Z-Ro - Hey Lil Mama Lyrics

Hey there little mama
Why don't you come and take a ride with me
Around the tooooo-own
On the low, we could be going dooo-own baby
Hey there little mama
Why don't you come and take a ride with me
We could smoke us a poooo-ound
Hit the Telly, and can and gon cloooo-own baby

Well uh excuse me miss, I don't wanna take up your time
And this ain't none of that kitty game, with the same old pick up line
I'ma get straight to the point, you are as lovely as a rose
Though I'm not into one night stands, I'm eager to see you out your clothes
Please don't take it the wrong way, I'm just spectating
But I won't lie, and say I'm not thinking about sex making
It was on my mind real strong, but I don't wanna rush
We can remain friends, for a real long time
By then I'd know, if I've been dealing with a strong mind
Either business brain, the drugged up and gone mind
But that's irrelevant, I'm speaking for the present baby
Tell your girls you gon holla, jump in my Intrepid baby
Unless they wanna come, and kick it with my homies
If not, me and you could kick it and leave em all lonely
I got a lot of women on my phone, trying to lay with me
But just for tonight, I want yourself to come and stay with me


Papa was a rolling stone, and he still rolling
I guess that's why, I leave a lot of pussy holes swollen
I must of got it from my dad, this macking in me
Plus all the ladies, love this big dick I'm packing with me
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hit and run, anytime
You make time for me, then you can come and sit and give me some
Trying to handcuff me, you moving too quick
Not trying to be seen in public with you, at the movies and shit
Chances are you got a man, he gon be mad if he see you
So let's keep our thing undercover, so nobody know what we do
Long as we do it like that, we can do it long
Make it a while since we did it last, so we do it strong
It's in my blood, to be as straight up as I can be
And straight up I can see you in my jacuzzi, chilling with me
Though I got a lot of women on my phone, trying to lay with me
Just for tonight, I want yourself to come and stay with me


I feel my cell phone vibrate, I wonder who could it be
Another bad ass yellow bone, talking dirty to me
She say she ready for me, to come and make my round
Telling me how she gon do me, I'm ready to break right now
As soon as I got in my ride, 'fore I made it out the driveway
The twins hit my celly, said that they were coming my way
Double the pleasure double the fun, I can't miss that
A menage with the Asian persuasion, I had to hit that
Making money all day long, is what I love
But I'm trying to give up a minute or two, so you can fuck a thug
And I won't waste your time, not a minute man
Laying pipe with long jevity, always I'll be in it man
And once I reach my conclusion, that ain't the end
I'm just giving you a breather, baby go on and catch a wind
Maybe that's the reason, all these women wanna lay with me
I'll show you if you want me to, just spend the night and play with me


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Z-Ro Hey Lil Mama Comments
  1. Donnell Collins


  2. Lawrence Matthews

    K.C. in this mf still slappin this

  3. Brian Jackson

    Smooth music... Texas shit

  4. Sonja Coleman

    Stop playing you knoe I'm everywere🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  5. Slow Moe

    another bad ass yellow bone talking dirty to me

  6. AlwaysOneDeep

    I’ll NEVER be able to pick my favorite Zro song but “The Life Of Joseph McVey” is one of his best albums. Best as in if it’s number 1, it’s number 2, and if it’s not number 2, it’s definitely number 3. That’s one album I can play straight thru with no skipping and that’s hard to do with ANY artist from ANY era....

  7. kietu ahuex

    Money come first before any slamming √

  8. Cari Moody



    2018 💖

  10. Myss T'e

    hey there lil mama......

  11. Kristina Wright

    2018 Big money Texas I hear ya but I'm a diamond in the rough I'm ALIVE hit notes ya never heard eyes of a tiger in

  12. Adam Garcia

    Hold up real shit

  13. Buffy Queenb

    hey Buffy

  14. Kevin Dunn

    this song so damn Playa

  15. Slow Moe

    hey there lil mama

  16. David Richardson

    My nigga zro tha shit

  17. Gerome Weaver

    Hey lil ma!

  18. errbodyluvme1

    Dallas 214 in dis ho by the way

  19. errbodyluvme1

    I guess thats why i leave a lot of pussy holes swolen

  20. dylan diaz


  21. Aware

    Smart rappers were gonna unite, start setting a positive example for society & make money for themselves & their people. Listen to this Pimp C interview before he died [5:47] watch?v=ENckrfzmXcs
    Who owns music production/distribution/radio/tv/BET. That’s who pushes dumb bling/drug/thug/hoes on major media. Keep people stupid misguided consumers.
    K-Rino & Beast- deadly intellect; Immortal Tech; Payday Monsanto; Nate-africa; JJ Doom- GMO; Akala-fire in the booth; Logic-elevation, unborn legacy

  22. Tyree Childress


  23. Anaera420

    💛 💙 💜 💚 💗 💓

  24. Shyeshia J

    Yall who dont like dis fuc yall dis dA real HTX

  25. thenotperfectone

    classic Z-ro jams!

  26. jose reyes

    get off this shit then

  27. ismael ovalle

    Yall must not be gettin no cuddy this shit gotta nigga bobbin in the slab!

  28. Steven Hernandez

    Hey there lil mama why dnt u come take a ride with me

  29. Aaron Douglas

    My shit cuhh

  30. Smokey Smoke

    opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and wants their's to be heared.

    but man...you being a dumbass on all videos i recently check, its like you got no life.
    If you hate ro n rino that much, get the fuck off their videos n get back to that mainstream bullshit.
    anyway have fun trolling about, thats all your good for.

  31. D Ba

    I think something happen in the music inc. that made all those real rappers like No Limit fall out of sight. Some kind of conspiracy, I miss those dudes.

  32. D Ba

    ha ha I heard little flip is a fraud. FACE said he never seen him around Cloverland Houston in the past. Now he is making music for Citigroup HAHAHA

  33. D Ba

    I only took me few days of listen to k-rino to realize greatest. He aint my idol, I just heard of him a few years ago. I am my Idol. Who is yours?

  34. D Ba

    I see you still talking that fake shit. K-Rino is the greatest bitch.

  35. Smokey Smoke

    @thafoolishbeast most people don't know about rino
    Man hes what...in his 40s and still spits more fire & truth than most rappers put together.
    ppl sleeping.

  36. Guada413rd

    Follow me on twitter

  37. Guada413rd

    My shit

  38. jay jones

    I leave a lot of pussy holes swollen

  39. kjjn07

    This my shit Asian fastration I can't. Miss that

  40. Adrian Williams

    summer song forever pimp shit south carolina country too

  41. rzrselliott

    @adam221la bout god damn time someone recognizes k-rino and the coalition mayn!! i try to tell fools but they jus don listen...fuck em...smoke sumtn

  42. adam221la

    dont forget about K-rino with out him there would be no ro

  43. When Boredom Strikes

    dis song iz live son yoooo

  44. When Boredom Strikes

    wow u got sum sic rappin skills add me as a fwend n watch my vids

  45. kanthonybeats

    ScarFace then UGK, then Z-Ro. Thats the order. Respect that

  46. ericinzunza


  47. Execution Tank

    @NEDhardly84 Thats almost a true statement, but you left out one of the greatest. KRS-One.

  48. sandritoisagee

    ahahah this song goes hard!

  49. Lorenzo

    man i havent listnd to this song in a while ..heeey there lil maama why dont u take a riiiddeee with meee haha it go hard

  50. Daniel Martinez

    Z-ro, UGK, and Devin tha Dude are the only rap that matters in my opinion.

  51. Phat_Man210

    nice shyt to roll wit a chick

  52. marcdaddy33

    tight work song by z-ro.