Z-Ro - King Of The Ghetto Lyrics

[Hook x2]
This is my wooooooorld
Z-Ro, king of the ghettoooooo

Once upon a time, not long ago
There was a hustling motherfucker, with a cold ass flow
Everytime he hit the studio, his beeper go off
He left the beef to get his cheese, by selling people that raw
With a pistol on his right side, and one in his back
I-10 again and again, from running that crack
Girlfriend kept complaining, cause he never at home
So he told her deal with it bitch, or get the fuck on
It was money over bitches, on his mind
Plus all of his partnas, thought that he would never shine
The number be 15 and 5, up in the kitchen
He could do it straight up, or he could do it with a whipping
But then came a drought, and then he put his first album out
Decided to do it full time, cause record stores kept selling out
Still in the game, cocaine on top of the brain
From the studio to the streets, Z-Ro is everything

[Hook x2]

King of the ghetto, I'm sitting on my throne
Got a red light, sitting on my chrome
Ridgemont Texas, representing
With a taper fade, sitting on my dome
I mash niggaz, and I trash niggaz
When it come down, to the cash nigga
Beat that ass, in a flash nigga
Pistol play, and I'ma blast nigga
Gangstafied, from Goderhead
All day long, I chase my bread
But on the low, I don't fuck with FED's
Cause a snitch nigga, get dressed in red
Shut up bitch, she look so lie
But they don't know, she'll take your life
Not giving a fuck, or get fucked up
And end up dead, with your dick in the sky
Go my way, we gon have fun
Instead of happiness, we have done
About our business, corrupting our kidneys
All that codeine, weed and drugs
I'm leaning over, but still a soldier
Pimp my pen, like I'm suppose to
Nothing but the finest, light green doja
Got it from C-Note, from the Clover
Animal thug, I thug for life
So I ain't going, to the club tonight
Block is bleeding, I'm here for the eating
And supervising, my funds tonight
I scuffle and hustle, on my grind
No matter the weather, no matter the time
Roll out the red carpet for Z-Ro, this world is mine

[Hook x2]

Who that bumping, who that beefing
Hope you brought something, to put your chief in
Interrupting me, while I'm reefer chiefing
I'm a gangsta, not Erkle Steven
Cause I don't laugh, and I don't play
And no, is something that I don't say
I don't give a motherfuck, about your day
Hoe, get the fuck out of my way
I'm lean as fuck, and don't like nobody
My style of rap, is I'm like nobody
I let off fo' shots, and hit fo' bodies
OG with it, like Amas Rodney
Still in the game, as a MVP
Dealing with haters, that envy me
Fuck fabricated, and commercializing
I'ma bring my block, to MTV
Show love, and do all I can
For all my people, and all my fans
But motherfuckers, be hating me
For the life of me, I can't understand
Cause I'm cool as hell, till a hater get bold
Step out of line, fuck around get stoled
I must be, their motherfucking issue
Cause all these niggaz, getting drove
Up a lot, like a Volkswagon
I get a commission, for toe tagging
A slim killa, with a wide body
Polo top, and Polo sagging
I live my life, like I don't care
But every night, I be deep in prayer
Then I get off, my knees
And hustle, straight like that there

[Hook x2]

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Z-Ro King Of The Ghetto Comments
  1. KickingAssDaily

    The ghetto is a republic, therefore there is no king

  2. Michael Kaiser

    This is my world

  3. Desmond Clifton


  4. Kasey Riskey


  5. Cannabis king

    BluntsvilleTxRadio We should link up one day. I’m on the North side! H-town. Been with you from the Jump. Let me know if your down.

  6. Kaveman D

    still riding to this in 2018

  7. Slim Robinson

    Still bammin 2018

  8. King Ahaz

    that 3rd verse tho!!!!! I remember I use to rewind that verse all day

    RHudell McMillian

    King Ahaz yes sir

  9. 07Kcyellama

    slappin in 2016

  10. Travelle Louis

    this that shit there

  11. Joshua Weilandt

    his music will be relevant forever. 


    MeanceJRaps I'd have to agree. Z-ro tells stories, and the best artists always do. More than beats and a rhyme, he paints a picture like very few others...


    @KillxRockstars Oops, meant to leave that as a solo comment due to his G+ settings and the no reply, but it still applies to yours for exactly the same reasons. Cheers.

    made desires

    Say it again

  12. LilClickKla

    hell yeah dat

  13. SpliceYourLife

    Gettin twwwisted jammin z-rooooo

  14. ThatCopWithFireKicks

    Never gets old.

  15. Martian Martin

    Z-Ro at the top. The only other rapper that has a chance to be on par with Ro is Chamillionaire.

    King Ahaz

    Jay Townsend
    this nigga tripping ain't he bro lol

    Slimmy Slime

    yall sleeping on Killa Kyleon

    SLy kOOPa N a frESH kANGoL

    Its all about that Beanie Sigel.

  16. Emily Peters

    Z-ro NEVER dies

  17. Famed Games

    Y'all fools trippin I mean really behind t.I? You guys smoking that shit that really make ya goofy

  18. ZAYWOP

    but face the king

  19. ZAYWOP

    Have to put him behind t.i.p only because t.i has that crossover appeal that z o don't have. But i like z ro better but people ae going to do it like that sadly

  20. BluntsvilleTxRadio

    yes behind scarface but i hope u didnt put him behind t.i.? check out his king of the south cd with lil flip

  21. ZAYWOP

    Song to tight. Z ro right their with south side legends pobally only behind scarface, and t.i.p

  22. sugarbelle01

    someone had to spark the green;)

  23. rusty shackelferd

    well....someone had to make that bar a blunt.

  24. King Jones

    5 people dont know real rap song

  25. Justin vasquez

    Reminds me of my youth

  26. rocboi

    dis da shit

  27. Abu Tawbah

    AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh here it is :D