Your Favorite Martian - Orphan Tears Lyrics

It was a weekend, and you can't stop
Us from going to the local dance spot.
Instead of drinking imported beers,
Somebody brought a bottle of Orphan Tears.

We popped the top. We know what was in it.
Yeah, we were all so stupid to sip it.
Orphan Tears are so hallucinogenic.
I took one drink and saw a two-headed midget.

Then the room filled with colors and shapes,
And suddenly DeeJay was covered in snakes.
Oh snap! And what made it worse
Is I swear I saw a unicorn humping a smurf.

Then a rainbow appeared out of Wax's ass.
He passed some gas and it snapped in half.
Yo Deejay! Are you still there?
Yeah, I'm trying to hook up with this girl in a wheelchair.

Alright. Chill there. I think a bulimic
Carebear might pick a fight with Jesus.
I don't believe it. I'm gonna be sea sick.
These Orphan Tears are about to make me trip.

Little children, near and far
Don't know where your parents are.
Cry directly in this jar.
I will drink it at the bar.
Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.
Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.
Sip sippin' on, sip sip sippin' on
Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.

These Orphan Tears got me feeling like I ain't felt before.
I tried to bust-a-move but fell asleep on the dance floor.
(DeeJay falls asleep and snores)
I swear I saw Bill Cosby like, "Hello with the pudding!"
He was dancing in his underwear showing off his woody.

I ran to the bathroom. Everything's in slow mo.
I couldn't throw up, because the toilet bowl called me a homo.
I barfed up a kitten, and I'm feeling strange.
Sippin' these Orphan Tears, now it's got me seeing things.

Little children, near and far
Don't know where your parents are.
Cry directly in this jar.
I will drink it at the bar.
Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.
Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.
Sip sippin' on, sip sip sippin' on
Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.

All up in the VIP section, straight relaxed.
The DJ playing my favorite tracks.
Waitress asked, what can I bring you.
I said the most expensive thing on the menu.

She came back with a glass of liquid.
I said, I asked for something different.
This looks like a normal beer.
She said, no it's Orphan Tears.

Took a swig. Then I walked down where the dance floor is,
Whole club looking like a forest.
DeeJay turned into a brontosaurus.
Everybody in the club looked like Chuck Norris.

I tried to run to the bathroom but when
I did I felt a vacuum suction.
Pulling me back slow
Dance floor turned into a black hole.

Spinning around horribly.
Feeling like Dorothy.
Woke up and was still at home.
Orphan Tears got us in the zone.

Little children, near and far
Don't know where your parents are.
Cry directly in this jar.
I will drink it at the bar.
Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.
Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.
Sip sippin' on, sip sip sippin' on
Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears.

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Your Favorite Martian Orphan Tears Comments
  1. Luna:Titania:Stella

    May you Rest In Peace.good bye 2010’s YouTube, you were good to us

  2. King Beard Jude


  3. Google User

    Am I the only one younger than 11 right now-


    I don't care who you are if your fucked up on anything this song a jam.

  5. Akeem Scott

    I came back cause I missed this

  6. prblm

    bill cosby line ahead of its time

  7. aurora

    wtf does a bulimic care bear mean

  8. Kit Kat the Bit Bat

    Bring your favorite martian back!! :(

  9. Nyanueki YAGA

    Edit: ik it’s not 2020 yet but it’s coming soon tho


    its not even 2020 yet lol (at least not where i am from)

    Ronaldo B

    DANK BOİ it’s not 2020 for anyone yet lol

  10. iron midget

    Oh, YourFavoriteMartian, this channel is something I'll never forget about the 2010s. 2020 5 days away damn

  11. cowboy515geek

    This song hits different when you can drink

  12. Josh Roman

    Feel young again

  13. Jonathan Thivierge

    It feels like yesterday I was getting home from school and putting on =3 and eagerly waiting for the next YFM song to drop. I'm glad that I can come back here whenever and pick up a piece of my childhood one more time. Much love, Ray. ❤️

  14. loquacious lakeira

    nostalgia; watching this at 9 in my living room, on full blast. i wish i was this young again.

