Your Favorite Martian - She Looks Like Sex (Remix) Lyrics

She looks like sex, sex, sex, sex
She looks like sex, sex, sex, sex
She looks like sex, sex, sex, sex

Sex, sex
She looks like sex
Sex, sex

She looks like sex
Maybe not yet, but don't fret
I bet if you get drunk suddenly you'll be dead set
On getting it in
You mess with the gin
And you'll end up convinced you had sex with a 10
So full throttle
Order another bottle
And shot after shot will ransform her into a model
Mike posner on the refrain
'Cause you know beer goggles are hell of a thing

That ass makes me wanna oo-ooh
You know exactly what you do
How I'd really like to take that home
Everybody here knows...

She looks like sex, sex, sex, sex [4x]
She looks like

When I crack a six pack and chase it with patron
Every girl looks like catherine zeta jones
So I show up to the club, and I stand at the door
Waiting on the perfect girl whose standards are low
I take jameson and take it with no shame
And change any dame to jenna jameson
Mike posner on the refrain
'Cause you know beer goggles are hell of a thing

That ass makes me wanna oo-ooh
You know exactly what you do
How I'd really like to take that home
Everybody here knows...

She looks like sex, sex, sex, sex [8x]
She looks like

Break it down

Sex sex
She looks...
Sex sex
Sex sex
She looks like sex
Sex, sex
She looks like sex

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Your Favorite Martian She Looks Like Sex (Remix) Comments
  1. Waytotheland

    Oh the nostalgia

  2. Harry Legolas

    Who's also on a YFM marathon?

  3. TVSupersonic

    Most iconic Yfm song to me, brings back good memories

  4. JL Magick

    I still watch this when I get ready for the club 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Kain241st

    Seven years and these songs are still great to listen to.

  6. Gabe Fullmer

    This was nice.

  7. todoroki shouto

    Benatar dances like the girls-

  8. Tae Campus

    Not gonna lie, this is actually a bop remix 👌

  9. Patricia Robles

    One of the reasons why this song was a hit because the music video was pretty funny 😅. And the song was catchy! Whoever is reading this I hope you stay positive,always speak your mind and have a blessing life!
    Lol did anyone notice when they drank beer again the girl stopped talking 😂

  10. Juan Gonzalez

    She looks like 14

  11. KrAyOnS1

    13k dislikes are from men drinking that weak alcohol and cant get her to look like sex.

  12. LPS lover LPS cat girl

    I literally haven't watched this in seven years then I started singing it and looked it up to see if it was a still a thing

  13. Jenny Cramer

    In that whole song. Your favourout martian sang for 35 seconds😐

  14. Jay Joe

    Puff Puff: *Flicca da Wrist*

  15. lahmonzalovania

    again, never heard the original, but still
    I can stand this song and quite like it, and its the perfect song for a remix by yfm, and they got the fucking creator of the original to help out which is just 10X points
    overall issa good

  16. Luke Stewart

    Deejay went fucking hard with that breakdown though.

    33420 PeaceCloud

    He really did tho 💀

  17. Mintie YouTube making me write a second name why?!

    this discount justin beiber still makes me cringe to this day lol

  18. Mykaila Martinez

    Now that this decade is ending I’ve realized I had an amazing childhood because of YFM.

    Dupe Carter

    Mykaila Martinez bro I remember when I was little singing this shit and hoodie Allen....Lowkey embarrassing but at the same time I wouldn’t trade it for anything

  19. Anonymous X

    Ray look like sex mo homo

  20. Mba Emmanuella

    song to good i had to come back 2019😍🎶

  21. Shelby LeAnn

    I found this first then tried listening to the original and I FAR PREFER THIS!

  22. Av Sorian

    What a banger

  23. DJskyking2

    Good days of YouTube

  24. rawtalnt

    i just realized mike posner is on here. HE HAS A TOP 100 BILLBOARD SONG. lmaoo

  25. ScienceLad 69

    People : I’m offended
    Me : shut up meg

  26. Big Guy

    Remember when this first came out?

  27. ScienceLad 69

    she looks like shrek

  28. Jarchie The superior Ship

    The thumbnail:

    Me watching the video: They had us at the first half, Not gonna lie

  29. Cinebolt Productions

    Wheres my 2019 crew?

  30. Christopher Kopke

    Question why is transphobic techno on Spotify but not this song?

