Yung Gravy - Pizzazz Lyrics

Pour some Gravy on it
You know sometimes they ask me
What do I do it for?
You see
I do it for the Jane Fonda's
The Michelle Obama's
The Brandi Love's
The Sofia Vergara's (mhm)
And the Mrs. Incredible's
Ha, the Mrs. incredible's

So I pull up in this bitch go stupid
Hit the pussy once now it's love like Cupid (Whoa!)
I'm the youngest Minnesotan makin' movement
Ya bitch chose me cause she's with the improvements, ayy
Pull up to the function, spontaneous combustion (splash)
Gravy 6'6", y'all a bunch of a fuckin' munchkins
I ain't touch yo bitch, cause she smellin' like some onions
And there ain't no fuckin' way you see me going near that dungeon, ayy
Bitch I got the sauce like I'm Bob fuckin' Evans
Yo bitch got the slurp like 7-Eleven
I'm gettin' more cake than a thick bitch's weddin'
The beat leave you sweatin', my wrist leave you sleddin' (ayy, ayy)

I don't got the drip (drip), I got the splash
I don't make rap, bitch I make smooth jazz
I don't got swag, I got pizzazz
Yo mama on my dick cause I look like ya dad
I don't got the drip (drip), I got the splash
I don't make rap, bitch I make smooth jazz
I don't got swag, I got pizzazz
Yo mom tryna date cause I look like ya dad

I'm sippin' Prosecco, I'm lookin' perfecto
I just met a thiccy, I'm tryna finagle
She leggo my Eggo, in the Winnebago
My bitches getting thick like Hansel & Gretel
Menace like I'm Dennis
Naked with yo bitch playin' tennis
Still fuckin' posted with ya dentist
And I run off with yo bitch like a run-on sentence
Now I'm drunk jet skiing with Ellen DeGeneres
This shit goin' brazy, I'm bumpin' the A/C
They sayin'
"Hey Gravy
Why you so wavy?
Why you so tasty?
Crispy like pastries"
I don't really know
But I think I'm Pat Swayze

I don't got the drip (drip), I got the splash (splash)
I don't make rap, bitch I make smooth jazz
I don't got swag, I got pizzazz
Yo mama on my dick cause I look like ya dad (ayy)
I don't got the drip (drip), I got the splash
I don't make rap, bitch I make smooth jazz
I don't got steez (steez), I got pizzazz
MILF's tryna fuck cause a look like a dad (ayy)
I don't got the splish (splish), I got the splash (Splash!)
I don't fuckin rap, bitch I make smooth jazz (ooh)
I don't got swag, I'm a dad
Gravy in this bitch with the fuckin pizzazz

Oh baby, baby

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Yung Gravy Pizzazz Comments
  1. Honestly Owain

    Worlds nicest boy travelling through time.

  2. yung welfare


  3. charles johnson

    Lol yall mf be postin comments to see who can win the like contest

  4. Alex Tompkins

    Yung Gravy’s Parents: I don’t support you making rap
    Yung Gravy: I don’t make rap, bitch, I make smooth jazz

  5. Luan Mathias Dahrouge

    whats her name?

  6. Emerald TUSK

    Yo~ When Ellen gonna jetski with Gravy? Net, make this a thing right now.

  7. PistenBroke

    1:04 baby gravy is back?

  8. 10 Minute Guy

    why does brandi love look like my history teacher?

  9. Sweaty Rice

    Mung daal be like: PIZZAZZ

  10. salty pretzel

    _This is stoner music_

  11. TheMallachiv

    Imma ask what we all what to, you smash tho gravy👀

  12. Liam Ollen

    Does anyone know the name of the girl to the right of Gravy at 1:07? Or Instagram @ lmao

  13. Whoopity Scoop

    Whose the chick with the short green hair?

  14. luiji-2000

    can we get this man to a million please!!!


    1:51 Elena Koshka?

  16. Fathiyah Utney

    I love how gravy always has robes on

  17. Evan Bridges

    “Brandi love runs a gravy train”

  18. ozne proshot

    Wtf Brandi love

  19. Webster

    gravy be real with me guy,,
    you hit that?

