YoungBloodZ - Shakem Off Lyrics

[Sean Paul]
Sean Paul, gotta get 'em drunk
Gotta shakem' off in the club, get it crunk
Give you what you want, shawty got what ya need
Set dat thang out, get down on ya knees
Ya know I'm kinda picky, like my girls tricky
Tricky kinda greasy, gotta be freaky
Sho' nuff, know to blow, that's how thangs go
Charge it to da game, ya know I gotta lay low
So tell me how ya know everything gravy
You're under to the cover 'cause my homeboy paid me
These gulls goin crazy, ya gotta shakem' off
They be all up in yo grill and I be all up in they mouth, ho

[Chorus 4x]
So shakem' off (Shakem' Off)
Shakem' off (Shakem' Off)
What's up, it's Youngbloodz, we shakem' off (Shakem' Off)

They about 5-4, 2 or 3 inches, cut 'em loose
And let 'em bend wit that wind as I guzzle duece
Goose cook, so is she hot wit dat boilin point
Must revolve 'cause these broads wanna lock dat joint
And pick-pocket through all you fools, soon as you choose
Ohh shit, so lock and pause for that girl called
Is a ho, now what you know, so let it go
To show that what she is, is nothin mo'
But a hungry simple freak that'll take yo cash
And laugh and be gone so long you can't even ask
And from what's left, you envy without a dime
So watch out for them felines in heat that cross dat line

[Chorus 4x]

[Sean Paul]
Well I'm Sean Paul, I got gulls galore
You might get a lot of cut but I gets much more

Well I'm J-Bo, got these broads in check
Stayin down for the real and got no time to flex

[Sean Paul & J-Bo]

[Sean Paul]
Them boyz that got dat mean mugg

Stompin in the club, boy gon' get ya scrubbed

[Sean Paul]
I got them gulls goin for that low-low

Boy get yourself some face befo' ya let that girl go

[Chorus 4x]


[Chorus 4x]

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YoungBloodZ Shakem Off Comments
  1. Austin Edwards

    The Young Bloodz Forever Classic🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🎹🎹🎤🎤🎵🎶🎶🔥🔥🎧🎵

  2. Jeron White

    I’m from Mobile Alabama and even I know this was when Atlanta was 🔥 that old Atlanta

  3. sixsense foundation


  4. Timothy Mason

    2019💪🏾🔥 classic ATL music‼️

  5. ThatsMrTimex2You

    This song should be part of a pop quiz for "We Full" in ATL.......if you can't properly discuss this track and not U-Way and 85 then you should pack your shit and move. Gotta love the good ol' days.

  6. zava34

    TI copied sean P whole style and swag


    zava34 They’re all from Atlanta so of course it’s going to be some similiarities.... But now that you’ve said that, I can actually see it now! Like the face expressions he’s doing in this video, TI was doing them also in his music videos in the beginning of his career also


    youngbloodz came out in 98' TI didn't come out until 01' his first album flopped

  7. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    Makes me wanna shake everything off

  8. John Mongelli

    J-bo born on 4-10-1977

  9. John Mongelli

    Happy Birthday J-Bo from the Youngbloodz music group just turn 42 today

  10. Richard Brown

    Sean p remind me of TI

    Terrell Gaither

    Richard Brown ti stole some of his swag

  11. Unapologetically BLACK

    Westend Mall...... site of the THUGLIFE incident

  12. Candace Pryor

    I remember when they were Attic Crew

  13. Delanis McCarter

    the dress code back then was just so simple

  14. E-Live Da God

    The birth of ATL trap/crunk.

  15. Justin Figgins

    Attic Crew, Dungeon Family, P$C, DSGB.

  16. TheRelentless1ne

    1998-2018#20YrsAgoYall #OldAtlanta #WhatIGrewUpOn I was in high school when this came out.

  17. tory rapp

    When I first heard this song it was at a concert in Greenville SC never seen are heard Young Blood before but when they hit the stage opening for Outkast rapping shake'm off I was like who the **** them ***** is turn out to one of the best concert of my life .

  18. Ray Symon3

    ATL Classic!!!!! Z6ne

  19. Marcella Collier

    Whoever goes for Youngbloodz; l love you all so much because we all know they are underrated!!! CellaMadea

  20. Gd Piramidka


  21. Lyfeanmusiq

    Holy shit I swear J-Bo sounds exactly like Khujo Goodie. Like too identical...

