Z-Ro - Call My Phone Lyrics

Bitch, you ain't gotta call my phone
Matta fact all you hoes can leave me alone
I just want my money
And now one of you nappy-headed hoes goin get none from me
Nigga, you ain't gotta call my phone
Matta fact all you niggas can leave me alone
I just want my money
And now one of my fake ass homeboys won't get none from me

I don't need know help my nigga
I can do bad on my own
And I don't need no company lil momma
Even tho I know you give great dome
I rather play my Xbox 360 while smoking and sipping drank
Ain't even goin waste no gas, going to get some ass, I'm a keep my gas in my tank
Leave my money in my pocket I never leave it with hoes
Put a ring on my own finger cause I sleep with Z-RO
Homie I don't giva fuck about what you drive or how much money ya got
And I don't giva damn if y'all really like me or not
I see your lips moving but I can't hear nothing, cause I'm not listening
Hoe you only talking to me because my teeth are glistening
And Y'all niggas be riding dicks so much y'all need a dildo
That way when you think about Z-RO, you can shove it up in yo ass real slow
I'm a gangsta, but I'm a man first, and I tallerate no disrespect
My momma if it's money for me to make weed goin slip the sex


[Slim Thug:]
Slim Thugga, Mothafucka
I'm trying stay rich, fuck a bitch (fuck a bitch)
I rather hit the studio and make another hit (another hit)
Stop calling on my phone man I'm on some other shit
Just leave a nigga alone, I ain't the suckers you fucking with
Cause bitch you ain't about to get no dime or no quality time
I rather be on my grind, smoking weed, writing rhymes
All you rapping ass niggas calling me to get signed
Want me to rap for free, you done lost yo mind (you done lost yo mind)
I don't care how long I knew ya give a fuck if we kin
We went to high school together giva fuck if we friends
Ya ain't talking bout shit if you ain't talking about end's
Bring ya ten G's, I see what'cha talking bout then
All you roaching ass niggas and hoes in my face
Can't get it crumb from me, no so don't waste
Yo mothafuckin crime tryna plot on mine
I got my cash in my stash locked down, so now...


It's a shame having a cell phone, but don't want it to ring
Cause I don't wanna deal with bull shit people and the bull shit they might bring
That's why I send them the voice mail heaven I don't wanna talk
Cause bull shit run a marathon, I rather keep it real and walk
I don't giva damn about how pretty you look, you can still kiss my ass(kiss my ass)
Especially if I got to choose between you and my cash(my cash)
I'm a choose money everytime, anywhere I can always get a new whip
Besides, I'm what bitches be trying find, I'm young, black and I'm rich
If you thinking I'm goin pay money to hit that ass
I gotta trick for your ugly ass
I'll dismiss you right after I hit you and then go fuck your friends
Then you'll be ready to committing suicide and then I'll never speak to you again
My nigga Gredy, my nigga Rickby, my nigga Michael Coleon
Them only three niggas phone number programed in my phone
They call me the king of the ghetto, because I rule this bitch
I'm about business I don't participate in foolishness, bitch

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Z-Ro Call My Phone Comments
  1. Tamiko Hall

    Bitch ,I just want my money

  2. Trishtan Cooper

    Few weeks from 2020 still jamming this Ro

  3. Selena Gonzales

    I love this damn song!!!!!!

  4. Mr. Rapture

    Age restricted? That's some bullshit

  5. melissa matos

    Ain't from tx from Jersey but love tx more love this song... Turned mad pplz from Jersey on to zro. Matta fac all u niggas can leave me alone.... I don't wanna deal wit bullshit ppl n the bull shit they might bring... Nov 2019 still strong

  6. Thomas Termain

    Always bumping this

  7. EnDoPhX E-90

    Who's here?2019

    Shannon Hall


  8. Shontia Houston

    This is me all the way 👀

  9. Demarion Levier

    Jqvq Chris ardoin Candyman

  10. Jonathan Smith

    Theme song 2019

  11. 尊ア尊純ノア

    Jammin in 2019/2020

  12. Kush Convos

    Spitting nun but facts.

  13. Chuck Lopez

    Who still here in 2019

  14. Sonya Edmond

    Das it z ro

  15. Brenden Carr

    I'm 9 years old Z-ro

  16. Greg Huntley

    None of you nappy head hoes gonna get nun from me

  17. Jj's Squad

    Who still listing it in 2019

  18. Liquid Kilo

    Taken from any tank I saw Z-Ro smoke, He still needs that 12' in the back.

  19. Red Carolton

    Real nigga shit ro we went and talked the halls of the ridge hola

  20. Zayra Aurora

    2019 💪💯

  21. Brandon Bovender


  22. Lonnie Franks

    That's what I'm thinking

  23. Jared P

    "I aint gon waste no gas goin to get some ass imma keep my gas in my tank!" 2019 still jammin this shit all the way in New england with a blunt in hand yo!

  24. Les Finster

    This song has helped me through many breakups and many bumps in life. Love it. Fucking raw

  25. Alex Jones

    This shit is still my ringtone since 2012 we in 2019 boutta hit 2020 , still not changing it

  26. Ace King

    2019 still bangin Zro da don

  27. Da'Loc Nelson


  28. Tonya Hall

    Who still bumping in 2019?💪🔥

  29. Bambina Ray Tabbytite

    I just want my bread I don't won't to meet anybody Im the true gf I hold the Lions in my hand and the lines like I said I just want my bread

  30. Bambina Ray Tabbytite

    Feeling like slim thugga

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    2019 with a backwood 💯




    2019 still Bangin!! 💯

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    Foreal as shiii

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    2019 💪💙✈️


    Still better than the trash on the radio these days

  39. Shalon Thomas

    Z ro I love your music homie thank u fam

  40. Dakota Jordan

    If rather play my Xbox 360 while smoking and sippin drank
    Ain't gonna waste no gas goin to get some ass Imma keep my gas in my tank🔥

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    2019 nd still thumpin and bumpin mane

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    Yes sir

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    Ro stay in my deck😎🤘🏽

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    May fever 2019

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    Still don't call my phone in 2k19

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    Slim thugg went off

    DeAndre Hall

    Bih ain't getting no quality time lol

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    My everyday grind song... make me remember the real and the fake niggaz and bitches

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    I told my son. Keep it real and yo girl won't find a better deal .........,.... U can't discreass ( realness.). Spellck any of CamronGs B's

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    Whel i bien sayin Tha same shit ........,............. maybe that's why I'm lonely but I got bitches runnin marithans lolololol

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    I rather have my $$ fuck a bitch

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    MGTOW anthem!

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    Wear Montgomery


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    2019?.. Hell yeah

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    2019 you ain't gotta call my phone even though you give great done if rather play my Xbox 360 while sippin and smoking

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    I just want my money

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    I love me some Ro no i'll neva love like this again.....Just keepn it 100

  83. Gervasio Flores

    Z ro 1ne of the best inda game but dnt git no recognition only whn itz sum bad shhh bout him but juz like Pac his music pull me thru alotta b.s.

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    Bitch don't call my phone, you a bitch ass nigga...

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