Yours Truly - Strangers Lyrics

Feel the fire burning now
It's not worth saving
You've held me back, tied me down
I'm suffocating
I handed you a loaded gun
Dare you to take a shot?
And after all is said and done
Should've picked it to break it at once

Didn't say much to get you on your knees
But you're never gonna get the best of me
I know what I want and it's everything you're not

I know they call me crazy cause I'm not changing
It's people like you driving me insane
You're not sorry then I'm not sorry
Sorry that you lost me
Now we're just strangers
Now we're just strangers

Closed my eyes, I'm stepping out
A risk for taking
You never mind, can't hold me down
Are you sick of faking?
I handed you a loaded gun
One chance to take a shot
But now we're done

I know they call me crazy cause I'm not changing
It's people like you driving me insane
You're not sorry then I'm not sorry
Sorry that you lost me
Now we're just strangers
Now we're just strangers

It's too late for apologies
But you won't get my sympathy
You won't get the best of me

I know they call me crazy cause I'm not changing
It's people like you driving me insane
You're not sorry then I'm not sorry
Sorry that you lost me
Now we're just

They call me crazy cause I'm not changing
It's people like you driving me insane
You're not sorry then I'm not sorry
Sorry that you lost me
Now we're just strangers
Now we're just strangers

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Yours Truly Strangers Comments
  1. Iron Ballz

    I am going to ghost your bitch ass for the next 40 years...

  2. Voltage90e

    I like that she shows her tits off

  3. Iron Ballz

    Collateral and Externalities - but mostly, irrelevant

  4. APECK618

    Shes a hot little momma, damn.


    So i like never comment on videos ever, but this is the best band i have found in a while since JINJER. Keep up the amazing work guys, you are all awesome!

  6. Iron Ballz

    I play you all like little rodents and puppies 🐶

  7. Iron Ballz

    I used your stupidity to read and map out a much, much larger system... a reliable feed back loop ...

  8. Iron Ballz

    You are just a little minion... an elevator button

  9. :v ?

    😍😍😍tan linda


    ❤ *MIKALIA ...* 🌹
    *2 0 1 9*


  11. Iron Ballz

    I will wreck the maximum hell possible in the next 20 years to extract maximum unnecessary suffering of TERRORISTS INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!!

  12. Erik Blanc

    Best clip !! Share and Like :) :) <3

  13. Iron Ballz

    Always remember, people like me in this world DON’T FUCK AROUND!!! You hoes will find out in the next 20 years!!!

  14. Павел Деев


  15. Philip Crummy

    Still sounds great!!!

  16. Lorenzo Busin

    Linus Tech Tips is a very good bass player 😂😂

  17. MattsCreative

    you went from high hopes which was horrible to this which rocks job well done

  18. Razar Raz

    Now that's how you might money from a music video. Bet that cost 200 max for guel to get to that train track. And nothing else, simple yet effective

  19. Razar Raz

    Imagie if that track wasnt disused...

  20. Mike S

    Absolutely terrible.

  21. Bubba Hudson

    Fuckin killer band I'm addicted

  22. John Smith

    Damn That Bass! Linus Tech So This is Your Other Hobby Aside From Playing Games?

  23. DeathX6X

    Damn badass song yo, gets me through hard times 💯🤘

  24. LemonNinja900

    i love it

  25. Brandon Hawkin Racing

    Big fan of everything they've put out so far but it would be great if they made more songs with this kind of vibe. This is 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Babíh Biersack

    Ela é a cara da Danna Paola mds 😻

  27. Ocean Soul Aurian


  28. Manda Hartmann

    Just found y’all! Omgosh!!! This is incredible!!!!!!

  29. Ryan Ahr

    I am on a streak of discovering awesome bands all of whose albums I'd like to buy all while being skint fucking broke. Argh. I'm sorry to both this band and Dream State that I can't support them right now.

  30. John Moonshine

    Come to texas!

  31. high roller

    Don't be a stranger stop by say hi

  32. Shockgriff Music

    You guys are the best band ever! Keep doing music please! Mikaila. I really really fall in love with you. You're so pretty 😍 I really hope you guys come to my country. Congrats!

  33. Deyvison Borges

    Cara de safada da porra kk

  34. Clément Gastrein

    I fkg love ur music, i hope u ll be famous. Continue like that !!!!!!

  35. AKLumps907

    So good to hear this kind of music again!

  36. Theuthras Tolhcore

    Great song, the close up on the vocalist at 2:15 was a bit akward though.
    Anyways, this band will become big!

  37. May 20, 1992

    my favorite song of yours truly

  38. Bruno Leal

    I'm brasilian ... loved

  39. JAXNRmusic

    i like this a lot more than their new stuff (which is also good but this song has a more hardcore feeling)

  40. Alex Bochkin

    new wave...super)))

  41. Nathan

    The perfect ending to this mv would be the sound of a train horn goes off. The band stops mid-not and starts working to take the drum set off the line.

  42. Tattooed Munky

    I like the singers look in this video much better. More mature, she looks like she put some thought into it.

  43. SheffShooters

    This song is my favourite right now, have these got any songs simlilar?

