Youngstown - Anything And Everything Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
What do you dream about
Look at the stars honey
All you gotta do is pick one out
It's there for you
I'll be the one who makes your every dream come true

Close your eyes and baby
Make a wish
'cause baby, I'll give you anything and everything
The sky's the limit and my heart is in it
I'll give you anything and everything
Anything and everything

[Verse 2:]
Where do you want to go
Look at the world baby
All you gotta do is just say so
I'll take you there
Girl you know that love can send you anywhere


I could spoil you
Make it easy
Make you happy if you let me
Won't you let me

I'll be the one who makes your every dream come true

[Repeat Chorus to end]

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Youngstown Anything And Everything Comments
  1. Tommy Jordan

    I used to rewind this everytime in a VRC

  2. Sarah Schmidt

    2020 anyone?

  3. vinimoore91

    1:30 a 1:38 so badass

  4. Jeremy Garner

    Woolie, why the fuck

  5. Samantha Hayes

    Kewl beans

  6. Samantha Hayes

    I love this song

  7. Samantha Hayes

    Cool beans kewl beans

  8. Samantha Hayes

    Youngstown. Awesome song

  9. Derron

    I think I remember this song especially since I have seen the movie.

  10. Montae Warren

    What is the name of inspector gadget hat name is everybody?

  11. Goddess Neecy

    Ugh take me baaaack lol 💘

  12. H81234

    Inspector Gadget is on Disney + in case anyone was looking for a website to watch it on.

    voiceless glottal fricative

    I saw it and remembered it so I watched it and remembered this and came back here after years.


    I completely forgot it existed for several years and then I saw it on Disney + list of movies and remembered this song. I was so obsessed with this song when it came out.

    voiceless glottal fricative

    @H81234 same lol

  13. Torey White

    I am a HUGE Inspector Gadget fan! I remember this as one of my all-time favorite Saturday morning cartoons at the age of 10. I am super glad they put this in the movie of how it all started and how it all begins. One time I once said, "I wish I want to be just like him. A hero of justice and the law."

  14. Zuda

    I'm gay now

  15. ihouse85

    It’s The Cringy Boys.

  16. Rosie Tillman

    Anyone here because they watched Inspector Gadget on Disney+

  17. liana campos

    Those dimples tho 😍 omg!

  18. liana campos

    I always felt like Sammy was kinda useless in the group. Just saying

  19. Maria Rosa

    A buena

    Música de young Town I lo he humor

    Evrithing uno jefe o. Like si mucho a loff tema del inspector gayer de Disney poco usual pero no conocidos como los five

  20. 101 kingred

    Yo 20 years later and I'm still vibin to this lol

  21. DaRealist MyNizzle

    I used to watch this on VCR tape

  22. Danny Ballistic

    God bless Disney+ for putting this movie on its list

  23. deenr qqwe

    This is a weird bop

  24. Kristian Fischer

    This film’s just campy enough to still hold up XD

  25. Just a girl from Phoenix

    My 30 year old self wants to go back to this era now please!!

  26. Fausto Bello


  27. Derek Kinman

    Who is the best inspector gadget Matthew Broderick or French Stewart who is the best penny Michelle tranchenberg or Caitlin walchs who is the best dr claw Rupert Everett or tony Martin

  28. Tee Cee

    Still in Oct 2019. Great Song..

  29. liana campos

    Omg I forgot how beautiful DC was to me when I was a kid. Lol

  30. Rorania

    I miss bad movies made better by music actually created for it.

  31. _ ƒяσggι _

    This sounds odd to say on YouTube but i'm not trolling or joking but i'm the doughter of Samual Lopez Jr. Im now 12.

  32. Cherry Movies Blu rays Dvds e tudo sobre Cinema

    n sync?

    Osa F

    Cherry Movies Blu rays Dvds e tudo sobre Cinema no

    voiceless glottal fricative


  33. Colleen Ladybug

    Better than some modern music

  34. Marta Zuccarin

    DC y love you

  35. jord

    Met them at a mall years ago and DC kissed my cheek! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. yaloolah42

    I only have ever known 30 seconds of this song from the trailer on one of our VHS....
    Lol this whole thing is wicked XD

  37. Daniel B

    No lie this song still goes!

  38. Nick Bauer

    Hmmmmmm that’s good nineties!

  39. Julian Rodriguez

    I just wanna be A kid again

  40. peedrin123


  41. Tx3089 Gaming

    I can hear the VHS 2:15 on my right earphone

  42. Ani Alderete

    Ahora mismo termine de ver la película en Netflix recordando mí infancia je y en los créditos sale esta canción me gusto tanto que la busque ❤️⚙️

  43. Jenny Warm

    What happened to the original lyrics of freak you with my gadget 😂😂

  44. Bryan Lettow

    Now I know why things like Eminem were popular during this period, this is corny as hell. I'd need to escape this mainstream garbage.

