rodriguez

    Difference between z ro and other rappers is Ive never heard a song or a verse where z ro hasn't wrecked u can't say that for these other rappers in main stream rap

  42. Marquis Hudson

    @STARTGASME dirty south bitch zro all day bitch cant nobody touch this nigga

  43. DaParrian

    Yeah yeah...active lika live wire...retaliation is a must...the only difference between him and Pac is that Joseph's serious...hahahhaha

  44. cristian sanchez

    @saloom2030 wtf man get the fuck out of here talk right

  45. Jayoterik hip hop mc

    y does radio play 50 cent wack gangsta shit n not this

    Razi Zarook

    Haven't heard from 50 cent for like 7 years jeez

  46. edgarbaeza58

    its old but still throwed

  47. niqueo01

    Zro is so true