  20. a madlad

    The best gravy song don't @ me

  21. Caio Botelho

    Gravy is crazy
    By brazil

  22. Zach Barcelos

    Lmaooo this man Gravy really got Brandi Love in his music video

  23. fabi papi

    god damn i started crying at the end

  24. Lil Horse

    My last brain cell reads pizza's instead of pizzaz

  25. milk cookies

    Yung Gravy is 6'8

  26. Bonnie & Clyde Ride

    Boy got so much Versace in his life..

  27. Jerz White

    That beat is so vibey

  28. Cynthia Jordan

    Gravy pulled out the future car

  29. FrIedChlcken OG

    Every songs a banger

  30. Silent B3ast14

    Who is the girl in the American flag swimming suit

  31. Jake NHale

    1:52 is so fireeee for some reason 😂 that girls sexy

  32. BoaGaming

    I'm a proud Minnesotan!

  33. Fires.

    Song Producer: so this rap right?

    Yung Gravy: I don’t make rap I make smooth jazz.

  34. James Nicolai engaged and now gonna marry my favorite...much próps. Damn! That's pizzazz right there. Get that gravy.

  35. Spencer Strunk

    why's my step mom in the video

  36. Craig Vance

    I thought this was gonna be about pizza

  37. scipyy yy99

    how many porn stars did you hire

  38. Terminator 1147

    On the top of the thumbnail I swear I though it said brazzerz

  39. Joe cama

    Bee movie man: You Like Jazz

    Yung Gravy: Yes

  40. Ciphers Hyper

    Pizzazz .... More like piss ass

    Got em

  41. niko _br

    gravy i got appreciation for what you do, but please stop rapping about my mother... i don't want to loose her.

  42. Stretch The Messiah

    Showed this to my mom and I haven't seen her since....


    Shes with me

  43. Grizzly 2249

    i looked up rap music. Why did this pop up? This is jazz not rap

  44. Tison

    if you know, you know

  45. A Dank Coder - Memes

    Brandi instantly took this to a level unmatched by almost every other music video ever.

  46. Salomo

    brandi love gravy

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    Gray would look dope in mullet

  48. oh man

    he reminds me a lot of skydoesminecraft.. for some reason.

  49. Devon Hull

    Yung gravy could litteraly say the n-word and no one would care

  50. Patrick Star

    900 people missed

  51. Kenny Benny

    My fav song

  52. Lilgamer561

    That girl in the beginning

    She look F A M I L I A R 🧐

    Pervis Edmonds

    That’s Brandi Love

  53. s0meone

    Brandi and Gina? what a legend


    Most underrated gravy Song. Besides sandy.

  55. HD memes

    Brandi Love looks exactly like gravy except shes a girl

  56. glenn colman

    play song at 1,25 speed

  57. DarrickTV

    I’ll be the next Minnesotan makin movement.

  58. Riley Cianfaglione


  59. Trolled

    anyone eles see Hannah Stocking?

  60. 97vikingfreak

    Gravy gets Brandi Love in the video. Goat. Plain n simple

  61. Randy Keller

    get randy lol

  62. Danny Ho

    high school QB rapper !!

  63. makinams20

    1.25 speed ftw

  64. Jeramie Shoe

    after seeing brandi get her asshole licked by a black teen girl i cant really find her attractive

  65. Sammy Boy

    Ayee repppin MN🤙🏻🤙🏻

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    yooo yung craka and like shotgun willy gotta meet up with yung gravy lol and make a track or album of some sort. lol

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    Damn Gravy! Got those pornstars for days! Must be that smooth jazz.

  69. Darth Maul

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    gravy gives me hope for rap. thats from an old school nicca on god

  71. Jake Mitchell

    This song is auditory marijuana

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    RETROWAVE vapor wave and synth wave got nothing

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    ay yung gravy too cold!!! subbed

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    Pour some gravy on it!🤣🤣🤣

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    That intro is epic on every song I swear😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

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    0:48 pornstar name pls

    I love hatred

    Divinity.79 Brandi love

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    Not gonna lie gravy looking pretty thicc today

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    Gravy be spitting facts

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    Y’all worried about Brandi love I’m worried about the Asian guy from spider man who jumped in the pool

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