Your Favorite Martian - Robot Bar Fight Lyrics

Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight
Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight

I remember I used to serve drinks at this local joint
Cause I was broke but my focal point was
This wasn’t no regular bar
It was a spot where robots were ready to spar
And one night Megatron rolled in
He ordered Pennzoil
Drank it straight from a can
His plan was to go and get wasted again
Standing next to Megaman with a drink in his hand

Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (Have you ever seen them?)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight

Now Megatron was
Rambunctious, hoping to lay
That lady from the Jetsons, Rosie the Maid
He said, “Hey, baby. Can I lube your parts?
We can put our metal together, produce a spark.”
Now, she was praying for a man to defend her from the offender
Her friend Bender walked in and wopped, clocked, socked him in the jaw
Then he saw Dr. Robotnik
And Robotnik was about to attack
And Terminator grabbed a bottle sayin’ “I’ll be back.”
Cause he knew Megatron for a couple of years
Hit Bender with the bottle and it busted his gears

Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (Have you ever seen them?)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight

Now Marvin the Paranoid Android was startled, right
And he screamed, “It’s a robot bar fight.”
And Robocop busted in to stop ‘em
Started shooting at Robotnik
Blaka! Blaka!
Bullet hit Robotnik in the esophagus
One grazed the shoulder of Maria from Metropolis
Before Robocop could say he was sorry
In jumped her boyfriend Wall-E
Wall-E rolled up, pretty upset
Took Robocop’s gun, pistol-whipped him in the neck
And everybody ran.
He was fixin’ to shoot at R2 and C3PO kissin’ in a booth

Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (Have you ever seen them?)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight

Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (Have you ever seen them?)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh snap! It’s a robot bar fight (You ain’t never seen them)
Oh no! It’s a robot bar fight

Once Wall-E got the gat, he went crazy and snapped
He had everybody trapped, and he started to cap
Every single robot left in the place
Even that goofy bastard from Lost in Space
Wall-E paused for a moment for a re-up
So I fled out the back with Maria
She wasn’t hurt except a scratch on her shoulder
So I took her back to my home and I boned her
Or maybe I just make all that up

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Your Favorite Martian Robot Bar Fight Comments
  1. SneedrocksNepgearsucks420


  2. Isaiah mccoy

    Came back in 2020 just to reminisce on a better time

    Jack8_Bit !

    Good to see other people are here and still agree

  3. Skyspy

    this vid is 9 years old now, dang time be rackin up.

  4. Liana The Hedgehog

    And to the guy that asked why Cyborg was not in it, the reason, unlike the Terminator, Cyborg still has human parts, including several healthy organs. Unless he loses the rest of his human body, DON'T consider him a robot. He's not a robot, but a Cyborg, part human part robot.

  5. Member

    and the memories start flooding in...

  6. Steve Chambers

    I heard about this music video

  7. ColdRamen!

    Ah shit.

  8. [NOT] MisterEpicface

    Axel is a robot confirmed

  9. BunnyTheFox 314

    I refuse to believe this didn’t happen

  10. RassilonTDavros

    People referring to X as “Megaman” will never cease to annoy me.

  11. Jose Garcia

    Technically axel did sing

  12. Bryan White

    Mom: play with the neighbors kid
    The neighbors kid: 1:21

  13. Joshua Burt

    remember when this came out. now we've got WWIII

  14. Large Marge

    Technically SatAM Robotnik is a cyborg, so I guess Cyborgs get a free pass.

  15. Kawaii Biscuit Boi

    This Was A Bop When I Was 10, Still Is

  16. Guapo YT

    Who here 2019

    Jack8_Bit !

    2020 now :(

  17. maeam

    This unironically slaps

  18. chayoto

    How I miss them!

  19. Rob G

    To this day. I love this song

  20. Mehdi Akca

    1:37 very epic

  21. CoolGabe484 Gaming


  22. Richie Osborn

    Megatron has his Animated design, but it’s a hybrid of his former and normal appearance.


    The one robot watching everything happen


    Terminator robotnic MegaMan your favorite Martian mega Tron bender wallet paranoid Android miria from atropilas RoboCop

  25. daddymememaster

    Who's still watching in 2019?

  26. Ann-marie Strong

    In this one axel looks a little strange on the hair on the side of his head but this song is one of my 10 favourite songs on this channel

  27. Andrew Brockman

    It's been centuries since they retired this project
    I wish they'd un-retire it

  28. TD_ Crow

    YFM: man im doing so good on yt r. Demonetization guy: im bout to end this mans whole carrier

  29. MadnessBomber

    I pray they keep these up forever. Such nostalgia should never be deleted.

  30. Dracul

    Uh that wasn’t Maria, that was fake Maria. Get your Metropolis references right.

