Yung Gravy - Back To The Basics Lyrics

Goodness, gracious
Damn that booty so spacious
I said goodness, gracious
My bitch athletic so I pull up in the asics
Goodness, gracious
Posted with your bitch on a regular basis
Goodness, gracious
Piped a hippie bitch now it's back to the basics

Yeah, it's back to them basic bitches man
You know the girls with the coffee, the pumpkin spice
I mean it's Lil' Steamer, might as well bring the goddamn coffee cream
Saucing my toes makes me crinkle my nose
You always know Gravy with them hoes

Bitch please, pull up with the steez
Pull up in the Honda on Gs, bitch
Boolin in the club, I'mma pull up on a thotty
Booty real thicc, got the oatmeal body
Smooth like grits, that's my down south shawty
And she pull up to the club in the all white Audi
If you tryna hate, you a sucker, bitch
I cover up the booty with the Smuckers, bitch
Didn't have to ask why your girl so sticky
Gravy lay the pipe every time he see a thiccy
Boy looking like a mouse, just like Mickey
And ya bitch coming through for the lunchtime quickie
God damn
Bitch, that's ruthless
Wonder why ya flex so fruitless, uh
Gotta ask Gravy how ya bitch got the looseness
Can't brush ya teeth when ya face straight toothless

Everyone is jumping on the gravy train
You know, there are some pros to fucking with basic girls
I mean sometimes they let you rock the ugg boots
You know the ones with the furry insides and shit
Them shits are cozy

Goodness, gracious
Damn that booty so spacious
I said goodness, gracious
My bitch athletic so I pull up in the asics
Goodness, gracious
Posted with your bitch on a regular basis
Goodness, gracious
Piped a hippie bitch now it's back to the basics

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Yung Gravy Back To The Basics Comments
  1. ChiefTheSavage

    Anyone From Engelwood - Crust Fm

  2. BenitoMussolini._. a good Christian boy

    Hope those FBI mfs really be jamin w me \(*-*)\

  3. KavorkaCurse

    Bbno$ is garbage

  4. Louis Cortez

    a collab we've thought to never see

  5. kgonepostl

    This shit is hilarious.

  6. Alex Bieryla


  7. Andrew B

    What is the song sampled in the background?

  8. exotiic_statics

    How you ganna brush your teeth when ur face straight tooth less.😮😮😮

  9. Jake Hill Is My Autistic Friend

    The flow is dope.

  10. Black Nitro

    stop sleepin on that man yung gravy

  11. Why Theymad

    Damn take me back to 1985 Y dont you

  12. Carl Carlton

    Yung Gravy is the antidote to all that trashy mumblerap that we are stuck with these days. Bless him

  13. Derion Trotter

    what sample is he using I reconigze the song but idk the artist or name

  14. camman Rogers

    Love those producers!

  15. Taco Bell Shell

    Damn gravy you snapped

  16. L.A.B ART

    Brooke Ence brought me here

  17. Tige.

    Gravy singing solo to dat line is fucking delicious

  18. Llama Comet

    I know this is sampled from a future gunk song but I can't remember. can someone help me?

  19. Will Nelson

    "and your bitch coming through for a lunch time quicky"

  20. Anthony Aguilar


  21. Raze Downfall

    Yung gravy and lil dicky collaboration needs to happen

  22. Danielle Good

    Anyone come across this song because of Brook Ence vlog?

  23. Turaj F

    Brooke Ence brought me here.

  24. globetrotters goat

    Check out this app 👉 ... It pays for walking

  25. X-_ADR3NAL1Z3_-X on ps4

    *B A S I C S*

  26. Bruce Forte

    "-got that oatmeal body-"

    Gravy, what the fuck.

  27. Peyton Rodgers


  28. Adam Plonski

    City pop plus gravy? Fucking unreal!!

  29. Bravo Booty

    Booty so bodacious

  30. Fabian g

    I got a pool of gravy good gracious

  31. TenaciousGamingTV

    Yung Gravy finessed my girl at a Petco

  32. EeEeEEE EEEeEeeeE

    White snoop dogg

  33. Marc Estrada

    Goodness gracious....

  34. Owen S.

    Subscribed, He's got some really wavvvvvvy beats

  35. Connor Delaney

    You are the bee's knees bro. Thank you for dropping all this ish

  36. Hdh Dndn

    All aboard the gravy train!!!!!!

  37. Crackhead.Cammy

    The song in the background and the artwork on the cover remind me of a 1980s surf shop. Anyone else?

