Your Favorite Martian - Shitty G Lyrics

I'm a rapper, I'm a rebel.
Two middle fingers in the air.
I'm a wanna be, yeah a SHITTY G!
But I don't really care.

Ain't nobody quite like me.
'cuz my name is SHITTY G.
Ain't nobody quite like me.
Shitty - Shitty - G - G.

Let me tell you about my main man SHITTY G.
He never lived in the city.
He's from the middle of Tennessee.
He's got a wife she's morbidly obese.
While Shitty sits at Danny's sipping 40's of Ol'E.
No toilet in his trailer, he'll piss on the street.
SHITTY G would bite your style,
but he's missing some teeth.
Rockin' white beaters with pit stains.
SHITTY's so humble,
"yo, I'm the shit, man"

King of the trailer park, thinks he's hard as nails.
Front yard lookin' like a junk yard sale.
Rolling round on a riding mower, mouth full of chew.
Sipping on Jack Daniels mixed with Mountain Dew.
Always running from the cops getting charged with theft.
They want him behind bars but he's hard to catch.
Always hustling something, his hands are never clean.
Plus, he's got the worst tattoos...that you've ever seen.

I'm a rapper, I'm a rebel.
Two middle fingers in the air.
I'm a wanna be, yeah a SHITTY G!
But I don't really care.

Ain't nobody quite like me.
'cuz my name is SHITTY G.
Ain't nobody quite like me.
Shitty - Shitty - G - G.

Catch his drinking cans of Busch Light, smoking new
ports, bumping Toby Keith and Too Short
He grows his own reefer, steals cables from his neighbors.
You can always smell the vapors from the meth lab in his trailer.
He thinks he's bad just like his credit.

He's got a sugar Mama, but SHITTY is diabetic.
He's got a poster of Federline, his hero.
He'll drink a box of wine and say, "What up my negro?!"

I'm a rapper, I'm a rebel.
Two middle fingers in the air.
I'm a wanna be, yeah a SHITTY G!
But I don't really care.

Ain't nobody quite like me.
'cuz my name is SHITTY G.
Ain't nobody quite like me.
Shitty - Shitty - G - G.

Alright man here I go.
Ya'll ain't never heard rhymes like these.
I'm about to spit more fire than illegal Chinese fireworks.
Alright here we go.
Why you missing with me?
I'm freaking awesome.
I got so many hoes but I can't exactly call them.
'cuz I didn't pay my phone bill.
Instead I bought some reefer.
When my album drops you homos will be believers.
And I will build a studio when I get my settlement from
an ol'car wreck, and I'm going to buy a Confederate
Flag for my bedroom.
That shit is stupid cool.
And ya'll laugh when I graduated from computer school.
I'm freaking embarrassing when I tell my Mexican
friends they need to speak American.
I got speakers for my beats.
They're in my car propped up against my baby seat.
And I'm gonna make it crack this year.
Drinking 30 packs working on my rap career.
You laugh, but this ain't no joke.
I'm out here repping on the streets for all the country folks.

I'm a rapper, I'm a rebel.
Two middle fingers in the air.
I'm a wanna be, yeah a SHITTY G!
But I don't really care.

Ain't nobody quite like me.
'cuz my name is SHITTY G.
Ain't nobody quite like me.
Shitty - Shitty - G - G.

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Your Favorite Martian Shitty G Comments
  1. Robert Parsley

    I live in Middle TN but like in the actual city

  2. Mike Rosales

    2020 LMAO

  3. Kawaiichan 154

    I remember that I was 5 when I first heard this and i wouldn't stop singing this song in front of my parents.......i was a dumb kid

  4. NerdMaster17

    It’s funny looking at how many of these comments are unironic but all I want to say is it’s really funny how many people are just Shitty Gs

  5. Me and My 4 Worlds

    I would only listen to this song just to hear Benatar rap😍😍

  6. Sarutogo

    Best song ever

  7. lahmonzalovania

    yknow shitty g is like the stereotypical guy you might find at a gas station where your bus breaks down at
    ok the lyrics are pretty funny, but I think the music is kinda.... ehhhhhh, im not a big fan

  8. Thoroughly Wet

    This just popped into my head at work today

  9. Raven Black

    Why did a whole fungus come out of his pits 😂😂😂

  10. Cody The Liberal Slayer

    This isn’t exactly one of their best

    Spooky The Nerd

    Says the weeb with L I B E R A L in there name. Seems legir cause you have perfect taste

  11. 62squad

    Just stopping by in 2019

  12. Anonymous X

    I was like 10 yrs old when i listend to this shit and i straight up had nightmares of shitty since the fucker look creepy

  13. Sneaky snek 2005

    The most accurate portrayal of my neighbor

  14. Sneaky snek 2005

    I am actually from middle tn and I fucking love this

  15. SneedrocksNepgearsucks420

    Does that Dodge Charger have a V6 in the background?

  16. mr. Supreme

    Shitty cheap

  17. Toxic Devil44

    I know people like shitty g 😂

  18. Epic A

    I literally thought about this song yesterday but couldn’t remember any of the lyrics so this morning I decided to look up “YourFavoriteMartian” and as soon as I saw the title of the song I remembered the hook straight away. I love my memory like that

  19. Toys and me Lopez

    That’s me am shitty G

  20. oliver evans

    Have i just fallen into a blackhole into 2009?

