Your Favorite Martian - Whip Yo Kids Lyrics

I don’t know if you’re aware
but your kids suck ass
If you need someone to whip ‘em then,
ha… just ask ’cause
They ain’t as perfect
as you say they is.
They ain’t perfect at all.
You’re raising Bebe’s kids.
I’m sorry. I don’t know you.
I don’t mean to get pissy
but you need to discipline
your bratty kids, you hippy.
Like c’mere you little jerk.
Taste the back of my palm!
But you ain’t my daddy!
Nah! But I’m doing your mom!

Now I know you think they’re angels,
but they’re driving me insane.
I’ll punch a baby in the face
just for cryin’ on a plane.
Cause I don’t mess around.
You need to control ‘em or I’ll lose it.

But I made you a drawing.

Shut the fuck up, kid.
That’s stupid.
Now Imma get my truck.
Imma load all my boys in back.
Imma find out where you live
and break all your toys in half.
And I know it ain’t your birthday,
but when nobody’s lookin’
Imma give you a little present.


An ass-whoopin’!!

Please may I whip your kids.
Whip your kids.
Please may I whip your kids.
Whip your kids.
Please may I whip your kids.
I wanna whip your kids.
Please let me whip your kids.
Please I wanna whip your kids.
I whip your kids.
I whip your kids.
I wanna whip your kids.

I never ever thought I’d say a kid deserved
to get hit but it’s obvious time-out
ain’t working for shit!
Yeah, I’ve seen your parenting style.
It ain’t all that.
You gotta hit the little brat with a whiffle ball bat.
‘Cause this is obviously more than
just a youthful rebellion.
You gotta belt the little hellions
with a belt when they’re yellin’
Cause you don’t want me to do it cause
I’ll paint their little brains all over
the wall when I spank ‘em with a chainsaw.

And why are they acting wild and loose?
If they deserve the ass-whoopin’,
it ain’t child abuse.
When I’m tryin’ to buy groceries,
and they’re muckin’ up my style.
They’re like drunkin’ little midgets
runnin’ up and down the aisle.
Touching everything in sight,
and geez for Christ’s sake
I think one of ‘em just stuck
his little penis in my cake.
And now Imma have to put it back
and get a new one. And it bugs me.

But mommy says I’m beautiful.

Shut the fuck up kid you’re ugly!

Please may I whip your kids.
Whip your kids.
Please may I whip your kids.
Whip your kids.
Please may I whip your kids.
I wanna whip your kids.
Please let me whip your kids.
Please I wanna whip your kids.
Please let me whip your kids.
I whip your kids.
I whip your kids.
I wanna whip your kids.
Please let me whip your children.
Please let me whip your kids.
I can’t stand kids misbehaving,
running around and disobeying.
All they need is a kick in the pants.
A punt in the butt.
A lesson that will finally shut ‘em up!

Please let me whip your children.
Please let me whip your kids.

Please may I whip your kids.
Whip your kids.
Please may I whip your kids.
Whip your kids.
I gotta whip!
I gotta whip!
Get em out of the way.
Please may I whip your kids.
I wanna whip your kids.
Please let me whip your kids.
Please I wanna whip your kids.
Please let me whip your kids.
I whip your kids.
I whip your kids.
I wanna whip your kids.

Oh, come on people, it’s a joke.
We would never hit anyone’s kid, come on!
I love kids!
Come here and give me a hug you little rugrats!
Hey, what, what the, what?

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Your Favorite Martian Whip Yo Kids Comments
  1. BlueNuke 2

    that chorus sounds extremely familiar to something else

  2. Rizzy826c Productions

    0:25 Ahh I got the reference

  3. Um Hello

    Bruuhh, I remember being at a relative’s house a couple years ago and they played this song.

  4. SomeStrayCat

    "I know I ain't your daddy, but IM DOIN UR MOM" they did it..

