Your Favorite Martian - Bottles Of Beer Lyrics

I was chilling with my BUD, SAM ADAMS.
We get a call from MILLER. The man was having spasms.
And he said, "dude get dressed. There's not a chance in hell
That we could miss this keg party up in SAN MIGUEL."

"Do I have to go out, dude?"
"No but that Mexican chick CORONA'S there,
And she's been asking about you."
I hung up the phone. It's time to get dressed, I
Put on my MAGIC HAT and my shirt with the RED STRIPE.

We hit a BUSCH dodging traffic as we passed by 'em
In that KILLIAN'S RED charger with the FAT TIRE(s).
We drove around for like half the night.
Luckily the BLUE MOON provided NATURAL LIGHT.

We rolled up to the party, errybody was rockin',
Playing BECK'S old single on that iPod dock and
That's where it's at. My ears were all ringing.
The party crowd was getting loud, and everyone was all singing:

Nana bottles of beer on the wall
Nana bottles of beer.
You take one down, you pass it around,
You got nana bottles of beer on the wall.

Now everyone was crammed in the basement, wasted
Even ASAHI, that foreign exchange kid.
He was just in KINGFISHER, wreckin' his Vette
Like "automobile, big leck!"

I poured myself a brew and drank half the glass
This ugly MOOSEHEAD chick kept grabbing my ass.
I told that ugly HARP that she could go to hella
And then I saw CORONA, and she was looking STE-STE-STELLA.

And down to have some fun, she
Was still a freshman, a YUENGLING with a tongue-ring.
The alcohol was all clouding my thinking,
So I slapped her on the HEINY can I get you a drink? And

She said, "ha! You're totally cute.
"If you fetch me a beer, I'll let you touch my boob."
Hell yeah, I went to get her a drink, then
The party started moving, and everybody started singing:

Nana bottles of beer on the wall.
Nana bottles of beer.
You take one down, you pass it around,
You got 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

CORONA'S ex-boyfriend started talking to me
His FOSTERS parents nicknamed him MILWAUKEE'S BEaST.
'Cause dude was big enough that he could tackle the world.
He was like "Hey Broski, you're jacking my girl.
I should bust your SKULL. You look like a queer, I'm
Gonna challenge you to a game of beer pong."

"Of COURES! Challenge accepted."
You can call me GUINNESS, 'cause I'm touting the record."
Beer pong's my game, and with my shoulder cocked
I bounced that ball in the cup like a ROLLING ROCK.

We played for a while, and I was wooing them when
I showed everyone who'd win the BLUE RIBBON... PABST
And CORONA was like, "wow!
You can totally touch my boob now."

Or maybe a king with my CORONA
In my NEW CASTLE, and everybody started singing:

99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down, you pass it around,
You got 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

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Your Favorite Martian Bottles Of Beer Comments
  1. Ced

    “Shes still a freshman.”

  2. Noctsranunノクトラナン

    This is what happens when you played it on Speed 1.5.

  3. Rainbow Asteroids

    And then everyone clapped

  4. Liga

    1.25x speed is better.

  5. Bloody Bandit

    Good memories...

  6. Grimly365

    I was 11 when I first watched this... now I’m 19 and realize that all the major words are beer names

  7. lahmonzalovania

    come on, we all know that magic hat is just your wig
    anyways I think its nice albeit a little forgettable

  8. Юлий Цезарь


  9. tf2 tf2


  10. Юлий Цезарь

    My friend: ay, wanna my last chips? Im not so hungry today..
    Me: *YEAH*

  11. Andrew Milliron

    Almost 2020 and I still listen to these

  12. Nermal

    Me: *gets dog with toy excited*

    Dog with toy : 0:54

  13. Asha Smith

    This is funny but this is my jam

  14. Gage Beck

    Drinking modelo while listening to this is comfy af

  15. Ciaran Mcloughlin

    I only just got the Sixteen Candles reference right now this year.

  16. lvandpandsands

    ok seriously, english is not my first language and i was kinda young when this song came out and i didn’t get the beer part, but all these years i thought they sang LA LA bottles of beer on the wall and i think i just broke

  17. GHJ. Hannibal

    I saw this for The first time when i was about 6 or 5. Im almost 14 now

    Leeroy Dagnasty

    That’s funny, I was 14 when I first watched this. 22 now 🤙🏽

  18. Sergei Veselov

    THEE DRINKING SONG OF OUR GENERATION. Should get a page in The Guinness book of world records..... >w>

  19. Hydudf Udhfh

    Every thing that is either
    A : a name
    B : red
    C : Green
    Is a beer


    the good ol days

  21. FBI

    i just came back and realized he’s been naming beers this whole time and my young mind never noticed

  22. Kyler Kasper


  23. Al Tonio

    Christ I was 12 when I first heard , looking back and seeing that they named all the beer brands I had in the last years I’m 20 now

  24. benjo murray

    After all these years I came back

  25. Fish Boi


  26. Mushroom Hatters Adventers

    22 beers

  27. Some Person

    Jesus Christ there were 28 beer jokes in that one video.

    I finally get it.

