Your Favorite Martian - 8-Bit World Lyrics

Man I feel like we live in a life of Nintendo,
Cause reality's such a hassle
Sometimes I even find my princess in another castle
I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine
Maybe hit up Little Nemo for a sedative
And slip into a Final Fantasy until the sequels get repetitive
You know I'll never let this, stack up against me Tetris
Some call me Pac-Man, maka-maka-maka
Cause I eat these spirits for breakfast
And if my game ain't startin',
Baby feel free to blow on my cartridge
Alcohol makes everything so pixelated when you party in a

8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit world – you know we livin' in a
8-bit world – we're side scollin' in this
8-bit world – collectin' coins in a
8-bit world – we're next level

[Hoodie Allen]
Nowadays my life's so complicated
My TV is 3D, not pixelated
The music is 4 free and 5, 6, 7, 8 bit
Plug me in, you don't even gotta say shit
Hittin' all my neighbors in Mercedes. Okay they annoyed
Ask me why I do it, cause I'm all about the Paper Boy
Let me know that I am just the illest villain they employed
Let me slow it down, slow it down with the illest noise
Damn girl, you kinda made my screen froze
Take you to my d-pad, show you who's the hero
Give you all the recap, got a Metal Gear flow
Cause it's so solid, my whole team brolic
Came to L.A. man, now I gotta dodge her
You ain't gonna make it in these streets like Frogger
I'm on YouTube like a blogger
You heard me, groupies wanna blow, Kirby

8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit world – you know we livin' in a
8-bit world – we're side scollin' in this
8-bit world – collectin' coins in a
8-bit world – we're next level

I drink until I feel like Tyson punched me out
And until these chicks get sick of us
I'll collect hearts like Kid Icarus
Hey Princess, did I tell you
I'm gonna be the next Legend of Zelda
I'm gonna be the one making noise
A real Mega Man amongst Paper Boys

[Hoodie Allen]
I take these ploys, lay them out, tell them see you later
Haters gettin' in my face so I'ma call them Space Invaders
Once I get her, I'ma take her
Y'all say that this is luck son
But they don't ever shoot me down (down)
Duck Hunt

8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit, 8-bit, 8-bit world
8-bit world – you know we livin' in a
8-bit world – we're side scollin' in this
8-bit world – collectin' coins in a
8-bit world – we're next level

8-bit world
8-bit world

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Your Favorite Martian 8-Bit World Comments
  1. Pepsi-Holic

    Anybody here in 2020?

  2. faygo fox

    2020 anyone

  3. SatanInside

    Anyone from 2020?

  4. Vince Dunn

    Another good childhood goodness. Fuck I miss the last decade

  5. Rusty Reap

    Who still jamming out to this dudes music in 2020?

  6. DearMrFear

    My teenager memories and good time lol ✊🏼 2020 like if you came back to this great song

  7. The Ackinator

    This channel has been dead for about 7 years and yet it’s still got more subscribers than a lot of ‘popular’ channels today. #OG xD

  8. F*CK!


  9. SnoopyElk92 is epic

    its 2020 now i feel so old

  10. Myth 9748

    simple times honestly

  11. Hark Infinite

    2020 gang

  12. Moon Miller

    Its 2020 why am i still here!

  13. roy'sourboy

    The SNES was better.

  14. Gucci Brad

    YouTube used to be so much simple 😒 before YouTube became about clickbait and politics


    Ray William Johnson was literally one of the progenitors of clickbait and YouTube was still very much about politics get the fuck out of here
    also joker is a bad movie and you should feel bad for liking it.

  15. Broseph8T7

    2011. What the hell. I’m feeling real old now. This will never not be a fun song though. I miss YFM

  16. Natei

    Funny, I still know every word

  17. Carmen Knight

    2020 ?? Anyone ??

  18. cayess

    still here n its 2020

  19. Nightly Hazzard

    do girls really blow kirkby!!

    Zeke Chiles

    Nightly Hazzard yes

  20. Micah Black

    This is my song

  21. Lance Wright

    Miss the Martian.

  22. SoThatHappend 2020

    Crazy how I thought I knew Hoodie Allen 2016 when I listened to him but, I saw this years ago & didn’t realized he featured in it

  23. Lucidic Dreams

    I remember singing this song for chorus back in middle school...God I miss these guys

  24. DestinationD

    Got back here after listening to Crystals Castles Love and Caring. I respect you Ray but you should've stuck to at least some thing... ONE thing. Like this one.

  25. seltic fint

    Who wishes they didnt stop making these vids 😭

  26. lahmonzalovania

    main problem is that hoodie aliens character feels out of place lol
    other than that its pretty nice sounding

  27. Heroes Demise492

    That Doctor Mario building is excruciatingly unsafe


    Nice one

  28. Allen Sharpjr

    Why this retired this fucking great


    Allen Sharpjr The person ray was making this with Ray offered for Ray to join a network but all of these networks were actually just scams and Ray knew this so he turned it down so the person He was working on it with him left the project without him they couldn’t continue music because anything that Ray made on its own on the channel would’ve been copyrighted by him or something like that I don’t know, so they had to retire the project

  29. Vaporvision

    Coming back years later, more versed in music and flow... Hoodie Allen's verse was INSANE

  30. Play 64

    8 bit world ♪♪♪

  31. toaster babe

    mario and princess beach

  32. Beakie The Opinionated teen

    These videos were my childhood

  33. MTS

    8 years later and this is still a banger

  34. ThePepperChallenger2

    Who Else is Watching This Classic In November 2019?

