Z-Ro - Freestyle Lyrics

Ha ha, 2000 and 1
Z-Ro the motherfucking Mo City Don
Getting off my chest, know I'm saying
Cut these all the way off people, feel me
Yeah, this how it go, fa sho

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, fo'
I'ma come down, it's your partna Z-Ro
Never been a hoe, never been a broad
Every night 'fore I go to sleep, I gotta talk to God
One time, gotta keep it real
Got gold and diamonds in my grill
I'm for real, doing it like a song
Bleeding on the boulevard, all day long
Gots to get paid, in this damn rap game
Gotta get my feddy, gotta get my change
Me and my partna P-Roy, doing it every day in the struggle
Hold up my nigga, one day we gon bubble
Nigga we'll shine, we gon put it down
I'ma pimp my motherfucking pen, one time
Hold up, nothing but syrup in my cup
Riding on tre buck, and I don't give a fuck
About the law, nigga fuck the FED
I'm up in the game, just to stack a big head
Family getting fed, me and my wife wed
I'ma come down, I'm a Southiside vet

[Hook: Bettye Sterling]
Hold it down, like the sun we're gonna shine
And let it all swing out, I ride with Southside
Hold it down, like the sun we're gonna shine
And let it all swing out, I ride for Southside

Like a drama bull, plus I got pull
When you see me on the damn scene, you know I'm fool
Popping handle bars, popping a X
I don't give a fuck, it's feeling warm in my chest
And I hope that God bless me, to get a platinum plack
Ain't no turning back, once I get the stack
Once I ain't cutting no slack, up in the game
Said it one time, now everybody know my name
Hollin' Ro, do another show
Wanted me to swang down, on another 4
Charge twenty grand, for a show
Plus, I want half of the do'
In this rap game, to get all the do'
I'ma come down, I got my shine on glow
Hollin' at the Big Steve, Mafio
R.I.P., to the Fat Pat though

[Hook: Bettye Sterling]

Hold up, cause we balling
See us coming down looking good, and we crawling
Ain't falling, I ain't stalling
Coming down outta town, birds I'm hauling
To get paid, nigga I got my family on my mind
I'ma put it down, that's why I'ma shine
All in they face, like a motherfucking moon
A star, a sun and my uzi weigh a ton
Sitting in the microphone booth, going off
Working with the hard, working with the soft
In the motherfucking game, stacking my change
I'm in the motherfucking zone mayn
On my motherfucking block, it go down
I'm the thoedest and the coldest, nigga there is in H-Town
Know I'm saying, I ain't playing, steady spraying

[Hook x3: Bettye Sterling]

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Z-Ro Freestyle Comments
  1. Silence Unique

    Who banging this in 2020??🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🙌☝💪👆👉👉👉

  2. Oh Gee


  3. Lauren Herrera

    " I'm not a fresh prince, I'm a cock sucking king"??? Wtf?

    Uncle Bobby Dana

    Lauren Herrera cock is an old school term for pussy

  4. greatest

    His voice is natural

  5. greatest

    Zro still killing

  6. Moises Villarreal


  7. Moises Villarreal

    2020 wassup!!!

  8. Johnny Lombardo

    Still 🔥 in 2020

  9. Bass Heavy Productions

    this is my studio. www.missioncontrolstudio.com #ProducedbyBassHeavy

  10. Wesley Brame

    2020 still bumpin this underrated freestyle

  11. Clem Breeze

    2020 Who Still Here🤟🏽✨💯🍇

  12. Tiffany Ruiz

    2020 🔥

  13. Victor Torres

    Year 2020 "Bitch you better bring me my cheese"

  14. TLoTv

    2020 still here

  15. Jovon Booker

    2020 🔥

  16. Joe Hernandez

    2020. Happy New Year.

  17. Keith Delgado

    2020.. still burnt

  18. Cerberus Is a good boy

    soooo no one gonna speak on the fact he called himself a cock sucking king????

