Your Favorite Martian - The Unofficial Smithers Love Song Lyrics

Hey, Mr. Burns. You thought your money could buy you the world.
I said hey there, Mr. Burns. I happen to notice that you don't have a girl.

Smithers loves you, Burns. Why do you ignore him?
You gotta keep up the rapport like it's too important
Instead of running away, you should move in toward him.
But you keep him at the border like the dude is foreign.
We know you're straight, dude. I really hate to
Say there's no way anyone else would date you.
Straight out the gay scene. How do you face him
Knowing he wants to be your Malibu Stacy?

All he ever wanted to do was spend a little time with you.
Hey, Mr. Burns. Hey, Mr. Burns.
You know you're worth more to him than all the money you spend.
Hey, Mr. Burns. Hey, Mr. Burns.

Hey, Mr. Burns. I'm thinking maybe you should give him a chance.
I said hey there, Mr. Burns. Yeah, so what if he's a man.

We know you're blind, old man, but you can hear me talking.
You're always home alone. You ain't Macaulay Culkin.
You ain't a Flintstone. Pay no mind
To the fact that Smithers wants to have a gay old time.
And while relationships have their twists and turns,
You know he'll never leave you. Don't you, Mr. Burns.
So you should give him a shot, and maybe help the guy,
And you can make relations Santa's Little Helper style.

All he ever wanted to do was spend a little time with you.
Hey, Mr. Burns. Hey, Mr. Burns.
You know you're worth more to him than all the money you spend.
Hey, Mr. Burns. Hey, Mr. Burns

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Your Favorite Martian The Unofficial Smithers Love Song Comments
  1. Official Tyrecords

    Anyone here from 2020??

  2. Maria Ramirez

    I miss you guys please come back please and thank you

  3. RandomNewspaper

    I love how this is canon now that smithers is gay

  4. Nyes Daddy harder

    This whole video is trash and I fail to understand how anyone with any actual intellect supports it

    Mateo Alvarez

    Well even by watching it your supporting, showing that you don't have any intellect with your contradiction

    Nyes Daddy harder

    Mateo Alvarez actually I was watching his old videos and noticed this one and after realising what it was I disliked it.

  5. STORMAGE 80 is LEGO

    This is oddly wholesome.

  6. Peach Cobbler

    this is so nice

  7. LordForquad -

    Rip Rays career 🙏

  8. ssb gogeta

    "Damn nigga"

  9. Paradraw Zombie

    I swear this is just the theme song to the ship of mr.burns x mr.smithers

  10. Red bull Crashes

    WHY IS THIS SO GODDAMN SAD😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. gizzykat kat

    I feel like this song is for everyone who fell in love with some and that someone doesn't love them back.

  12. Supreme Gaming

    Time capsule comment 2020 December 29 ;/

  13. m77yice killem

    This song is honestly so beautiful even after all these years... I dont see why it has so many dislikes.

  14. MusoDre

    Give me this channel I'll put the subscribers to good use

    Rusty Ray gun

    MusoDre i miss this channel so much

  15. Its Monaa

    I hate whoever made ray retire this project this was the best thing in the world back in the day I get so nostalgic full of good memories from when i was younger and happier damn I hate growing up I hate getting older I hate things ending. I know for a fact if Ray would of continued with this project I know he would of gotten BIG cause YFM music was awesome!!!

  16. lahmonzalovania

    all those shippers shipping shitty characters
    mr burns and smithers for the win bitches!
    I mean its the funniest love song ever

  17. Shiny Cyndaquill

    How do we not know if Smithers is in love with burns because of his money

  18. panda

    The good days

  19. SaPpY IxTa

    This shit still hit

  20. Bongo Kong

    yo why the fuck would anybody be here in 2019 this shit ass homie

    Hidden Shark

    Y are u here

    Bongo Kong

    @Hidden Shark I started watching Simpsons on Disney+ and remembered this


    oh shit its norisuke the fuck

  21. Arif Faiz

    Im happy I can still sing along to this after idek how many years it has been

  22. Ken-G Geirnaert

    I legit grew up with YFM and im still waiting for them to come back in 2020 maybe ?

  23. munfmunf4boisdinner

    Highschool memories like a mf

  24. SneedrocksNepgearsucks420

    The Unofficial Sneed Love Song

  25. Cinostheomniwolf

    Man, I look back at this channel and get sad that it's gone

  26. BroBuster

    This was the first and one of the only YouTube videos that genuinely made me cry.

  27. Nostalgic Nemrac

    I love how serious this is

  28. Matt S

    Deep nostalgic vibes

  29. FW7

    2019 this shit still hits hard

  30. MrSupercar55

    I'm surprised Matt Groening isn't suing you.

  31. koolrelateable guy3000

    This is more progressive than cartoon network

  32. Abdiel J. Aponte

    This Song Is So Gay And So Sad 😂😭💔❤️

  33. I_I

    Someone please link me an instrumental! :(

  34. Jake

    when i was 9 this was the saddest thing 2 even happen 2 me 😳😳


    Big sad

  35. Therealhappyboy

    Hey, Mr berns

  36. Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals

    Big survival comedy bang

  37. Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals


  38. Tyler Joseph Smith

    Please come back.