  5. 2 old 2 kare

    I gotta mike Bloomberg: healthcare for children ad for this video. 🤣🤣🤣👍 nice algorithm youtube.


    Spank them with a chainsaw

  7. Bandanit

    3:06 R A P E

  8. LILSAVVthetalentlessyoutuberapper

    When he tried to hug them, the kids glitched out

  9. LILSAVVthetalentlessyoutuberapper

    Today’s meh birthday

  10. LILSAVVthetalentlessyoutuberapper

    Hey said all that cause he was drunk

  11. LotoPhoenix Gaming Lord

    So played Doom 3 and saw baby like monsters, Had a chainsaw and after killing like 100 of them I remember song, But FOR GOT the part of Spanking kids with a chainsaw.....oh the joy I was feeling.

  12. Haitian X

    Caribbean parents would be proud 😂

  13. Fabien Georges

    i think its for the white kids

  14. Zeapsin

    Anybody else notice jow crap the animation got at 2:56? 3:06 it litteraly looks like Puff-Puff had a stroke

  15. Jaded Love

    Cousin: Yells at me
    Aunt 🙄

  16. ボスゼトロ

    3:06 kids just started having a seizure

  17. SereDIP into my heart

    I used to go around the house singing this I swear 😂😂😂

  18. FlyingGorilla

    This song is a message to Tik Tok kids.

  19. lahmonzalovania

    I love the doin your mom reference

  20. EpicSexGay

    Yourfavouritemartians will never not be relatable

  21. ScienceLad 69

    Me at my younger siblings

  22. Evan Beaudin

    Come and give me a hug you little rugrats 3:02

  23. Kishin Asura

    These guys need a come back tour

  24. Zal OwO

    "But mommy said im beautiful!"


    best fucking line in the song

    apart from "but you aint my daddy!"
    "nah but im doing your mom!"

  25. Kyle J

    “Shut the fuck up kid you’re ugly”

  26. Mattattackx99

    Thoses memories of me in 6th grade showing this to my old ass friends in my house

  27. Colin MacPhee

    This was clearly made when Pete still had hair. RIP to the hair.

  28. COTTö

    WTF is wrong with the animation?

  29. Mba Emmanuella

    “but you ain't my Daddy"
    “nah but im doing your mom”
    wow *mindblown*

  30. It's Aphneko bitch

    This fits perfectly with the obnoxious brats at my church

  31. otto

    god pre 2014 humor was weird

  32. SkorpionBoss

    Who here in 2019?

  33. Woomy Dayz

    This song is a bop I can’t believe it was deleted, I always come back to it when I’m stressed.

  34. Galaxina

    Brat Bat
    Only 99¢ at your local grocery stores all over the world

  35. kyles durians

    god DAMN, years later, this song is still so fucking GOOD.

  36. Random Thing

    damn i remember being like 8 and jamming to this shit

  37. yes.mam

    I miss this group

  38. AskMeAnything AtAll

    I want to be a good person, but this is just too funny 😭😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Kyler Kasper

    This song is a perfect way to say how I feel about kids in the store I work at

  40. Miaunster CJT

    Me In 2019: i just Love their Songs.

    Band: since many years dead.


  41. No Seasoning

    still remember when this came out

  42. Константин

    Nice Peter is not really nice.

  43. GreyPanda

    "nah but i'm doin your mom"
    holy shit

  44. FoxNation18

    The way they animated nice peter’s movements is soo satisfying lol

  45. C J

    0:46 👌👌👌😩

  46. Maria Umana

    Crazy nostalgia

  47. jonathan sagastume

    Bruhhh I miss these days😭

  48. Fish Boi

    This is a good song

  49. CampCampbells OnlyRedhead

    Scuse me call of please don't go to jail

  50. Zed

    This makes me wanna beat people my age😂

  51. Jamesiety Gaming

    Anyone else catch that DOIN YA MOM?