  15. aurora

    Bill cosby spiked the orphan tears

  16. Bob Ross

    Guess who’s back for this bop

  17. allisonlol

    *As a youngest child I wanna thank my older siblings for forcing me to watch these type of videos when I was 4*

  18. TheBlackGhost

    This song knew about Bill cosby drugging people.

  19. Zukxi

    YouTube algorithm is making nostalgia hit me like a fucking train. Wtf

  20. Harambe

    Bruh this is so old 2 me

  21. The Demon

    Hello with the pudding

  22. Bowen Miller

    The chorus still fuckin rocks imo

  23. Pan

    I will say it again; This is the best song YFM has ever made. It's so underrated.

    Salty Stalin

    Idk man. Bitch gotta penis is pretty good...

  24. Miggy2RawFilms

    I remember blasting this when I was 13 years old I’m 21 now smh

    Dardy Sing

    Same bro this shit was hilarious :'(

  25. lebron jame

    2011: This song is awesome!

    2019: *This song is awesome!*

  26. guy

    Shit slaps

  27. Lucid Memer

    I remember experimenting with weed when this song came out and it was trippy as hell


    Probably the only one that aged well


    Brings me back to 6th grade

  30. Mashed Potaoes With Gravy

    Still slaps but it didn't age well

  31. Ben Wiesenthal

    That bridge tho

  32. Frank Farter

    I wish they make more song's

  33. Brayden Tyra

    The day I got a girlfriend I listened to this after and then 2 months later she broke um with me and every time I listen to this I think of the day we met

  34. ZJM's Trash

    This s l a p s .

  35. lahmonzalovania

    probably everyones favorite
    and I agree
    seriously this ones a bop, everyone sounds nice and the instrumental is great
    and orphan tears are such a strange fucking concept

  36. Sepz

    Little did we know this was Ray's way of warning us about Epstein

    Blegh Bleghinson

    People knew about what he was doing since 2007

    Daboi Linny

    @Blegh Bleghinson what was he doing ? Please tell me

    Blegh Bleghinson

    @Daboi Linny
    Fiddling Kiddles' Diddles for govt blackmail.

    Spooky The Nerd

    Jesus christ it is

  37. noobui

    Orphan Tears is actually a name for the drug DXM, so they were actually drinking that drug.

  38. Rob G

    I’m 14 now. But I remember when I was like 6 7 or 8 I listened to this daily. I miss this shit sm. Honestly. YFM needs to come back :’(.

  39. Meme

    Did anyone come from the Jon cosplay??

  40. John Lancaster

    This low key slaps

  41. Triple Thumbs Up

    Ray, if you're watching this...bring this back even better in 2020. Shit would be awesome. Please.

  42. Oscar

    Please come back 😹

  43. ApolloSniperman

    We need to put a stop to all these homophobic toilets

    Im this guy's Other account

    A real problem the government won't address

  44. Brody Kinch


  45. Izuku Midoriya

    why is this lowkey a bop?

  46. Asunemre

    Russians feel attacked

  47. thatboyanthony woo

    I watched this in secret with my friends when I was 10

  48. Dylan Jones

    Someone had 20 different types of drugs before making this

  49. Scooby doo Grimlings and tweek tweak fanatic

    Tik tok: mine now

  50. Sammy Garcia

    This was the best but now it's going to be a new decade

  51. sad chicken

    Fuck you your being disrespectful to orphans

    Imperator Czech

    Fuck you, you're name is offensive to depressed chickens

    Zani Tripp

    @Imperator Czech welcome to 2019 everyone's offended easily

    Imperator Czech

    @Zani Tripp It's pretty hilarious to watch people get offended.

    Zani Tripp

    @Imperator Czech yea

  52. Sour Lemon

    2019 lol

  53. R.L. Essig

    It’s 2020, and Orphan Tears are curing cancer!