  19. Wason Gonzalez

    Bitch u better bring me ..my cheese!!

  20. Martin Salazar

    https://youtu.be/lCGRUpic8kU?t=260 wait what the fuck did zro just say at this part?i know i didnt hear him say 'i aint no fresh prince im a cock sucking king'

  21. james livicci

    He ain't a fresh prince he a cocc succing king?

  22. Austin Sarver

    4:18... I'm pretty sure he says he's a "cock sucking king"

  23. Mason Litchfield

    💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 too strong

  24. Bryan Ladanyi

    Houston Rip Ray Ray

  25. Bryan Ladanyi

    Respected connected you feel the word
    Cut the chase Queens stand you up
    Baddest piece
    On the rise Angelou mayu
    Calm the screw rip pimp be that C wit them eyes who livez read the story wrong all in the zone homie if u knew

  26. dirty duke nukem

    #barz than ah mf

  27. DailyBombs

    straight dope ass bars!!! Fuck this ill pussies lil pump and shit

  28. Cris Christensen

    Why is no one talking about him saying hes the cocksucking king?

  29. Dee Money22

    Big enough to hit when it miss....

  30. money sweat

    My nigga go hard

  31. Benjamin Gad

    Shit Dope.

  32. T. Butler

    This is not a freestyle this is “Look Good”!!!!!!


    T. Butler it was a freestyle before it became “Look Good”

  33. ismahgmz

    souf side fa life I love my southern lingo

  34. Monica Arredondo

    End of 2019 and still going hard

  35. Carmelo De'Angelis

    50 calibur Browning its somethin you never seen, big enough to hit when it miss and it don't need no beam!

  36. Culley Dakid

    Bitch u betta bring me my cheeese

  37. Lonewolf Jackson


  38. Jimmy Dugie

    Does anyone else think it sounds like he says "I ain't a fresh prince, i'm a cock sucking king" at 4:18 ???

  39. RENZ G.

    Ro my brutha u my muthafuckin nigga G. From A Rawthentic B. 2 a 1 deep C.

  40. Kendrick DAWSON

    that boy RO Really the ambassador who can take over TX like pimp c. Niggas in TX would listen to what RO say...

  41. xj0ker

    2 pac of texas

  42. Michael Welsh

    "I ain't a fresh prince, I'm a cock sucking king" .

    Hmmm :/

  43. Damn Stan

    4:20 lol
    Zro go hard tho !😤🔥🔥

    Yelaboi On Da Beat

    Cot suckin King. As in he stayed getting locked up don't think too hard you ain't listen clearly 😂💯

  44. Jeramy Galvan

    Stay Bumpin Ro ! Wont Ever Quit Texas 361 City By The Bay .

  45. TheMrdenton


    NOBODY cares about the poor.
    NOBODY will stop the war.
    NOBODY will fix the system.
    NOBODY is the perfect politician.

    Law Without Government

    "Such an institution of coercion - centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality - exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded - for its survival - more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III
    "The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard

    Like and share to wake the masses.
    Alliance of the Libertarian Left
    Black flags for black markets!

    Agora! Anarchy! Action!
    Ⓐ³ ⚑

  46. Surgical02

    Who's still bumping this in 2043?

  47. Surgical02

    Bet yo ass!

  48. William Newman

    Finally home from the penitentiary

  49. William Newman

    H town PTB \\m//

  50. Mr. ClutchFace

    "... This ain't a pistol / this a mafcking machine / .50 caliber Browning / something ya never seen / big enough to HIT what it MISS / and it don't need a beam ..."
    M2 Browning .50, he ain't lying... big enough to hit what it miss.

  51. Deshawn Mcintosh

    Mannnn it’s 2019 I still listen this EVERYDAY

    Lonewolf Jackson

    This man just said hes a cock sucking king....and you're proud to listen to this everyday. What part of the game is this?!?!?!