  28. l austin

    If your watching this you qualify for a veterans discount

  29. Nico Paolella

    i remember staying super tuned up , checking every day YFM channel to see if a new song came out.
    the hype , the feeling from seeing a new song ..gosh i miss those days

  30. crackheads._skz_. boyz

    Bro its been 8years😭please have a comeback

  31. Evan Escher

    I remember listening to this in 8th grade. Now I'm 22 and have drank most of these beers.

  32. LpsCandyx

    I'll let you touch my boob. HAAAIIIILLLLL YEAAAAHHHHH

  33. GirlWhoSpeaksHerMind

    Does anybody know exactly how many Brands were named I've tried to count it but each time I do I come up with a different number

  34. WillyTheComposer

    The man character is Budweiser, the king of beers, with the crown and the red sash

  35. Gamer One

    how come this shit still slaps in 2019

  36. paul

    Cursed video

  37. Bandanit

    You. Cheeky. Bastard

  38. Benjamin Westholm

    Watching this in 2019. Reminds me of a simpler and better time of YouTube


    This site has evolved into a shell of its former self and its fucking sad

  39. It’s Ash


  40. willy wobble 69

    Poppin those minis

  41. rebel otaku

    The moral of this story is be good at beer pong to get to touch the boob

  42. Aztec Patrick

    Nahndallah minus one equals nahndallah

  43. Yung Willy

    I watched this when i was fuckin 11-

  44. Pennyphipps

    Throw back to this iconic video 😂😂

  45. Vincent Warner

    It's 2019 and I still love this song! Makes me feel old as shit though...

  46. ItsAlexGallegos

    Official theme for Atlantic city

  47. Ben Rogers

    i'm astonished no one got the deal with this song at first glance. or maybe i just had a more alcohol connoisseur type family

  48. OlafttheGreat1998

    If only I had the internet as a kid, this channel would have made my life WAY more interesting.

  49. oh yeah yeah Bryce

    i still don't get the naming drinks thing lmao

  50. Justice fire eating disco panda

    3:27 my boy holding the guitar with his Johnson

  51. Flaggy 2

    play the beginning at 0.5 x

  52. Dorksterz

    Why does this song remind me of Team Rainbow Rocket if nobody is at Rainbow Rocket Castle?

  53. Spearzus


  54. Dio naipaul

    Am addicted to this song 😃

  55. Jay

    2:55 they snuck that line in so well

  56. Gunthor749

    skol is beer to lol


    dont for get miller

    Arlen mlg

    Rolling rock is one

    Arlen mlg

    I subed

  57. Gunthor749

    so clever blue moon and corona is a drink


    what about asahhi


    king fisher a beer to


    moose head yum

  58. Alias Fakename

    Ahh nahh bahhs a beer on da wahh

  59. Christopher Adora

    God this takes me back :)

  60. BigJake0097

    I guess im the only one who knew what he was talking about when this song first came out...

  61. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    They don't have any orphan tears...worst party ever!

  62. Twinkie

    Took 6 years for me to realize

  63. Eat tea Friend!

    oh i get it now. lol

  64. Paige Villa

    this dude would be good at sponsoring

  65. Cob

    I’m 11 but I still see how clever this is.

  66. Sergio Gutierrez

    2018 about to be 2019.
    Still need to drink 100 bottles of beer

  67. CaChakah MyCrackah

    A U T O M O B I I I I L E !

  68. Chicken Noodle Gamer

    Corona: wow, you can totally touch my boob now
    That part had me laughing my ass off

  69. Sweaty wee

    2018 anyone?

  70. CaChakah MyCrackah

    If you get me a beer you can touch my boob

  71. Mr Spaghetti

    The chorus sucks, but:

    9/10 - IGN

  72. Earo101

    A U T O M O B E A L?

  73. Mini Roi

    I've watched this for so many months I finally get it. Because I literally became grammar nazi and criticised the spelling of 'coors' as of 'course' and Coors is a beer brand. I got it at the end when the girl was named "Corona" (My brother loves it)
    I'm 12
    Don't ask.

  74. Enderpsycho

    Ninty nine bottles of beer on the wall you take one down pass it around you got ninty nine bottles of beer on the wall

  75. Bacca48

    Still fucking love this stupid song.

  76. Hyenabro

    I get it...he was Naming different beer names

  77. Lukas Palovic

    Your saying that idiot nicknam d Milwaukee's beast can destroy the most powerful military in the world

  78. Lukas Palovic

    What are they saying

  79. Tammy Daniels

    like if your watching in 2018

  80. Miguel Alfaro

    0:21 thanks for the shout out

  81. J0sadorf

    i finally get it...clever fuckers

  82. Tonya Carter

    I just got that her name is Carona as in the drink

  83. Hello Purple

    just realized that its the name of beers

  84. 1 super Mario galaxy 69

    I don’t get it

  85. Rinate Meto

    "This song is so clever"
    Mom was a drinker, knew more than half the references when I was only 8.

    Good times, good times

  86. Sima Reeves


  87. Innocent I

    Are they saying 99 bottles on the wall or lala bottles on the wall

  88. NunTondoSwotch

    Favorite song ever.

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  90. NunTondoSwotch

    99 bottles of beer on the wall!

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    Jesus, I’m just now getting this shit. I’m so late.

  92. Спайд

    99 bottles of beer on the wall.

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    I fucking loved this video in 6th grade