  31. Canadian Moose

    First ever song i heard from them. Best discovery i ever made and still addicted to this day. Yfm is the goat

  32. apk 22223

    Yo wheres Cyde-6

    Crimson Wolf

    apk 22223 This was made in 2011

  33. Isaias Romero

    We lost something special

  34. Beessokoo1 Coo1

    Im watching on 2020

  35. Brandon Cutler

    Bender got metallic cojones to front a transformer.

  36. Carson Snow

    who's watching in 2019


    vODKA, cheburaska,balalayka


    Aye before the end of the decade

  37. Kyler Kasper

    This shit is still funny

  38. TheWitchPolyglot

    THIS PROJECT IS RETIRED is my favorite band

  39. HedgeBot

    I've come back years later and I still only hear "Robot Foreplay."

  40. Slapbread

    the least worst song

  41. Dmu J

    It does my heart good to know that people are still actively viewing & commenting on YFM videos

  42. Oscar Chacon

    Listening to this.
    However many years later.
    With some weed?
    Yo that shit hits different

  43. LoveAura

    I’m just here to relive some memories

  44. bob bobinson

    Wow the Orlando night club shooting documentary is looking really great

  45. Phoenix Allen


  46. Mason Charron

    me and the bois getting into a robot bar fight

  47. Gas Mask guys

    cant believe i was here when this was released xD

  48. Reactedgaming 341

    Still better than most songs now a day

  49. Good Chaos

    This still fucking slaps

  50. hunter 1122107

    Who's listening in 2019?


    hunter 1122107 me lmao

  51. Pix3lViru5

    Dr Robotnik isn't a robot, He just makes robots.

  52. Colton Shaw

    This shit needs to be playing in the club

  53. Javier G.

    This song scored me for a while and I didn't know why until later on I realized it remained me of Akira and how gruesome it was.

  54. Carrosive Jones

    Anyone know a song like the instrumental for this song?

  55. Chili Cierny

    This song is so stupid but the instrumentation is amazing

  56. MajinKy

    i say that all the time and i just remember where i got it from 😭

  57. The Purple 0Charlotte

    THatS X Not mEgAmaN

  58. Cal Walker

    I miss this so much.

  59. Project Laser

    2019 still golden

  60. Jose Garcia

    I miss this version of yfm tbh while the new designs look slightly better it took away what once made yfm iconic

  61. tanker man

    ahhhhh the good daysssssss

  62. Tom Curl

    That wasn’t the OG MegaMan it was his successor mega Man X

  63. damien helm

    Wait. Mega man is a robot I thought he was a man

  64. cursed alien

    I mean, with Starscream’s constant screeching and murder attempts, it’s no wonder Megatron’s planning to get wasted.

  65. Braden Bryson-trego

    Kanye West stronger

  66. Denham Leeson

    we still out here 2019 gang

  67. YagamiDarkHeart

    I heard Kanye West song Stronger and i noticed they copies the soundtrack

  68. Scooter

    This is undeniably catchy however corny... Good times.

  69. Lame O

    Who knows about teenage robot. Who remembers that show huh?

  70. Declan Robinett

    oh my i miss these

  71. Spiky -Haired Kid

    Ah good memories

  72. derpspider

    to this just tuned up in my recommended. ahhhh sweet, sweet nostalgia

  73. gore

    Still bumping in 2019

  74. Pug life

    Bite my shiny metal ass

    Words of wisdom with Bender

  75. MrRobotGuyHD

    *NeRd RaGe*

  76. theboyfromthevoid

    please come back

  77. TheStrongVirus

    Oh snap! It’s a Robot Marmite!

  78. Lt. Viper

    I loved this when I first heard it and I still love it

  79. n0v4 003


  80. Killer Nova

    My first ever YouTube video

  81. *Wassgud saweetie*


  82. erick miller

    This ones my favorite !

  83. Baby Jason

    Poor bender

  84. Alexander_hamilton

    it sounds boring

  85. Baby Jason

    I remember watching these vids when I was younger now I'm older man those were the good days

  86. Saul Uribe

    What got overlooked... Styx's Mr. Robotto all five, The Tin Man from The Wizzard Of Oz?


    Inspector Gadget

    Saul Uribe

    Oh' and number 5 from Short Circuit 1986. Probably copied for Wall E.


    Mega Man

    Saul Uribe

    Andrew from Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams R.I.P..

  87. badinfo 7878

    (spits oil on from mouth wipes mouth.) bring on the Robot bar fights in 2019.

  88. Cheese and Crackers

    I wasted to much time watching this

  89. Mackenzie Martin

    Still watching in 2019

  90. Jenes007

    2019 and I'm still hearing it, YFM please come back:(

  91. Klondike Person

    best song of 2019

  92. Silver blaze243

    I love how they used the tf animated variant of megatron


    Silver blaze243 right?

  93. WaddleGolfer69

    Who's watching in 2019???

    David Menzies

    For real though...