  52. Too Much Sus

    Probably got taken down because it's a garbage song, like most of YFM's discography

  53. Emily Smith

    “Nice Peter”

  54. Anime Girl not really

    Lol any one 2019

  55. Spillin Juice

    I’m here 2019

  56. Jade Nguyen

    Like those kids who are licking the ice cream and putting it back.

  57. Harrypotamus !

    doin your mom


    doin doin ya mom

  58. Morgan Bug

    This video has SO many facial expressions compared to all the others!!

  59. Izzy

    *shut the fuck up kid you're ugly*

  60. Shaman Friend

    Nice Peter when he still had hair

  61. This channel is retired

    This song goes out to all those entitled parents and entitled kids

  62. I Dunno what my channel name is

    I remember when this video was on there channel

  63. los. 816

    2019 anyone?????

  64. Easy_Enough353

    Is it just me or does anyone else prefer the way yfm designed his glasses in the music vid

    Btw Nice Peter looks like tintin lmao

  65. Haley Pierce

    I hate bratty kids. Kids need to be disciplined often.

  66. Tavi T

    Omggggg I LOVE THIS SO FUCKIN MUCH... this is why I am the way.

  67. yungmatt009

    Two retired legends.

  68. ZekeTheFreak 06

    Puff got some new glasses

  69. faze jev beat's his meat

    NICE PETER?!?! ... I watched ERB and YFM at the same time growing up.... how did I not notice this??????!!!! I HAVE FAILED AS A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

  70. Victa Nemlin

    This brings back memories even though I was only 6 I rember my aunt introduced this to me

  71. Anthony Cobetto

    Yeah I agree till it gets to the point punching them in the face a good spanking is great but yes I understand what he means the amount of children that misbehave on this world that stick they're middle fingers at strangers or ask strangers for money even adults that ask strangers for money get beat up so why should kids get away with asking for money

  72. SadOceanGirl -

    Coming back to these after 8 years and being so concerned about 12 year old me.

  73. ron sae

    Why was it taken down?

  74. Musical_Failure

    but he is nice peter

  75. Pedro Wolter

    Man, say what you want, but that was an amazing style transition, this animation is incredible, love

  76. Gerry

    whyd they make peter an albino?

  77. Emily Smith

    Obviously nobody whipped you...

    Until now...

  78. Itz_Ryugium

    So nobody gon talk about the fire ass chorus??????🤔🤔🤔🤔

  79. Hey I like memes oof

    0:25 hehe that was a good reference to 2010 Ray

  80. Emily Smith

    Silento disliked this video, copyright...

  81. Kadicator

    Oooohh fuck, major nostalgia bomb. I feel 14 again. Being the edgy sort that listened to music like this, I used to tell everyone about YFM, I miss them, and I miss the days of yore. Much love to Ray.

  82. Riccardo Boi

    This is me if i could stay in a room with caillou for an hour

  83. Nikathon93

    Nice PEte from Epic Rap Battles of History?

  84. Johnathan Grave

    GET YO ASS BACK HOME Mars ain't nuthin' earth is with you till the end.

  85. Aniyah McIntyre

    This song will forever be fiya

  86. Aidan R

    My first yfm video

  87. MrRobotGuyHD

    Seeing YourFavoriteMartian running with a bat trying to hit a kid gives me a Hell-Yeah! Feeling.

  88. Twipper Dipper

    Dat chorus xD

  89. Whiteclaw Cat

    Sad i couldn't find this song on the YFM channel :/

  90. andii

    this is the best animation out of all the others

  91. Marcus Pryse

    The drawing does look like Morty

  92. flaffy

    Finnaly someone knows what i feel

  93. NotSilverRose

    XD I still remember when they added detail in his eyes honestly even I’m a kid I still love this vid but I like ALIENS better

  94. Karma_Akabane591

    This is epic

  95. David Cappadoccia

    I can’t believe no one saw the doin your mom Reference in this for all these years!

  96. Mina69a

    Honestly didn’t like this one much when I heard it the first time. Coming back to it I love it lol