  39. Skylar Shaye

    I remember ugly crying when I listened to this on repeat. At the time I had a huge crush on someone I never thought I'd get a chance with and it killed me inside knowing he didn't want me. But after a year of being a persistent ass, he finally asked me out in the middle of math class. I'm still with him and it'll be our 3 year anniversary this October. But now his mom is being a cunt and not letting me get a chance to see him often as before.

    And yes I remember having this on my freaking MP3 player at the time, which is freaking broken because i sat on my backpack and forgot it was in there and broke it...

  40. BIG CHOG

    this was a great time. 2011.

  41. Drope.


  42. oliver johnson

    little did he know


    2019 anyone???

  44. holst and the planets

    Why does this ancient classic have so many dislikes.


    Good question...


    maybe because its gay? idk people were different

  45. helenn linares

    I never shipped them due to the age difference. Kinda creeped me out

  46. Boi Boi

    How did I miss this one video my god

  47. Alec 14

    Man the first yfm song i listened too

  48. TinoSchmino

    Who never liked gay fan ships until now

  49. YogloSZN

    This is how I know I'm gay

  50. saxchaser

    its been so long w/o you guys, my middle school was awesome because of you guys 😃😌😭

  51. chasermanex

    Hands down still the best love song on YouTube

  52. CoffeeAndDepression

    never forget these legends

  53. Andrea Klempay

    Bruh I remember this video wtf

  54. Sergio Secundino

    I don’t wanna get older I heard this in elementary with my older brother

  55. Cookies&Sims

    "You know you're worth more to him, than all the money you spend"
    Man, that's beautiful ;-;

  56. CendzTheEndz

    I'm fourteen and this is so deep

  57. Doctor DemonTM

    The memories ray has created for a whole generation of middle schoolers (im 21 now)

  58. crystal trees

    The nostalgia, damn

  59. i accidentally sent you a picture of my clock

    Top 10 anime characters that should've been couples.

  60. Suicidehills

    Anyone still here in 2019?

  61. Tesla Op

    Only kid in middle school that knew about yfm felt stupid playing it

  62. Jessie Gomez

    Almost 10 years and I’m still bumping this because it reminds me of middle school days this is actually a great song

  63. Isaiah Holtry

    How he was happy to die with him and just put his head on his chest and call it a wrap :')

  64. Purple gamer

    Am I the only one that found this gem when I was 8

  65. Thatoneguywiththeweirdlylongusername

    I’ve watched this for years. And only now do I hear the line ‘Make relations Santa’s Little Helper style’.

  66. Moi

    I don't care how gay you are, being in love with mr.burns is downright necrophilia

  67. Diana Banana

    I’m watching this in 2019 after watching the Simpson

  68. jason hicks

    After like 5 years I just noticed how the beat is from Canon in E

  69. Adrian Ene

    Still here 2019 🤗

  70. Chill Alexander

    2019 anyone. I feel old and sad now watched this on repeat as a kid and just came back to it now.

  71. RarityMoon

    I watched this at 5-6 without knowing what this actually meany

  72. Sexy Seal the lord

    Ahhh le good days when gay ships were great

  73. Dan Hoskins

    Santa’s little helper style 😂😂😂 I never got that as a kid.


    Dan Hoskins what does it mean?? I still don’t understand it’s meaning behind that line

    Dan Hoskins

    okay loser Santa’s little helper being the simpsons dog. So he’s referring to doggy style.


    Dan Hoskins ooooh okay,, makes sense now.

  74. Why does google allow usernames wich are way too long like this one?

    Omg this was so hard to find

  75. Saige Rodgers

    Hey Mr. Burns
    にですけどなしこといたのんではあるねなんてから、 だからなんて

  76. Lynda Round

    Maybe we need to do with convivial comedy bang

  77. up jumps


  78. Young Savage

    Come back 😭

  79. Young Savage

    I listen to them in 2019 lollll

  80. Thomas Ellis

    My English teacher is called Mr Burns

  81. Meishi M.

    this song got me through middle school

  82. Meishi M.

    why did you write a song about the simpsons?

  83. Aaron Leopold

    That chorus in 2019!

  84. Nokomis Rilya

    I'm not crying, you are

  85. Insert Unfunny Meme

    I'm not even joking or anything, I used to unironically get really fucking sad during the car crash part, and I've honestly never even watched the Simpsons before

  86. Ian Wells

    Man this takes me I mean way back I grew up on this now I’m grown Nd this hits deep I hope Smithers finally got what he wanted

  87. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Hopefully Smithers finds someone who makes him happy some day and then tells Mr. Burns that he still loves him, but more like a son loves his father.

  88. Aaron de Wilde

    i remember when this first came out i cried my eyes out

  89. Karnivore Volpe

    Still cry to this in 2019