  52. jackTHEretardSLAYER1


  53. Revolutionary Mindset

    Love me some Z Rooooooo!

  54. bigcdadon30

    Damn im late im liking this dude!!

  55. Michael Welsh

    Crazy how one random click can uncover a diamond...

  56. Kayotic Records

    weak ass flow

    Johnny Rios

    Cruz your daddy need his ass beat for having a pussy ass son like you lol

  57. RED ZONE S.A,Tx


  58. 444 Cano

    2019 🤘🏽

  59. J.R. Ewing


  60. Raanan Raananbn

    Pleas watch my video and support my channel thanks https://youtu.be/In1Le24pgRA

  61. Cedric Reed

    Somebody done done it again....somebody call a firetruck to the fire out!!! Keep gasing they ass Ro.....

  62. Juice419


  63. Lamontlamont Lamont

    Lol this old

  64. Trinidad Briones

    They all sound like pac special my man Boosie badazzz

  65. Trinidad Briones

    Ro use to be the shit but he a ways sounds like goat PAC

  66. Corey Jackson

    No autotune needed Tx shit 💯

  67. Six 11productions

    Isley brothers sample

  68. BlacC.

    he underrated af !

  69. 205 The Truth Dallas Co. Creek

    Top realist rappers ever to touch a mic

  70. David Alexander Gomez

    That C.D was on his finger like a ring.

  71. Queen Sparkle In Texas

    I’ve always Loved Zro Style . I believe if you don’t like Zro (as an Artist)it’s something severely wrong with you or You’re just a damn Hater.......STILL 🔥2019

  72. Backwoody Ben

    Z-Ro you one of the best I promise you that

  73. Ethan West

    2019 here man

  74. Austin Hipolito

    Blue 22 and mo city don are legendary freestyles.

  75. Toby Kidwell

    30 miles per hour on the freeway foooooo

  76. theonetonelow

    Z Ro💯

  77. 66 Caprice

    Goosebumps listening to this mofo

  78. Monsta Gotti

    2019 still jamming fuk u mean! I graduated the yr this came out! Still my shit

  79. D W


  80. Mike Bernard

    I hope this nigga ma nigga neva gone.
    Whole H Town and Cali finna come down and represent down here. Ima be swangin and banging from the H to the Mo City in my 4 do box

  81. Mr Natural

    Still bumpin 😎👑 Germany stand up 💣

  82. youngestson 65

    Sumbitch can flow like water down stream.🔥✌🏾💯

  83. Angilia Clark

    This shit rite here Nhgga!!!!!

  84. rossana duran

    My shittttttt still in 2019 🥰

  85. Kelley Schick

    did he just say hes a cock sucking king?? lmao

    Angilia Clark

    Ikr...hard azz hell😂😂😂

    Sir-Lean Serve-Daily

    No. "Cot" sucking king. Cot is pussy.. you little dumb ass

  86. Chloe' Cuero

    Still jamming this version 2019!!!!!

  87. Victor Fernandez

    Listened to this freestyle the day it came out. 9 years later here I am. Zro was ahead of his time. It's a shame he never got the fame he deserved. Smh..

  88. Supa Cool


  89. S. Renae Coleman

    I luv his flow 💋❤️🔥 ..2019

  90. Red alert artist

    An amazing talent boi got sum pipes

    Angilia Clark

    Him and devin da dude

  91. Phil Lee

    "big enough to hit when it miss and it dont need a beam"

  92. John David

    When you rap are you supposed to buy your own studio

    Angilia Clark

    Yeah, but if u jus chilln, ITZ ON😎

  93. Corey Marvelous

    2019 and beyond

  94. Matthew Montoya

    Raising my daughter is the most important mission....holdup my shit went FED cuz real talk.

  95. Kaotiq Gutta Boss

    God Bless Texas and God Bless Z-RO!!!

  96. Wendell Savage

    Boy went in