  21. Noobalisic

    The rights to this show was sold to Disney so G is technically a Disney character.

  22. Cap'n Crunch

    October 2019 I’m still here

  23. RandomInkNStuff

    I think someone made a YouTube Poop with this somewhere.


    Watching Shitty G straight up fucking *_E A T_* a bag of coke while Benetar sings casually in the background is fuckin hilarious

    mikhail king

    Damn my nigga.

  25. IDDQD Kingalicious

    I love this because this would never fly in 2019

  26. Bahska

    Lil nas x bit off yfm

  27. Uneducated Guess

    Been watching this since 5th grade, now i'm a junior😂

  28. Rose Dodge

    Lil nas is shaking in his boots over this og country rapper

    Stefan Vukadinovic

    haha :D

  29. NateTehBrony

    0:07 forum weapon

  30. Federico Aguirre

    ShittyG fits really well in the Trailer Park Boys world

  31. Jay jay YT

    Shitty bitch that’s gay and

  32. Namic

    Is this a Kyle

  33. sauceboy

    I love Memphis rap

  34. Dripxo

    I started singing this right after i ejaculated off hentai. Now im here. How yall doin.

  35. YumiModZ

    Bro omg they are great bro

  36. Cynical

    fuck lil nas x this is real country rap

  37. ESVLV97 Karins

    This is still better than most white wannabe rappers

  38. Jose Garcia

    I didnt like this song but it was funny none the less

  39. Katlynn Walton

    I live Tennessee and I can say there is definitely people like this here

  40. SacredAnimations HD

    He sounds Australian and British at the same time

  41. KickerLivinLoudL7

    This is Shotgun Shane #RHEC

  42. G_Gaming

    Who still watching this game

  43. SimonSilverStacker

    I nod my head to this song because my head still can't stop singing it.

  44. Buddhism hotline Representative

    The 46K dislikes are just people from Tennessee getting offended

  45. Chicos petermann

    Im gonna get a bird and name it that

  46. Carter Santos


  47. MCRainbowSupernovaNBA 78648196

    G just bodied the beat!

  48. kyle L s.e7e.n

    #s.e7e.n ..?

  49. Bloody cum

    Still fire

  50. Car Tuber

    Fits in an RCR for the 1998 Ford F150

  51. Retro Bit 11

    I want to get this on my mp3 player, but I don't have a computer and I don't want to go next door and say I want 'Shitty G'. Plus 2019 anyone?

  52. Phoenix North

    I knew a douche bag like this in middle school

  53. BigGoku

    Thank the lord I ain’t a gypsie

  54. Robin K.

    I had an idiot friend in high school who pretty much embodies this character. incidentally, he was diabetic too.

  55. Great Bass Booster 1997

    fokume xdd

  56. Darth Musturd

    When shitty g is literally fancier than me

  57. Facundo Luque


  58. Macaroni Turtle

    13 year old me always thought this channel was litty tiddy

  59. Captain FALKEN

    Scotty P lmao

  60. Black Jezus

    “What up my negro” best fuckin line

  61. ShadowSpoon05 -1

    This is my cousins theme song. Lol.

  62. Gregory munoz

    Remember seeing this for the first time 5 years ago

  63. Ryan Ralston

    I live in Tennessee

  64. Apollo's Adventure

    "He'll drink a box of wine and say *what up my negro*"

    Edit: 🤣😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂

  65. Vizsen

    Why would you make him say negro

    Mike Hawk

    Negro isn't particularly pejorative.

    Arlen mlg

    He’s shity g

  66. Tesla Op

    “Ain’t nobody quite like me
    Cause my name is shitty-G”

  67. Khione Brusotti

    Forget Tennessee , this song is about calaveras county

  68. Jared Marston

    I thought this song was a dream i had 6 years ago

  69. Master of the Universe

    Makes me wonder if people in that state are like that

  70. Chicken Noodle Gamer

    This is my favorite newly animated yfm

  71. TheDinoKitteh

    I just noticed it meant Shitty Gangster.

  72. sped squad

    Lil peep

  73. Cody Burtch

    What a fucking joke

  74. TeekXD

    2:48 How Did He Stole The General Lee From The Duke Boys?!?!?!?!?!

  75. Memer Gang

    My man steal Fred's tie

  76. Pablo Macias

    This was when ray was the #1 on youtube cant believe its been 7years dam.

  77. GDS Jb

    Why he stop posting??

  78. Edith The Lunch Lady

    I’m not a southern but this is me in a nutshell.

  79. Fuzekilledhosta

    Where is tig ol bitties

  80. gircakes

    Hey look! It’s Bobby Burns.

  81. TeekXD

    Look at the general lee its so durty

  82. DJcupcake 101

    It sounds so awful it makes it awesome

  83. Barnacle Boy


  84. Barnacle Boy


  85. crybaby

    cant lie they do have bad tatooes

  86. Parker Stewart

    Good lord Ray just bring them back already. I remember being 14 years old waiting on the videos to drop.

  87. ladynitsirk

    I know people in real who are really like this...