Youngstown - Float Away Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Breathtaking your making me so happy
When you kiss my lips tell me that you love only me (no one else)
Over and over baby you're all I dream (you're all I dream)
Let me show you what I mean
Baby, your love lifts me off the ground
So kiss me one more time and watch me
Float away
Float away
Cuz your loving makes me high I float away

[Verse 2:]
My love, when I think of you my head gets light (float away)
And girl when you smile at me my heart takes flight (float away)
Across the stars we meet there's no place I'd rather be
Than right here with you right next to me

Baby, your love lifts me off the ground
So kiss me one more time and watch me
Float away
Float away
Cuz your loving makes me high I float away Bridge:
No star is quite as bright
As the twinkle in your eye
Come fly with me tonight
We'll meet up in the sky
Baby love has wings, baby love has wings
For you and me, for you and me away

Baby, your love lifts me off the ground (off the ground)
So kiss me one more time and watch me (watch me float away)
Float away Float away
Cuz your loving makes me high I float away
Baby, your love lifts me off the ground (off the ground)
So kiss me one more time and watch me (watch me)
Float away
Float away (float away)
Cuz you loving makes me high I float away

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Youngstown Float Away Comments
  1. Dreamer

    Everyone gets wet and feels it, come on, you can do better than that... Nice song anyway.

  2. Ricardo Magana

    This is now the Deadlift song

  3. R.E.N.

    Vine buscando cobre y encontrar diamante (/-.-)/

  4. Jadens life.

    Y’all came from sawyer klatt video


    Sawyer Klattt

  6. Joseph Tang

    Sawyer klatt anyone?

    Hamza Mudassar

    Joseph Tang yessir sons a beast 🔥

    Akash Ghosh

    Yes sir

  7. Rh Aesthetics




  8. Levı

    Unfortunately I am the one just getting wet


    But sometimes I feel too


    @Levı deep


    @insioni :)

  9. SteamFox

    ahh yes 2000 likes to 20 dislikes. The perfect 100:1 ratio.

  10. Karim boussad

    How come nobody asked for the lyrics, WHERE ARE MY LYRICSS

  11. Lucas Andrea

    Time to get wet...

  12. F0-cker kid

    When you piss it leaks bit by bit

  13. Forever Madridista

    These quotes are hard

  14. ᏁᎧᎩᏬᎷᎥ

    this song+picture are just magic

  15. unitNitro

    Never enough Animadrop. this will sustain me for now.

  16. Claire Shefferly

    “Some people make it rain,
    Others hate their Reign”


  17. Igor Jovanov

    Great stuff. Those vocals though. 👍👍👍

  18. niko nunez

    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" damn, thats deep

  19. yoda thinker

    i love the music i feel swept away by the flow of the beat like im in a wave of heaven

  20. Sitruc Wong

    When I first saw this video, which is when I got home, I was like "Ayyy ". Then when I looked at the quote I was like "Dang man, people have hard lives. I thought I had the hard life."

  21. Khelyno

    0:56-1:50 is just too good

  22. Albert Jou

    In before tens of fitness youtubers use this song for their workout edits (including myself lmao)

  23. Socha


  24. Gustavo Carvalho

    I remember watching a part of this song in one of your lives... I really loved this track.

  25. Aemiliana Rosewood

    Let'S float away Animadrop! xd


    It is rare to find voice in the songs of animadrop, this was wonderful!

  27. t.a. Karuciel

    Animadrop, can always trust it will be a banger to add to my playlist.👌👏

  28. Illumi Music

    I simply love your uploads! 😍

  29. ZER0TW0

    Animadrop always has the best beats and drops, 'nuff said.

    Uchiha Itati

    he was famous for his dub step - synthway style

  30. Achraf Dhrari


  31. I'm your Sick Boy

    This song is so good, and the quote hits me hard.

  32. Anuqz

    i feel that quote.

  33. x_Raptr_x

    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet", Some acknowledge there sorrows, others drown in them.

  34. Mini

    "The space of a life is the same, wether you sing or wether you cry."

    Japanese proverb

  35. Wind Beats

    Amazing work on this one !

  36. MasterchiefSR10

    I remember that quote from, somewhere, but I don't remember where...

  37. Co0kienIceCre4m -

    Don’t know why but I really like these type of artworks

  38. Hope For The Highway

    I showed this to my dad, He's my son now

    Chris Mendoza

    Hope For The Highway have fun doing your mother!

    Chris Mendoza

    Just kidding man

  39. Sanja Savic

    Great music 💕💖

  40. Vince Knows

    This has my Seal of Approval.
    👇Anyone Agree?

  41. Cameron Gooch

    A faint clap of thunder
    Even if the rain comes not
    I will stay here, together with you

  42. Andy Igrys

    Such a chilling experience right from the get go. And those vocals... ughhh i want more of this! Thank you!

  43. _Prinxess.Cryxbxby_

    ''Some people cry in the rain, just to hope that the pain will also wash away''


    Champaklal Gada oh, thx for that lol

    Radwa Alaa

    That hits me hard because i felt this way yesterday and i cried in the rain a lot 😭💔

  44. larynes

    Shit, it's not valiant, its epic! :D

  45. Dr. Hendricks

    u already used that quote on another vid
    if ur gonna use them over again at least pick the ones that are not that catchy

  46. Shinuuu

    The quote "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." is from Bob Marley. Just saying.

    The Players

    What does it mean

  47. Callum

    This sounds absolutely amazing in every way possible 👍


    chúc bạn thành công với kênh của mình

  49. Lore Master

    "some people feel the rain,others just get wet".... giggity

  50. Shubhojit Ghosh


  51. dazzled _Viv

    blessings from Animadrop... what could be better ❤️❤️❤️


    Nothing can beat him

  52. Feathered Soul

    Animadrop ur talent is truly divine - together with jael's superb voice u just created an absolute masterpiece shit im not first comment

  53. XxArmyAmyxX X

    a way too start the mourning,Never disappointing

  54. shady akram


  55. Valiant

    The cinematic god has blessed us with a new Animadrop track! This song carries alot of emotion with the vocals along with such a powerful instrumental. Every second is worth listening, hope you all like it! ❤️

    Nixoony Deku

    @Valiant. Damn, I feel this song so much. :3 It’s one of the best I’ve heard yet from you. Please do continue posting your music. <3