  31. Boni Chodes


  32. Kyleuchiha1998

    Love the guitar


    I was soooo young when I would watch all of these and now I’m bout to graduate wtf

  34. Mika Akimo

    Does anyone else think the blonde girl was already pretty? Sure she was fat but she had perfect skin and hair and nice boobs I wish I had

  35. Artdigy ™

    If this project never retired, it makes me wonder if the drummer would actually ever get his own song.

  36. * stoopidville *

    Bruh this is the definition of drink your worries away

  37. farden lakin

    still miss this music 2019

  38. RockerXt29

    can we talk about the fact that yfm got so famous that mike posner made a song with them?

  39. Jong Jong

    comeback please

  40. hentai is religion

    Younger me didn't know how to react

  41. DiMuS

    Damn i wish those guys were back.

  42. Sarah Lovelace

    What if this was gender bent?

  43. Jelle Messiaen

    No offense to Mike ponser but this version is way better then his own version

  44. Jose Carrera

    It sucks this isn’t on iTunes 🤬

  45. The Ghost Banana

    Imagine if they didn't retire

  46. FoxNation18

    Lol Ray’s dance looks like he’s rolling dice

  47. Quincy Kawashima

    Still here in 2k19.. YFM was my childhood :((

  48. Fuze -

    wow back in 2012 it was great. wish they were back

  49. BoneZ_YT

    0.75% speed is godly amazing music wise...

  50. Daniel Whaley-Hoffman

    pervert son of a bitch drunk

  51. iamthejad

    Shallow Hal?

  52. Ok2

    bruh furries be like 0:46

  53. Santiago Vasquez

    This song is so 2012

  54. Human Pain

    This sounds like one of the rare insults like the fact the main singer red hoodie guy looks like the word hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia

  55. Stephany Navarro

    My childhood right here

  56. yeet boi

    does anyone remeber that one video where their stuck in a dungeon? with a girl and theres a clown? or was it deleted?


    That's called Friend Zone

  57. Miracle Machine

    i hate you i hate you so fucking much

  58. Logan Sturdivant

    Wtf did mile posner actually sing

  59. Sophia Barbera

    I hope I’m not the only one who remembers these guys

    Goku Leo

    Trust me u not the only one whp remember these legends

  60. Ms. Saturday Knight

    *Try 1.25x speed*

  61. Kiel

    2019 anyone?

  62. Emma Whittington

    your weird

  63. Love Waz Here

    2019 🤟🏼



    Love Waz Here

    Flaminlink I’m just in a YouTube Vortex

  64. Eliothebeast

    I'm just a simple virgin. And uh, she's s e x.

  65. Jesse Mascorro


  66. lleoy san

    Oh god- I start asking myself why I’m such a dirty minded child then I remember I watched these videos.

  67. Kev

    Take me back...

  68. Hung Nguyen

    Im creeped

  69. Charlie Whyman

    2019 rep

  70. TheepicAnimator369

    accurate representation of a club drinking experience

  71. _.hxneyxboo

    2019? No? Okay...


    Xxitz_cashixX -w- lol came here, music like this quality is rare now lol

  72. Tobi Lou Fan

    Yfm, PLZ COME BACK!!!!!!!

  73. rradrr

    Why’d mike do a song with you? And why does he look like Eminem

  74. BenZii


  75. Fat Man

    Guys please come back

    Hannah Lam

    im here

  76. Diamondstar12

    2019? :)

  77. Canine's and Cat's

    Dike pisner
    Looks and sounds like a dick

  78. Gh0stPred

    Yeah I'll take the red one any day. Red hair classes omg yassssss

  79. Brownskin_Nini

    Bruh they took dookie fresh off 😭😭😭

  80. Super Domo

    I took a pill in Ibiza to

    Ray Williamn Johnson song

  81. Donald Youngblood

    JUST ME? OK!


    Nah still watch them from time to time

  82. CreamsiclePuppy Animations

    Every teenage boy's mind

  83. tea party

    i took a pill in in ibiza

  84. Terri ronpa

    If this was made today, feminists would be screaming that this isnt right, so I'm glad this was made when it was

    CreamsiclePuppy Animations

    Exactly! Back then people didn't get offended by tiny stuff

  85. Matt

    This was such an amazing project by Ray, it’s so sad that it fell apart


    Fuck you

  86. Gary Cunningham

    YFM please come back

  87. cat Garfield

    Есть кто из Русских?)

  88. Blackdragon6

    I first heard this song in a porn compilation 😏

  89. Jack Peavey

    That ass wanna make me owwwwwwwwwwwwwwo

  90. LucasIsHere

    Has early 2010s written all over it.

  91. Larissa Carvalho

    damn how is this ok

  92. dirkshimada

    the original is so disappointing compared to this