Your Favorite Martian - Tig 'Ol Bitties Lyrics

It was the first day,
Back to school.
Cuttin up in class,
Actin like a tool.

Friends are rollin in,
We started talkin bout the summer.
DJ saw Twilight,

I spoke up,
And I asked my friends,
"Are there any new girls? Nines or tens?"
Hopin a few hotties,
Had moved from other cities,
And in walked this girl,
With Tig 'Ol Bitties.


I can't believe my eyes.
In a contest they'd win first prize.
Double D, guarantee,
I was checkin the size,
It's like two beach balls in a shirt disguise.

Or earth and mars,
Havin some fun.
Wait I take that back,
It's like two of the sun.

But at this point i let my mind run,
And drifted off thinkin bout them Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Hah, Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Mount Fuji brought it's twin.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Two melons in a shirt.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.
Tig 'Ol Bitties.

I put books in my lap.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Heads bobbin as she walks.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Oh my god!

Tig 'Ol Bitties.
Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Kept trippin in class cuz of her dang breasts in a tiny white shirt,
Boobs havin a fiesta.
Later in lab,
We were messin with test tubes.
Couldn't keep my eyes off the new girls chest.

Wasn't payin attention.
Got busted,
Had to serve detention.

In biology,
We talkes about the bees.
The best kinda bees.

Can't believe my mind,
I hold a pokerface to her two of a kind.
With each step,
Her breasts gettin redefined,
I'm makin my move,
I'm thinkin it's time.

Imma ask her to prom,
And in my head,
She responds "You're the bomb"
Feelin nervous,
So i count to three.
"I like your boobs. Go to prom with me?"

Hah, Tig 'Ol Bitties.

King kong boobs.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Great tracks of land.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.
Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Like my balls.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Real big.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Oh my god!

Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.

Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
T-Tig 'Ol Bitties.
Tig 'Ol Bitties.

She said yes,
So I'm gettin ready.
Stain on my shirt.
Mom's spaghetti.

I pick her up,
And I'm pretty sure,
That she'll let me motor-boat like RRRRRRRR

I try to cop a feel once we get to school.
She said "No touching, that's the rule."

Principal walks up on the scene,
"It's time to announce prom king and queen.
Your Favorite Martian and Tig 'Ol Bitties.
Congratulations to you both on winning."

Time slowed down and she jumped for joy,
When out of her dress jumped something more.

Tissues flew and rained from the sky.
Your Favorite Martian in a world of hurt.

Awwww. Fake 'Ol Bitties..

Fake 'Ol Bitties.
You breakin my heart with,
Fake 'Ol Bitties.
You're crushin my dreams with,
Fake 'Ol Bitties.
I can't believable it,
Fake 'Ol Bitties.
You really suck,
Fake 'Ol Bitties.
I can't believe you would do that,
Fake 'Ol Bitties.

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Your Favorite Martian Tig 'Ol Bitties Comments
  1. Trezn

    2019? WYA

  2. goodiesohhi

    I like flat chests. Owo.

  3. Ultra Sans

    Hello people in 2019.

  4. Awesomewelol Ninja

    To this day I still laugh at how the whole song changed from tig to fake

  5. Cak Redi

    You know what were his glasses looked like?
    *Tig 'Ol Bitties.*

  6. Qubez_

    Coming back to the best song ever before we finish off this decade

  7. Ninja Man

    Imagine all the people this would trigger if this was posted today 😂

  8. Armadillo

    How is this song 3:52 minutes long?

  9. squilliam 03

    Hell yea THE NOSTALGIA😂😂

  10. Hyper Swanton

    Someone needs to make a DxD am with this song

  11. YaBoiiDanii

    I need wingmen who would yell out my phrases in chorus like young DeeJay and Benatar

  12. Vighnesh Bilgi

    This song would not have done well in 2019.

  13. Jamesh 1011

    For 2020 they should get back together and sing some old songs. That would be on trending for more than 3 days.

  14. Karen Smith

    I think she was transsexual

  15. Kevin S ツTM

    Love this song!!! - been a while... =3 baby!!!

  16. germon ottbridge

    The world was a simpler time.

  17. The Lawl is the *LAWL*

    9 years later
    Plastic Surgery

  18. Danielle Hill

    I can imagine a 6th grader making this but with Fortnite characters.

  19. _Jeongie Yoo_

    Anyone from 2019?

  20. Liam Curran

    Man these videos were so lame lol impossible not to cringe

    Liam Curran

    @Queen Of Memes :(((((((

  21. racoon killer 7

    Who else is here 2019?

  22. realmothecatlover4310

    why did i read the song title wrong...

  23. NeonDynamite18

    Sometimes I question my life choices

  24. valeria gots malaria

    I really wonder how this would translate into different languages...

  25. xPadge112x

    My God this was recommend to me now. I didn't give a shit back when this was a thing why now

    Maulen. IDC Florez

    Don't know man.

  26. moist asshole

    My dick is hard

    Queen Of Memes

    Wtf virgin

  27. Alexander Bell

    0:07 kinda scary.

  28. Pol Mak

    Nice lol

  29. Jubilee Gabriel Mateo

    "Double D guaranteed"
    *Ed, Edd n Eddy whistle intensifies*

    Black Adam 14/18

    and you got a profile of it😁

    Jubilee Gabriel Mateo

    @Black Adam 14/18 Yeah, dude.

    Black Adam 14/18

    @Jubilee Gabriel Mateo One of my fav cartoons along with KND Chowder, justice league, samurai jack regular show and so many

  30. isabelle a

    Tig ol' bitties: I have real boobs
    Yfm: ITS A LIE!
    (if you get this reference I love you no homo)

  31. milu

    Tbh this isnt really music its just yelling and talking to music


    @Jonathan Blind I literally edited it to add a comma lmao get tf out my comments dumbass ur fuckin hilarious


    @Jonathan Blind yea ik and ur still doing it 🤡🤡🤡

    The Rat Prince

    @milu Illiterates will be among the first to fall when the Culling's time arrives.