  38. Ethan Ward


  39. Dylan Brumble

    the ugg boots anyone?😜

  40. LoganSucksAtLifeYT

    make another song with good flow just like continental breakfast but better with more bass

  41. Jonathan Larios

    *gravy train*

  42. László Babits

    All his songs have the same feel

  43. W H E E Z Y

    Honda on Gs

  44. 704 YoSiah

    Btw yall, he naw black 😭🤞🏿😂 dead ass, and my toe broke today 💀

  45. ben uchida

    this is the same thumbnail from #zukuus channel check him out he makes fire ass beats

  46. Otoskire The great

    I still imagine him black even after the face reveal

  47. 一直是從什麼地方可以

    My second fav song made by you first is 1 thot 2 thot

  48. Waldisimo

    This is the shit I blast in my car

  49. Bruh

    Who’s watching in 1942

  50. Xninja46

    i know he funking around but this shit is bars deadass

  51. Drake ́s Woes

    Gravy please fuck my bitch

  52. guy fieri

    My whole xc team blasts your music when we head to races

  53. Glubbels

    Seems like we the first ppl that listens to this dude before he becomes famous

  54. Jamie Eccott

    Gravy is the only person I have notifications for and for good reason good lord

  55. Chillest bro 69

    This shit hits harder than my stepdad.

  56. mr$lappy

    So lil pump blows up from one good song but all of gravy’s music is good and he hasn’t blown up like pump did...

  57. Lucian Kenyon

    Everyone in the comments are the real G's who listened to Yung Gravy be fore he blows up.

  58. Xavier Mann

    Thank you dad for dropping heat this fine Tuesday night. But for real the Baby Gravy Ep goes hard man. You're the best

  59. Preston Morgan

    This song made me crust my crab.

  60. Dominic Magaña

    Who else cant wait for the​ ep

  61. r x g e .

    This is actually fucking art.

  62. Turbo Champ

    I don't mean to compare but why does yung gravy remind me of e dubble

  63. Fuzzwad

    I think "hoes" is pronounced "hose" because gravy's always piping them.

  64. Colby Jensen


  65. bobobs the original


  66. Big Tea

    I'm so mad I just now found out about you and ive been sleeping on a year of greatness

  67. Simon Torres-Diaz

    Once again some sick fire

  68. bruh_ lord


  69. JellyHighFish

    Yooo this shit fire fam keep it up

  70. jAcOb nothing

    Face reveille

  71. illiterit

    Here's a challenge: Think of a song made by Yung Gravy that has absolutely no sexual reference in the lyrics.

  72. Xolys

    Already a hit

  73. YouNighteed

    I love that “wHOOAAH!” Sample :D

  74. black hawk

    Young gravy is the best rapper ever legend

  75. black hawk

    This shit is lit as fuuuuuuuuck

  76. Luke Wallace

    I love this shit

  77. Escrow Large

    Bro why am i just hearing about this dude he's amazing! Got my sub and if you got any albums/EP's I'll be sure to check them all out

  78. Thomas Ancona

    yung gravy always fuckin up my dentist
    tryna get my teeth fixed but i see him pipin her in the back
    wait no that's the entrance
    putting these bitches in a trance
    making sure he got that manspread, thats his favorite stance
    just a lil bit of romance
    followed with fries straight from france

  79. ILik Come

    how is this guy not famous yet?

  80. Gray

    XXL 2018

  81. Zaid Kidwai


  82. skel

    I love this man's voice.

  83. raly racers

    Hey it's me Noah from the cook-off I don't know if you remember me maybe people reading this comment might not remember but well I don't never mind but I seen you again I like

  84. Matthew Carrillo

    Back to the basics 😎

  85. Matthew Carrillo


  86. Mace Windex

    Cover pictures look like they should be on Caprisun pouches.

  87. WhatIsThatSmackingAgainstTheWall? WhalePenis


  88. Ben Vlogs

    You never fail to amaze me with your songs, Yung Gravy.

  89. freeB e

    god in human form

  90. Bryant Jones

    Them shits are cozy!

  91. McDamp Boi

    Gravy, why do you sound like the casual white Dad? It's kinda let you pour you baby gravy on me like a bucket of fruit juice

  92. rynh

    is gravy blowing up?

  93. Musik Plug

    Bitch please pull with a steez♨


    Number1 gameboy that part came on as I read this comment lol

  94. iNOX Visualizer Artist

    This is just what I need for some damn good roasts.