Z-Ro - Look At Me Lyrics

[Z-Ro: talking]
3rd Coast, Screwston Texas
Z-Ro, Heavy Rotation, yeah

I've been running the streets 24 years (look at me)
I made it but I'm wanted most of my peers (look at me)
I keep a heater in case I run across my beef (look at me)
And I'm so full it hurt my mouth when I speak (look at me)
I'm rapping but I'm still working the corner (look at me)
Hustling everyday selling work and marijuana (look at me)
I keep a vest on, I keep my chest on (look at me)
With a real groupie when pull out a press on (look at me)
I might dress prepped up but I still do crime (look at me)
I'm a geurilla can't you tell it when I rhyme (look at me)
I don't need no soda, straight out the paint bottle
And I don't care if you don't like it cause I ain't your role model

[Chorus x2]
Tell me where your hood and I'ma tell you where mine
But don't be beefing when you come around a g on his grind
Smoking nothing but pine, need no drama on my mind
Pump your breaks, bet not disrespect the stop sign

I'm out that Mo City where they don't bar none (look at me)
I never leave the pad without packing a gun (look at me)
I don't be set tripping any one of y'all can get it (look at me)
I'ma take you out if you interrupt the flow of digits (look at me)
I produce hits but radio won't play my song (look at me)
I keep a record cause all that hating made me strong (look at me)
I must confess that I be looking for trouble (look at me)
When I make a million I'll be looking to double (look at me)
Nothing but pen pimping and smoking that pine (look at me)
I'm like the law cause all these boys gone mind (look at me)
I don't need no soda, straight out the paint bottle
And I don't care if you don't like it cause I ain't your role model

[Chorus x2]

I'm addicted to putting my hands on cash (look at me)
I'm that little sodier that don't need a soldier rag (look at me)
It's self explanatory to escallade to jag (look at me)
I started off with hardens off in sperate bags (look at me)
Now I'm on top of the world and ain't no falling (look at me)
Got to tell them back back somebody keep on calling
All in, with six screens in my load
R.I.P. to F-A-T P-A-T Southside for sho (look at me)
I'ma navigate this big ride body lac (look at me)
I'm ghetto fabulous, I got hooks, beats and sacks (look at me)
I don't need no soda, straight out the paint bottle
And I don't care if you don't like it cause I ain't your role model

[Chorus x2]

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Z-Ro Look At Me Comments
  1. Patrick McMillian

    Respect,the stop sign,on,Overdale & Southbank.This is,US.

  2. Atm DaMobb

    I'm addicted to putting my hands on cash in that lil soldier that don't need a soulja rag

  3. Sirluvalot88

    2020 still jamming

  4. Patrick McMillian

    Fuck the F.B.I.!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ko Thakid

    Real nigga right here

  6. Christopher LaVar

    2tru....Who Eva don't like it ( I ain't cha role model) !!!!!

  7. DJWag Official

    Cant keep my dick in my pants😨🔥🔥😨

  8. Real One

    Who made this beat

    yoyo 187

    Disciple of Patrice I did

  9. Sabrina Ybarra

    2017 & still banging Dove 44 $prings

    Real One

    Sabrina Ybarra AUSTEX

  10. Wear Montgomery


  11. Jigga Star

    I don't need no soda straight out the pint bottle and I don't care if you don't like cause I ain't your role model


    It's straight out the paint bottle, not pint. That's what they call it, lean, paint, syrup.

  12. Jigga Star

    classic Z-ro

  13. Crip52Crazy

    *I don't be set trippin' any one of yal can get it...Ima take ya out if you Interrupt the flow of Digits!!*

  14. Chris paxton

    This is sick


    keep JESUS 1st

  16. Fiyah Mane

    first zro song I ever heard

  17. Foxlover lps

    look @ me ❤

  18. Phillip Sneed

    realest n greatest rapper alive

  19. Rick Rude

    Willie D still living home boy, show some respect to the pioneers of Houston rap, Geto Boys....

  20. The Money Team

    @xbluemystx what you mean greatest living rapper???? LIL WAYNE ISNT DEAD YET.. haha just playin mayne

    Gorilla Tre

    The Money Team wayne aint got shit on ro

  21. htowntexas44

    I aint ya roll model...

  22. God is Great

    Real hard shit..

    can somebody tell me where to download it..?


  23. bigmooti

    u alrite put that shirt down

  24. dirtysed

    "Im like the Law cuz all these boyz gone mind"
    Look At Me nigga!