    @The Rat Prince do you are have stupid

    Jonathan Blind

    @milu do you are have... dumbass?

    How sad your upbringing must have been

  32. Charblastaur

    This slaps 🔥

  33. Oof Lord

    Oh my actual god .-.

  34. C&A Studios

    1:25 BOOBS!

  35. EpicSexGay

    smoll boobs>big boobs

  36. rapgod74

    Like if I should do a deathcore version

    Knee Caps

    Bro I would LOVE to hear that

    Jonathan Blind

    I would watch

  37. Taylander12


  38. lahmonzalovania

    my friend always says that line to me
    anyways the song is pretty funny, but what the fuck is benatar saying at the end

  39. Lisa A69

    I miss this

  40. Lov Ekiliu

    Omg I just remembered this song after seeing 2 melons drop

  41. Sister Cyclone

    Love me some tig ol bitties!

  42. Kyle Kaloi

    Nice its on itunes. I can download that to my walkman.

  43. barnacle brigade

    Ray needs to come back to us to makes more shit like this

  44. johnpope

    I was but a pup when this come out

  45. Ethan Burch

    doin your mom

  46. Joseph Satterwhite

    Fake ol bitties

  47. 「Gold2006」

    That was a great twist

  48. Jonalyn Arguelles

    The girl has fake boobs so His Balls are fake too? 😁

  49. unapologetically canadian

    Even without tits, she’s still pretty hot

  50. UWU DESU

    that is a academic distraction

  51. Octoling Bridgett Plays

    Men stop this nonsense...Really stop that.


    Bruh shut the hell up... and this channel isnt active for 7 yrs

  52. CARB0N L3M0N

    Does anyone know the filter used for the chorus

  53. Jared Lee Loughner

    Fucking dumb. G*59!!


    I can see why Alex liked this track.

    Instant 5 stars.

  55. Shane Meir

    Homestly this music was so good and the animations so crazy i used to listen to this years ago and keep coming back

  56. its me waluigi

    idc what y'all say this song was a banger and that's that

  57. Textra1

    I'm surprised Woketube hasn't removed this for hate speech.

  58. Cragonos Kritirea

    Any girls here that are IBTC? 😔

  59. ooga booga

    The more I listen the more this shit slaps

  60. Kayla Furbank!

    I really wish they would come back.. :/

  61. Marilyn15

    Wow looking back this way a really big sign that I was gay. Really should've seen that one coming when I knew all the words off by heart...

  62. AlexBtw_ YT


  63. xSoporific


  64. Rosie Posie04

    The good old days before memes, kids these days will have no idea 😭


    @eevee in sicko mode yeah here is a kid who uses internet too much and thinks himself funny. Go laugh everybody!

    eevee in sicko mode

    @Kerem ok karen, make sure you report to my manager for my childish behavior. There's a pumpkin spice latte in the fridge


    uh dang that hurts such an insult :(


    please stop being target of people okay?

    eevee in sicko mode

    @Kerem hahah *no.*

  65. Random User

    What era is this from

  66. Mattman 2

    Anyone else watching in 2020 and hella missing this

  67. lahmonzalovania

    canonical yfm lore: they got together, broke up, then puff was like "here's my balls" and then they got together again

  68. A Pugs Dream

    Can’t believe this is 8 years ago Jesus.

  69. Melis cat power :3

    I mean

    I dont have fake Nuggets
    I hate it when my Nuggets are bouncing in PE
    That means i have big nuggets

  70. Lemonichoux

    Kokona in a nutshell

    Yandere simulator fans am I right?

  71. Aaron Carnes

    Somebody showed me this like 8 years ago...I still hate it

  72. Nicolas Krolling

    2011 was a little wierd

  73. Alexander Agcaoili

    Those aren’t boobs! They’re lies!

  74. Alexander Agcaoili

    Literally was obsessed with this song throughout all of Middle School

  75. Evan Beaudin

    We’re Alxal

  76. Your Mom

    Stop, get rid of this.


    Get rid of yourself

  77. Fly Trap EV

    This is legendary

  78. Eleeth Tahgra

    As long as its not a trap....


    This was a grown mid-twenties man singing a bad rap song about larger a high schoolers breasts.... Never forget...

  80. palanch89

    On repeat

  81. Prod. By Germa2K

    the memories.

  82. Gabriel Fernandez

    the lyrics jus started coming out of my mouth idk how I still remember this 😭

  83. Jamier Fisher


  84. Emieseal roblox

    Put speed to 1.5 it sounds better

  85. ScienceLad 69

    Lol 😆😂

  86. Gamer Dude

    Not gonna my dyslexic really fucks you up with that title

  87. Enzo Ludwig

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals: Number One, Fake Ol' Bitties

  88. j i

    This song will always have a place in my heart😂😂 tb to being 12

  89. Ben Sparks

    Yo homie got mad head to this one

  90. Lavar Geo

    Goodbye! 😭😭😭😭

  91. god of goldfish

    who let me watch this when I was like 8

  92. CyberneticZ

    Does anybody actually know what he says right at the end of the song? It's been years and I still can't figure it out.

    Beta Bellz

    CyberneticZ i think he says ‘where them tig ol bitties at?’


    Oh my god thank you

  93. Adam Butler

    YouTubes not the same without Ray William Johnson he was Mr youtube

  94. John Macmillan

    "THOSE AREN'T BOOBS, THEY'RE LIES!" Ah I missed yfm, Been watching since they first came on YT