  22. Derek Knowles

    Even though I was 4 or 5 in 98-99 I still remember these songs l grew up on Outkast now we have these gay rappers ruining ATL

  23. Abdul x

    Bumping this now in 2017

  24. BigTymin

    still the shiiiieeett

  25. Salty Siren

    This song plays in my head on a daily basis whilst maintaining sanity on Earth

  26. Richard Martin

    What's up its YoungBloodz shake em off

  27. 1MichaeLHooD745

    Shake Off tha NWO

  28. 1MichaeLHooD745


  29. Millz _10723

    I remember going to golden glide off this track in the back of my Cuzzo Impala!


    Eastside shit

  30. Austin Edwards

    YoungBloodz Forever

  31. Supa Dave

    Miss this

  32. zava34

    this was the real Atlanta! now its gays and queers getting the push

    Richard Martin

    zava34 Somebody understands me. What happened to the East Coast since 97...

    Richard Martin

    zava34 Somebody understands me. What happened to the East Coast since 97...

  33. insanebeatjunkie

    woe he sound like khujo goodie

    Dwight Williams

    +insanebeatjunkie First thing I thought when he kicked off the second verse

    Jacobi Panama

    insanebeatjunkie Bruh i’ve heard this song 1 million times and I never thought about that until today. Glad I’m not the only one.


    Damn, just noticed that.

    lavante page

    Coming up n Atlanta how could he not know


    Maybe Khudjo influenced his style.

  34. KoolIzNSession W

    The real A and I miss this era. Now it's young thug and this weirdo bs that's popular currently. smh

    Bobby Johnson

    so tru !!!!


    this that club bounce,esso,112,world bar,vegas nights old Atlanta shit

    Unapologetically BLACK

    You gotta realize that the Generation of Atalienz are about to be Grandparents 😂😂 hard to believe that I survived Atlanta Georgia in the 1980-90....and 2G... Life is quite now but man this was a wild place

    analeah malay

    KoolIzNSession W I definitely agree!!!

  35. Sebastian Johnson

    ZONE 6 Biiiish!!!

  36. Toby Williford

    Give some love to these guys. Old school having fun rep atl. Young bloodz this CD is worth owning. Blow some trees and ride

  37. drexler456

    YoungBloodZ said shake 'em off way before Taylor Swift did!

  38. LaSonjaKay

    This was my shit back den!!!!!!

  39. Jessica Walker


  40. GankstaBoneHD

    My favorite song

  41. landon turner

    he got me on with a young buck instrumental. hope i dont find that mf

  42. Dunstan Harris


  43. MENACE g

    Wats up wit TEZ???

  44. Chris Singer

    Is this there very first music video?? there showing there names like we don't know who they are already

  45. Chris Singer

    this shit is a classic!!!!

  46. Music Power

    The club used to erupt when the dj cut this on. I'm so lucky to have been living in Atlanta when all these songs were in rotation. Shawtys throwin bows, gurls Bankhead Bouncin, I miss it so much!

  47. mobde

    Fuck TEZ Aka Mike montez or James Johnson watch out for that froud ass nigga

  48. mrperfect390

    str8 up

  49. mrperfect390


  50. ChevyB1986

    correction te other sean paul was from jamaica

  51. BlakSpade420

    Good Ol Days! I Miss Dem Ol ATL Days!

  52. tmcgordon

    AWESOME SONG AND GROUP!!! I saw them perform live on several occasions and it was an absolute TREAT each time! The YoundgBloodz/Attic Crew are a great group of guys that were very appreciative of their fans!! Still have mucho love for ya Sean Paul, LOL!! ;-)

  53. DJSwafford92

    Who was the rapper with the first verse?

  54. Tammy Dixon

    Awwwh look at Sean, I knew him when he was a lil preppy boy! Too cute! : )

  55. R. Mills

    @1:38 u can see Polow Da Don back when he was a member of Jim Crow

  56. Amy Peterson

    South side College Park!!!!

    Yolanda Glenn

    Amy Peterson Shady Park checking in!!!

  57. missypoo8719

    Throwback classic down south music