Your Favorite Martian - Club Villain Lyrics

It was a Friday night and I wanted to go out to a brand new club in town,
a discotheque I'd heard about through a friend of mine, who told me the place was a circus act for sure,
and then we rolled up and saw Koopa working at the door!
He waved us in and we randomly met the Mr. Hannibal Lector; he was handling records in the DJ booth,
asking which was the best selection to make an impression on the Wicked Witch of the West.
And the Witch was booty-dancin' with Manson and Gannon, right next to Side Show Bob being shot from Blackbeard's cannon.
That's when I knew that tonight I'd be chillin' up in the dance club, partying with all these villains.

I can't keep partying 'round. Keep partying 'round. Keep partying, partying, partying.
I can't keep partying 'round. Keep partying 'round. Keep partying with all these villains.
All these villains. All these villains. All these villains. All these villains.

Catwoman and Harley Quinn, I swear I saw those hoes kiss, I laughed at Jason Voorhees rockin' glowsticks.
And Dr. Octopus was also getting physical with Ursula; the two were making out and touching tentacles.
Then Voldemort greeted Vader with a fist pound; they were checking out Mystique's ass next to Chris Brown.

CHRIS BROWN??? Somebody needs to throw that guy out of the club, seriously!

And Megatron, he was getting it on, he was drawing a crowd, and they were calling out loud like:
"Go Megatron! Go Megatron! Go Megatron! Go Megatron! Go Megatron! Go Megatron! Go! Go! Go! Go!"
I looked up and saw Venom doing Jager Bombs on the ceiling. That's when I knew that I'd be partying with all these villains.

I can't keep partying 'round. Keep partying 'round. Keep partying, partying, partying.
I can't keep partying 'round. Keep partying 'round. Keep partying with all these villains.
All these villains. All these villains. All these villains. All these villains.

That's when I saw her there, from across the room: Poison Ivy doing Jell-o shots with Dr. Doom.
Like the Eye of Sauron, I couldn't look away. And she was with some Joker - the dude was probably gay.
And Patrick Bateman passed us shots of vodka, me and Jabba tossed them back like "Oooga chaca!"
I pushed Elmer Fudd out of the way, so that I could get closer, and I don't mean to be a Predator, but I got to get at her.
Freddy used his claws to open up chardonnay, I grabbed a glass and walked up to her like "Yo, pardon me."
I took her home, and she and I spent the night chillin' up in the bedroom partying with one hot-ass villain.

I can't keep partying 'round. Keep partying 'round. Keep partying, partying, partying.
I can't keep partying 'round. Keep partying 'round. Keep partying with all these villains.
All these villains. All these villains. All these villains. All these villains.

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Your Favorite Martian Club Villain Comments
  1. Queen Pixi

    This gave me nostalgic 😢

  2. DiMuS

    2020 check in

  3. Alfie C-S

    Poison ivy technology 12 😳

  4. Doom Guy

    The 10K dislikes are from Chris Brown

  5. Hey Friend

    Chris brown is the most evil one there why did they throw him out

  6. Grady Mcclintock

    The Chris Brown part was hilarious

  7. Amy Rae

    These people are some of the smartest and funniest in the world. I love orphan tears.

  8. The Explorer

    I remember when this came out, YT was so much simpler back then and the last year of its golden age (2007-2011). Now, everything is all about corporatism, politics, and superstar vloggers.

  9. ShyPoke

    Every once in a while the algorithm brings this channel back to remind me of the good times.

  10. Nicholas Navoa

    2020 anybody

    Creed Bratton

    Shut up loser

  11. Michael Matherne

    And then Martian got into a fight to the death with Kiteman.

  12. 14identify

    Still awesome in 2020. Wish he would try this again


    Fat damon

    U WOT M8

    You... you think this is good ?!


    @U WOT M8 yea, I love it. It's a tad dated now. But it's still really cool.

  13. Paige TheSquid

    Why was Koopa working at the door when it’s bowser

  14. nomercy8989

    This hits me right in the feels in 2020

    Creed Bratton

    Nobody cares

  15. Vadoom 335

    This was fucking 9 years ago bro fuck

  16. Clubby Mcwankfist

    miss u martian

  17. PinkAzulPoser Poser

    thanks for ruining my childhood...

  18. Thomas Stacey

    It breaks my heart coming back to the good old days of RWJ. Sad to see how much he's declined since 2015. 🙁

  19. Munnzz


  20. Rj Lemur

    First time watching it loving it

  21. tood

    Literally still remember all the words

  22. jen annalee

    almost 9 years later i still think about this song

  23. AngelintheCLoud

    Really reminds me alot of robot fight bar fight.

    ziad The pop

    AngelintheCLoud yup

  24. Jacket of all traders

    other people:avengers endgame is the most ambitious crossover ever

  25. lexieboo811

    We'll miss you in the 2020s.

  26. Patricia Robles

    I feel like they went downhill when they started changing the cartoon and just rapped the songs :(
    This is one of my favorites
    Tig ol bitties, my balls and orphan tears were very catchy too
    Whoever is reading this I hope you stay positive,always speak your mind and have a blessing life!

  27. Aneki Samurai

    The golden days of Youtube,long before the SJW fucks took over and the assholes from Google began their draconian changes in the rules to favor the garbage Woke crowd and the dying "legacy" fake news media.


    Anyone else think this was one of the best ones?

