Your Favorite Martian - White Boy Wasted Lyrics

We're about to get WHITE BOY WASTED
Your Favorite Martian and Dumbfoundead
Getting crunk up in here!
We're about to get

We stumble to the house party already buzzed
We get retarded when we start drinking Bacardi because
Getting wasted in the basement is our only obligation
Plus we don't know the meaning of the word moderation

I'm, I'm crude when I talk
Shirt off, fist fighting every dude on the block
And then I'm hugging you
Like I ain't gonna see you again
Like dude I freaking love you man!
Imma drunk dial my ex-girlfriend
But first I have to pass out and yack
In the downstairs bathroom
So raise your red cups up and make noise
Cause we drink like
Upper middle class teenage boys.

Oh it's the weekend
And you know what that means
Oh it means it's time to party
It's time to party

White boy, White, White boy wasted [x6]

White boy wasted

Yo, last night I partied up at a frat house
It was full of college kids
Singing along to Smash Mouth
Half of them passed out
A fat dude with his ass out
Looking like John Belushi
In the movie Animal House
All of a sudden somebody yelled out,
Keg stand
Tow jocks with tube socks and sweatbands
They pointed at me
And carried me by my legs man
I had to do it
It probably wasn't the best plan
Next thing you know
It's a beer pong and takin Jager shots
Now I'm in the corner and
Throwing up morning tater tots
Pissin on police cars
Yelling out I hate the cops
White boy with dreadlocks
Now give me major props

Oh it's the weekend
And you know what that means
Oh it means it's time to party
It's time to party

White boy, White, White boy wasted [x8]

Oh it's the weekend
And you know what that means
Oh it means it's time to party

All I want to do
All I want to do is just get
White boy wasted

Oh it's the weekend
And you know what that means
Oh it means it's time to party
It's time to party

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Your Favorite Martian White Boy Wasted Comments
  1. Joethebro33

    Still a jam

  2. Lil Ricefield

    Guess who just realized dumbfoundead used to be part of my childhood

  3. RAPTOR BOY5823

    Please bring back yfm it's the best and we still don't got that album

  4. snoop dogg dank kush

    Come back

  5. Dragon034

    I remember when i was starting high school listening to this song and dear god did i not know what alchohol can do lol

  6. Bandanit

    1:14 my k/d ratio after my brother plays

  7. Imagineit Ryan Productions

    Back when this came out, I wasn't old enough to drink, so I really couldn't relate to this before, but now that I'm an adult, it makes all too much sense LOL.

  8. BassDrop25 ToTheSky

    Got wasted as hell yesterday so yeh 😂 damn man good stuff

  9. Ethan Hudlow

    Did any of you guys make any orginal songs?

  10. LongIsland2Reno

    So does anyone know why this is one of the few songs they made that isn’t on Apple Music but Transphobic Techno is on there twice?

    33420 PeaceCloud

    Good question :/

  11. lahmonzalovania

    pretty aight, and its not too serious, its definitely sounds like a yfm song
    though the chorus is kind of annoying, dunno the part where the robot sings isnt very good, and I liked robot bar fight so I have no fucking idea why I dont like that part
    probably cuz this voice is more... flat

  12. Wendel De Jesus

    Still waiting for Black boy wasted


    6 year old me man beer is crazy and that look like I be gay I will never drink beer 9 year later drunk love you man

  14. cole hancock

    So fucking sad these guys are gone :((

  15. Upset


  16. Evan Beaudin

    0:20 hey Axel x GPS


  17. Cody Reid

    I completely forgot about this till bout 10 minutes ago, i remeber playing this song 100 times in a row when I was 9 or 10, didnt know what half of it meant

  18. Bri Alexis

    Can someone please put this on Apple Music

  19. Azukus

    bro dumbfoundead sounds so different now lmao

  20. Gold Pheniox

    Man it’s such a shame that they disbanded this but is anyone here in 2019?

    General Kenobi Belt

    Gold Pheniox Almost 2020

    Belectro Bibba

    I'm here in 2020 and most likely 2050 when it arrives


    Belectro Bibba ww3 so think again :))

    Abandoned Arcades

    2020 mate

  21. Summer Lewis

    2012 holy shit what am I doing here

  22. Galaxina

    Who else loved this part?

  23. Aaron Kopp

    Who is still watching them in 2019

    Aaron Kopp

    @S I G M U S I always find myself watching these


    Tough call but id say this is the best YFM track... perfect structure - awesome vocal by the blonde dude - robo chorus always a plus - great break... just perfect

  25. Galaxina

    It wouldn't seem so gay if he wasn't blushing.....

  26. Mėmė Qųęęņ

    Raid Ray's Facebook DM's, we need YourFavoriteMartian Back!

  27. Goofy Goober 2

    Still here boyyyyyy

  28. Wentz Morris

    Even though this channel has been shut down for YEARS I still listen to their shit when I'm drunk as fuck so at least I can relive those childhood memories at least once a week. Lol.