  35. Fuzion Beast

    YFM were ahead of their time🤙🏾

  36. Fumez

    which one is ray again?

  37. Rushelda Dabrio

    This would have been even more epic if only it came out after the animation style chaned, the concept is amazing

  38. John Macmillan

    Looking back on it after all these years, This song is just a massive innuendo and I love it

  39. Melchoir Macabre

    But like, I have a playlist on Spotify dedicated to YFM because why not?

  40. cheryl muhammad

    The last anmation like this

  41. SierraCola

    64 bits
    32 bits
    16 bits
    8 bits
    4 bits
    2 BITS
    1 BIT

    Gage Beck

    *What* were they *thinking!?*

  42. Nippy Kurt Russel

    Why did hoodie alien do this

  43. Anthony Ramirez

    Wtf ,i forgot about this, but i knew i heard of hoodie allen ,before the new stuff it is

  44. ZSXDFV

    this song sucks dick


    ya mama


    @MickeyB bitch


    @ZSXDFV ya mama

  45. Iggy Laforge

    2019 anyone.?

  46. True Music

    2019 still in an 8bit world.

  47. Someone Idk

    can't believe this is still a bop
    fucking miss the golden days of youtube.
    if there was a better time to be a creator this was it.

  48. newbdude _

    Donkey Rhubarb called, it wants its sample back. (all jokes aside, this is a great song, and i miss the music)

  49. trezira reynolds

    Who else still watching in late 2019?

    SoThatHappend 2020

    trezira reynolds This was my first ever video I saw them make when I was like 9 or 10


    2020 bro

    TheMadMan Escaped

    Sup dude

    TheMadMan Escaped

    @TheAsthmaticAirsofter apparently RWJ didn't entirely own YFM and when Ray wanted to go and make music legitimately... the company he was with at the time wouldn't allow him. They got greedy so he cut them off. He ceased all production on YFM.

    J Z

    I’m watching in 2020 when almost all of these characters are now in smash.

  50. out here

    2019 who still listening on god🙏😭😢

  51. Muglorgrimlockable

    Miss u ray suxs u gave us something so great and then left us high and dry fiending

  52. TheHazardousSquids

    I think after stopping music Ray got sad about it and forced himself to forget about forever but deep inside he still has this on his mind. We have to find a way to reach him and tell him to start this up again. I know I’m not the only one

  53. chubby - chan

    it’s sad cuz this song was ahead of its time-

  54. Emily Martino

    I love this guy

  55. KagamiNate

    Anyone else want a comeback of YFM?

  56. benjo murray

    After all these years i came back

  57. Rainbow Bowser

    Bruh I need help with this nostalgia


    80's or 200's nostalgia?

  58. PacMan

    PacMan is A Game About Eating Ghosts!

  59. Assassin Zack

    Anyone still watching these in 2019?

  60. Beanie Boy

    Day 1276: the comments have gone dead

    Joseph Lemelle

    Beanie Boy not yet 👌

  61. clawfan101

    Knew about Hoodie before everyone else thanks to this masterpiece

  62. Glitchyy

    When it's 1985 and you get drunk while playing Mario.

  63. Kevin Inzunza

    2019 still here listening to YFM

  64. RainbowblitzFTW

    Man the nostalgia is Real

  65. derril takeover

    I still love this song

  66. oberredstar

    As a nintendo fan i found this offensive but epic :D

  67. Sam Ramos

    This is so beautiful that ray made this possible...

    Sam Ramos

    Pure nostalgia

  68. Brandon Matthews

    Way way waaay back! :')

  69. The Hound

    This was the last good one imo


    So y’all just gone act like this didn’t exist 🤨

  71. Brogeta LeKhey

    Never realised,hoodie guy got the Vegeta haircut.

  72. BTagz

    Idk why they stopped making videos

  73. IX LJ

    no cap ya should bring this back

  74. Zawachi Senpai

    Its 16 bit xd

    JuvenileAustenn. . .


  75. bananaslol1


  76. zoenicoletv

    And were all rocking with Starbomb now.

  77. Conor

    i was 8 when i listened to this channel, im 14 now and im just realising some of these jokes in this song

  78. Saitama

    Time for some vrchat

  79. Phoenix North

    Song is so nostalgic cuz I played these games as a kid

  80. Orange Charz

    8 years later and this song is still a BOP

  81. I am The Senate

    Fuckin 8 years chief, we miss you

  82. Nehway Sahn

    Man...the nostalgia.

  83. ltg4 4

    I remember playing this out loud to my friends on the bus, good times man.

  84. Woopet

    8 years old coming soon, man i miss these times

  85. sabec

    This was the first YFM song I ever heard 7 years ago when I was 10 and Im still coming back to it today. The memories.

  86. Pandra bodo

    Who would have thought id be,back to this music in 2019 XD STILL A BOP🤘

  87. MESKORAX & Jung Berg

    still listening in 2019. who else?

  88. Terrell Smith

    Still visiting in 2019 miss this shit!!

  89. SAZERU

    jesus christ, listening to this i can remember the exact position in my old house the first time i saw this video. i miss it those days, damn

  90. WizardCow

    Hey where's the repeat button

  91. Fakskis

    I completely, 100%, unironically, still enjoy this.