YoungBloodZ - No Average Playa Lyrics

We made sixty pancakes, ate about six.
We played ten games of pick-up sticks,
Counts cars on Route 66,
but there's nothing much to do.
We played four games of checkers,
three games of chess, two of Monopoly, more or less.
We tried to be neat. We made quite a mess.
Now there's nothing much to do!

Nothing to do. Nothing to do. Nothing to do.
Nothing to do. Nothing to do. Nothing really,
Nothing to do.
We played in the house, played in the grass.
I played teacher, I barely passed.
Listened to some music. That was pretty cool,
but there's nothing much to do!
We ate two fat bananas, a thin piece of cheese.
An apple to crunch. An orange to squeeze.
Got a milk moustache, which you wiped on your sleeve.
Talk about nothing much to do.


We've already done bout a hundred and twenty-one
of our favorite fun things to do.
But we won't be satisfied, remotely satisfied,
til we find number one twenty-two.


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YoungBloodZ No Average Playa Comments
  1. Lugard Mendosa

    Still listingen 2019

  2. Harry Clark

    As a youging had this for voicemai intro lol

  3. DivaSand

    2018 still💥💥

  4. J Philly

    Me and my boy used to get lit on the way to HS basketball/ football games to this. Fresh throwback with the dickies and filas. Str8 slaying them hoes. 03-07. Damn those were the days

  5. Shontae Weeks

    young bloodz i wont you so whats it gonna be my fav hitta yea💯💘💘💘😍

  6. Matthew Altizer

    still fu#kin with it 2016 almost 17

  7. Tez Frontstreet

    Produced By Front Street Entertainment 
    For Hits Like This And Other Songs By Youngbloodz,, Sleepy Brown, Jim Crow & More Follow our Producers On IG & Twitter  @Frontstreetent

  8. danny moore


  9. ZAY The Bull

    The album cover was a random Pic..... TeamMWE ZAY The Bull

  10. Luchini

    I agree with u both hands down! This is classic fire