  54. Orchid z

    fuck bring these guys back dude please.


    everyone wants to but it won't happen :(

    also, their channel might be deleted anytime

  55. Caleb O'hare

    Like if it's 2020

  56. kylee'z world

    So many people are talking about how they missed this but i am 10 and just discovered this

  57. ZooDar Official

    2019 28 year old me still rocking to this

  58. GeneticWish

    why is this lowkey a bop

  59. strawberry smith

    ''cosby'' :0 *grabs jetpack and flies away*

  60. Mooseman

    Wax's verse is still slapping in 2019 thats for sure.

    James Thompson

    only here to hear the wax and dumbfoundead tracks lmao. This track might be their only "not total shit" track lmao

    Jarf Taco

    James Thompson eh, I thought "Jupiter" was pretty good. Probably because that's pretty much their only song without any vocals from Ray as far as I can tell

  61. max stevens

    This one actually bangs


    Im i old?


    It's like hello with the pudding? I don't no why?



  65. theiceblue 777

    Why does it feel like an gorrilaz song

    Apple Juice Arsenal

    Not really

  66. oelliee



  67. TheMan3530 HD

    Girls: * talks about boys and giggles *


  68. Petals Animations

    Man, I came back 9 years later.. miss these bitches :'(


    Duh.... bitches?

  69. Lyoria Soule

    Bro the fucking nostalgia

  70. Tomi Marinski

    Listening to this in almost year 2020 and I still find it really good( along with the other songs)

  71. SHSL Dummie

    9 years later and this song still slaps

  72. Dat Brown

    Oh yea i love a green beer tots average see it down the pub every night

  73. MOB BGA

    man i used to love watching these videos, and =3, damn the years are flying by lol i was 11 or 12 when these videos were big, im 20 years old now and just had a daughter, life is crazy, things used to be so simple, but why did they retire this channel? It was pretty popular.

  74. Dawn Richardson

    This song is such a banger. I was 10 years old when this came out and I'm turning 20 in a couple of months. So nostalgic and great, also I know all the lyrics to this day.

  75. CaleIsNotFunny

    *made on 4/20*

    David Goncalves

    yeah buddy

  76. Morrowgamer

    The Bill Cosby references did not age well.

  77. kydiddya

    i came back for nostalgia, and man did that bill cosby joke get way better with time

  78. Bep bep Rochi

    Ahh Memories

  79. funkhouzr

    Bro Wax's verse and flow is still hard as fuck

  80. Quackly The Duck

    I hate that youtube reccomend this to me

  81. Annette Vlogzs

    Isn't this a tiktok sound?😅

    Shrek plays gamez

    No it’s a song

  82. Kaz, "Gunfight by The Moonlight," Miller

    Can't tell if the Bill Cosby bit aged horribly or is timeless now.

    Fairefozza Blackheart

    Kaz, "Gunfight by The Moonlight," Miller yo if you’re on Xbox add me

  83. lonely hippie754

    I remember playing l4d2 and listening to this with my brother good times good times

  84. joe karr

    So this is why i like Batman comics so much. I jest! I really miss these songs and videos.

  85. Lord Tachanka

    The fucking nostalgia is unbelievable I feel like I’m playing mw2 as a 12 year old lmao

  86. Azkabab

    GarageBand tings

  87. Xeros Sturn

    Still super catchy.

  88. dahlia wachtel

    2019 anyone?

  89. Moof De moose

    😢. RIP the best channel ever

  90. Mademoiselle B

    Korova Milk Bar.

  91. Karla Vargas

    Why is his name different?

    Siicoviiciouse 16

    Karla Vargas he quit years ago unfortunately

  92. BIG pickle

    This song makes me wish I had millions of dollars so I could be at that bar to so many go missing so many glasses full cheers

  93. daquan shermont III


  94. Moose Bruh

    Still a banger in 2019 reminds me of my middle school days

  95. Liv O’Brien

    Aw I feel 11 again

  96. palanch89

    Middle school fuck

  97. Prod. By Germa2K

    i used to sing this to myself all the time.