  45. Legion Iscariot

    This takes me back.

  46. Timothy Apollo

    I liked this song alot

  47. MrGabeanator

    20 years today

  48. Nicole Mills

    I ain’t seen these guys in years, Remember when they recorded it

  49. Zaicha Ruth Nieves

    Anyone still listening 2019? I am!

  50. Diyar Dashti M.S.

    I remember recording this on my casette player!!

    Just a girl from Phoenix

    Diyar Dashti M.S. me too!

  51. STEVE P

    20 years old. Amazing.

  52. oliver maxemman

    nostalgic 90's

  53. That One Guy You Know

    This was my childhood I saw this movie and song in 2004 when I was 3 and fell in love with song ah flashbacks to nom

  54. johnny martin

    I love this song

  55. Ghost Chaser

    You can call me when you want me
    If you need a friend, you've got me
    I'll be your everything
    Fulfill your every dream
    We can do it automatic
    I'll just call out "Go - Go Gadget!"
    I'll be your everything
    You'll see, I'm everything you want,

  56. funnyhispanic


  57. Mikael Moreira Dos Santos

    Posters in unbreakable

  58. hades king

    This clip is in material bonus on north american dvd edition but not on the european edition. unfear...

  59. Jeffrey Herrington

    Who's watching this video in 2019?

    Nathan Cruz

    Jeffrey Herrington 2:36-2:47 Me.

  60. MissApril85xoxo

    Yass I remember this song!the movie was awful but the song was 👌i was in 7th grade

    voiceless glottal fricative

    movie was great imo, 2nd one was trash. didnt give the same vibes as the first one and not even Matthew Broderick as IG.

  61. Mike Nardi

  62. Joseph Lowry

    I love this movie theme song for the movie.

  63. Joseph Lowry

    Where are Youngstown🤨🇺🇸?

  64. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    If it wasn't for Mathew Brodrick, then I probably would hate this movie.


    I agree. Matthew Brodrick is an underrated actor. It's too bad the sequel sucks

    voiceless glottal fricative

    Agreed. Matthew Broderick made the movie and wa perfect for the role. I'd love the sequel if the other actors besides the Gadget Mobile were returning.

  65. Fandyboy 33

    Inspector Gadget is a half of my childhood! I'll miss him!

  66. Tardysauce 14

    Why am I 27 years old and still singing this song??? Damn I miss being a kid!

  67. ZeXplain 1

    Still, love the first movie but not the second movie

  68. Steven Jordan

    Go go gadget, boy band

  69. Sam D

    I used to watch this over and over again when I was little, it’s so surreal seeing this again.

  70. James Bogucheski

    The difference between Inspector Gadget and Iron Man is that with Inspector Gadget, what matters is on the inside.

  71. Kendra Unique

    And just call our gogo gadgeeeeeeet 😩 #2019🤘🏼

  72. Bissah6

    I still remember all the words, someone take me back

  73. King Similien

    Why tf my dumbass thought O-Town sung this🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. Isabel Moya

    Anyone 2019!!

    Just a girl from Phoenix

    Isabel Moya 🙋🙋

  75. Devin Curtis

    Is this what I would listen to nowadays? Hell No, but just because this is a vital part of my childhood I'll always like this song and video

  76. TheChosenSquirrel

    The nostalgia is killing me

  77. JAKECOTCENTER Productions

    Being born in 2000 defiantly has its benefits

  78. robo

    Love it

  79. James Moyner

    The movie is horrible and not at all even funny, but this song is so catchy and beautifully dated you can’t help, but smile when hearing it!

  80. Amanda Gilliam

    Lord how I miss the 90s!!!!

    Isaiah Wasabi

    It would've been cool if it was

  81. Tankgirl

    Why did I always think this was song by N'SYNC?? Shame on me.

  82. Soljahkoon Skoop'dance-collection

  83. nahom zemedkun

    Dam the girls in this are fineeeeee.

  84. ohnoesies

    Still love this song and movie deeply!

  85. Jarrah White

    It's like they put all their effort into the music, the special effects, but next to none in following the source material.

  86. darryify

    This was my song

  87. martina sawyer

    Oh shit!!!!!! I 4 got about this,😨😭

  88. Rachel Hizar

    Wow.. oldie.. 💜

  89. jay dejesus

    a decade without watchin and i still know the words

  90. miguelv 147

    You Will make a new video?

  91. Fat

    This music video is gay as a bitch

  92. comedeyzone

    Don wry gurl. Ima fine out wat da deal is.

  93. Angeliyah Armani

    anyone else live in Youngstown LOL

  94. Dustin Sova

    God, I miss the 90s