  29. Dimitri Charlery

    YFM is up in this bitch

  30. YoBoyfriend

    The only rap songs on earth that don't have insults every second 😂

  31. Kyler Kasper

    So that’s how they made fortnite, that explains why the game was garbage, NOBODY WAS SOBER

  32. Vasean X

    Miss these guys 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  33. Yup yup

    If they don’t come back I’ll feel like I’m missing a piece of me throughout my entire life

  34. yeet Løkken

    Am still watching

  35. FrothierWaif3

    2019 Anyone? Thos shit still jamming

  36. Jan Pütz


  37. SyncDemøn

    2019 anybody?

  38. sale a Penn

    Showed this to some white friends and got called racist... we still got wasted tho

    Jan Pütz

    yeah boyo thats how we do mayne

  39. Xander

    God I was way too young for this

  40. MEGA Flop

    Déjà vu

  41. DanTheReaperMann

    It never hit me till now BUT.
    That TV in the beginning still plays even after it was thrown out a window and broke in half.

  42. SparklezAndFriendz 123

    White Boy Wasted

  43. Fak Gooby


  44. Desert Punk

    2019 LISTENERS?????

    Jan Pütz

    It's 2019 it's time get get it mah boi.

  45. RedRangerRR

    Serious question, what are drunk, black boys like?

    Shyy Productions

    Perverts and overly touchy

  46. YumiModZ

    I love all of ur guy's songs me and my brother always listen to ur songs even if they are old they are so much 🔥lit

  47. Echo Echo

    Every weekend I blast this outside. 💯‼️‼️

  48. Not Me

    Martian signs to 88rising

  49. ROYGAMER5000

    2019 anyone??

  50. Alexis Marroquin

    He looks like Steve smith😂😂

  51. Birdy 928

    I wanna keg bot...

  52. SippGod 23

    3:10 Lol look at the dude face on the right with the blue hat

  53. Dfess

    Anybody jammin to this song still?

  54. Anti2 Social

    Hey all the dislikes is just because there’s like no black people but I mean look at black panther

  55. Ricardo Ramos

    2019 memories

  56. Dominiq Williams

    Friend: what are doing tonight?
    Me: 2:25

    Liquidjam Arts

    That's the opposite for me

  57. Dorksterz

    Please rise for the "White People in a Collage Party for Summer" national anthem.

  58. Anthony Kahle

    I miss this so much stumbled across these they are my favorite in 8th grade

  59. Brock Huff

    Where are my 2019 listeners?

    Harper Frederici (Student)

    right here my dude

  60. Scarlett LINDEMANN

    Im drinking some Zima and getting drunk to this song, best feeling ever. I just hope i dont die :)

  61. Yung Willy

    2019 🤘


    Still love it

  63. BIG-OL-C psn

    Still one of my favorite songs

  64. MLDX_Clan

    2019 anyone?

    Toxic Boii

    MLDX_Clan over her

  65. Johnathan Grave


  66. fireninja 0730

    Still one of the best songs

  67. Shandel Cumulada

    Damn I'm the only 2019 comment 😔

  68. alecguerrero

    it's really funny to watch when the TV falls and breaks and the video keeps playing hahahah

  69. Buddhism hotline Representative

    Gettin crunk up in heeeyyyaaa

  70. Courtney Ward

    2019 still playing this song

  71. TechTalkHD

    He’s in 88rising now hahaha

  72. Leon

    I remember, I was in Middle School in the computer room jamming to this s***..... Good Times *If Only They still uploaded*

  73. Vaughn

    This is the peak of human evolution.

  74. James Gaiya

    Anyone 2019-2020

  75. TannerFTW

    This ones properly my favorite

  76. badinfo 7878

    Is anyone White boy wasted, white boy wasted in 2019.

  77. Donavin Zapata

    I'm still getting wasted!

  78. Wesley stewart

    Still here

  79. Marksman

    in 2019, this video would be considered white washing.

  80. Bubble Fox

    lets just be real most of the teenagers at that party died of alcohol poisoning a while ago

  81. TIGERCLAW 12323

    What about black boy wasted

  82. SnoW.

    Can these guys come back? Just found this shit in 2019 and is dope

  83. Viridian Elm7901

    I miss this channel


    What happened with this project?

    Viridian Elm7901

    Stupid Rišo they retired


    Why? It wasn't fun for them or...?

  84. Denis Kennedy

    Пиздец, идёт 2к19 год, а я всё ещё помню об YFM. С:

  85. Desolation

    2019 anyone or is it just me?


    Nope. Still here. RIP YFM

  86. Just Random

    man its friday evening and no song fits better on that then this :::::::)))))))))))))

  87. nexus513

    .__. :D

  88. Mr Spaghetti

    But Ray isn’t white.

  89. Rosalynda Gates


  90. Leroy Smith

    As a black guy with a lot of white friends I can say this pretty much true.

  91. Jason Wells

    Who else watching in 2019

  92. mike

    It's jackceptiguy