  29. Alex Castaneda

    The good ol days :,(

  30. Shinobi _

    Legendary shit right here

  31. Kirb’o King

    This video is one big fanfic

  32. DeepX

    Best fucking doing they made, no debate

  33. David Roman

    2019? About to be 2020?

  34. Iker Rivascacho

    Mexicanos por aquí ? 🇲🇽

  35. xxMyChemicalSuicidexx


  36. Brayden Kaminski

    Listen to it at 1.25 speed sounds so good

  37. Shade the Prince

    Infinity war was the biggest cross over huh?
    Yfm over Half a decade before: hold my beer

  38. lahmonzalovania

    club villain is my third favorite song by yfm
    the beat is nice, but when they say "keep partying round with all these villains" it sounds like an old friend I had in like second grade

  39. privileged berserker

    Here in 2019 this brings me back to my childhood fr.

  40. Triple Thumbs Up

    Bring back YFM 2020.

  41. Aria Nakashima

    Why do I still know the lyrics????????????

  42. Just Derp

    Spoiler: Poison ivy has the entirety of nature in her body and accidentally gives ray every venereal disease known to humanity

  43. Kayla Stokes

    Still a great song

  44. Stanser Lagrange

    0:34 - Who is that red?

    Noturius Sy

    Stanser Lagrange ganondorf from legends of Zelda

    Stanser Lagrange

    @Noturius Sy thx

  45. Gabe.

    This is legitimately a good song wow

  46. Chase Heyn

    This video tastes like root beer

  47. Alicia Riordan

    If he didn’t retire he could of made a club hero

  48. Alicia Riordan


  49. Stanser Lagrange

    Wait wait, HISHE show has a vilain pub with Bowser, very similar idea but their pub appeared later than this video. They took it from here???

  50. Jake Burleigh

    That chris brown joke is timeless

  51. Cassidy C

    why do i still know all the lyrics

  52. Phoenix North

    I miss these

  53. Adam Butler

    Still listening awesome stuff

  54. Alycia Schalock

    This is one of my favorites!! Although Mr. Douchebag is the one I quote the most!!

  55. Valens


  56. R R

    It's funny bc Poison Ivy's a lesbian

  57. Haylon Hanner

    I miss them
    Perfect song for Halloween

  58. SneedrocksNepgearsucks420

    My favorite time at Club Villian was seeing Rei Ryghts vomiting in the toilet and crying

  59. Minad

    Good memories

  60. Jorge Rodriguez

    Godddd I’m 20 years old yet I still remember these songs from middle school 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Still slaps

  62. Sergio Contreras


  63. Trent Hopper

    2020 Gang


    Trent Hopper

    The Art of MMA what

    Trent Hopper

    TimeVVaste who cares lmao

    The Art of MMA

    Trent Hopper 2020 gang

    Trent Hopper

    The Art of MMA lolll

    Trent Hopper

    The Art of MMA I gotchu I edited the comment

  64. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    I just noticed that the villain club kinda looks like it was built by Aku from Samurai Jack.

  65. Janora Cat

    For me this is one of the best songs of them :D

  66. Itz_Ryugium

    The funny thing is now he can belong with the villains🤔

  67. SuperWorldJumper

    After Club Villain was closed, Bowser got another job as a bouncer for the Villain Pub from HISHE.

  68. KrisGames07

    Bowser not kooper

  69. Kenneth Toro

    Oh he definitely knew that Poison Ivy is the only choice!

  70. daffie13 2

    This is cringe


    you're cringe dave

  71. Kyler Kasper

    I would legit go to this club if it were real, just murder the place

  72. wanky wanky

    One of the only songs that sounds good with much autotune

  73. Captain Rex

    The club is Aku,I JUST noticed that


    YFM Benetar Great Eye!

  74. Crypto Fail

    This is pretty much the worst video I've ever seen.

  75. Valens

    I miss when rwj was the top youtuber 😅😅😅

  76. KelseyTryin2Code

    We always knew he had a thing for red heads.

  77. Kenny Miller

    Man I wish these guys would come back

  78. benjo murray

    After all these years I came back

  79. gypsyauh2o

    This is sick!

  80. ChunK TruffleShufflE

    How has it taken me 7 years to find this gem

  81. MEGA Flop

    It’s tough.....

    But we have to Move on☔️

  82. perpslo1993

    Add Baldi to the list.

    BlazeNineThousand EX

    Do you not see the channel name lmao


    BlazeNineThousand EX

  83. vapor

    Good times.

  84. shag

    Yo they got MF DOOM in the music video?

  85. Vorname Nachname

    My childhood :D

  86. James Edge

    The most infectious, head - bobbin'est, hook of the 21st century so far. Been stuck in my head since 2011.

  87. jugger the 15th

    He should have used the g1 megs design

  88. Charles Castle

    I have notifications on for this channel, just in case dreams come true.

  89. Allonszee

    So glad this was made, even if it’s retired this always makes me smile.

  90. Woah Hoaw

    Why YouTube?....its 2019

  91. Harper Frederici (Student)

    man this wouldbe 100% if they added makorov from mw2-mw3

  92. Nhal

    I just noticed that he called bowser koopa

  93. sauceboy

    If you wanna go to the club with villains just go to Magic City.

  94. Eclipse Flix

    Venom... Dancing on fire

    Spot the mistake

  95. Reactedgaming 341

    I remember watching this when I was little

  96. Jeremiah Shipp


  97. FAZL

    Man this still fucking bangs

  98. CEO of loneliness

    I wish I fucked poison ivy