  44. ItsMeFreemanCooper

    I gotta say, she's really cute-lookin'...

    Now, after hearing the song & watching the video....

    The song is really good, but the video is kinda lackin'; what I mean is, she needs to move more, put more emotion into her performance. It's more like she's movin' TO the music as a fan, rather than movin' WITH the music as an artist.

    Otherwise, ever since the first time I heard this song a couple months ago or so, it's REALLY been growing on me a lot.


    She has a chronic illness with full body pain. That shit is exhausting!


    @sabserab Wow. I had no clue that she has a medical condition.

    Well then, I'm glad she's able to move in whatever way she can when doing music videos for her band's songs.

  45. Bernardo d'Souza


  46. Alan FV

    I had this song playing in the background while I was cooking but when the notes at 2:18 - 2:44 hit, made me replay the whole song and watched the video. Completely amazing band.

  47. Benoit Papineau

    New generation playing good (punk)rock ..we need more of this ...thank you from a stranger!
    ...Great song!

  48. Tar Nic


  49. Ermie Villamayor

    I like him.sooooo cutee...

  50. Emily Farris

    Definitely digging them! I'm Tonight Alive and Paramore fan so these guys are PERFECT! I wonder if they're touring.

  51. Daniel Kester

    Vote mjv at skate you ap now sucka

  52. Mike Omar Graffin El Nuevo Rey De Un Ojo

    i want to know more about you guys

  53. Angy BMTH

    Hermosa canción

  54. Omar Guiaman

    A mistake jump

  55. Daniel Kester

    Thomas is on the gravy train broseph

  56. Zayn Charleston

    Nice i like u

  57. Sky Cox

    Came across this bad same time as dream state, and both bands are a fav now ! I don't tend to listen to female front bands :O love you guys !

  58. Shiraj Sharma

    So we got a competitor for Paramore

  59. Mel Blue

    the video sucks but the song doesnt.

  60. Izzy Bolden

    The beginning has some Crashing Atlas vibes 😜

  61. Izzy Bolden

    That’s it I’m going to Australia

  62. Austin Ashby

    this definitely isnt my usual prog vein but i cannot get enough!!!

  63. ALXNDR V


  64. Unique Moment

    omg you guys are amazing,omg <3 <3 <3 this music hype instrumentaly also just amazing

  65. jp nm

    Drake bell playing the drums :v

  66. XVII Gamer

    perfect voice

  67. davi gameplays

    great music, tha s nice song

  68. 573v3 82

    Sounds the same as . Tonight alive

  69. eduardo lopez

    drums in the video is not the same as music :O

  70. Samuel Macedo

    Mikailla 😍 amor incondicional....

  71. Instinct Necros

    This bands song was on my recommended when it first came and since been a fan. So when I saw they are announced for download 2019 I really can't wait to see them.

  72. Dire Night

    Cool song.

  73. Shkellet

    Режессура на высоте)

  74. osana dias silva

    mais que deliçia de musica nossa amei

  75. unholyXromance

    because it's Sydney they could safely stand on the tracks knowing no trains would be coming past any time soon

  76. HMVegan

    i like the jump at 2:49!

  77. Andy

    Donde estan los latinos que escuchan esta hermosa canción ?

  78. Captain Long Balls

    Wish they had more music out! Loves these cunts

  79. Stoney Foster

    Great music. When are you's coming out with more?

  80. Malik Iskandar

    😱😣👍🏻 Finally I found your youtube channel

  81. Ximema Sanchez

    Sorry, I would like to make a "cover" or interpretation of your song "Strangers" I wanted to ask permission to release the video. If you deny it, there will be no problem, it's up to you and your band. But please say yes. (By the way I speak Spanish, in case the message is wrong, I did it with the translator)

  82. NGE

    hope they eventually get a little more punch to their songs..would be perfect :)..looking forward to hear more from them

  83. David Oliveira

    Wow this is soo good!

  84. Chris Penner

    Been a while since I obsessively searched for everything I can find by a band. These guys are amazing.

  85. Fetra Alentika

    Indonesian High hopes 😎

  86. Ocean lights

    Found this by mistake, and it is super good!!!

  87. Albert Camus

    dinleyen tek türk benim herhalde

  88. Влад Яровой

    супер трек)))

  89. Влад Яровой

    супер трек)))

  90. CT Cape

    This is amazing!

  91. brad mcrae

    brad mcrae

    It definitely is too late for apologies :D

    brad mcrae

    Still like it btw

  92. Jason Kriner

    Stumbled on this group and glad I did...seeing a lot of P-More and Tonight Alive I the only one who hears the heavy VersaEmerge influence?

  93. Living Creations

    This band is sooooo underrated

  94. Nathan Leslie

    This sounds a lot like Paramore and I love it >w<

  95. Cesar Gonzalez

    En definitiva una excelente banda y muy bonita niña, no me canso de escucharla y verla... muchos éxitos, me suscribo! ;)

  96. 300bpm


  97. Philip Teunis

    Amazing song ... but the video isn't 10/10... Drums don't match with what you hear and here and there there are some edited errors... BUT i love the band !!! Nice work !