YoungBloodZ - Dat'z Me Lyrics

[Young Buck]
ATL, shawty! (G-Unit!)
Young Buck, Youngbloodz

I'm talkin' dirty, wit' bout 80 thousand in my mouth
I'm stompin' through this bitch, movin' 'em in, and shippin' 'em out
Breath smell like Hennessey, my clothes smell like weed
ATL & Tennessee, I'm right up the street
In the club where the thugs be, it be hard to breathe
Sean Paul said we gon' bust they head before we leave
I brought so good wit me, and I got my hood wit me
Cadillac'n all through College Park, I'm talkin bout wood grippin'
Dirty South, they bullshittin', you can't ride on them down here
Niggaz can damn well fit inside their rims round here
And our hoes drop it down to the ground like they supposed to
Or fuck a nigga whole crew, anytime we roll through
Young Buck and Youngbloodz, we came here to show you
Just how to start a fight and what that Grey Goose and dro'll do
Snatch me a ho or two, niggaz know howe we do it
Ain't nothin' change, you know the game, it's G-Unit!

[Chorus One: Young Buck]
Totin' guns, rollin' blunts, Gettin' crunk - That's Me
Switchin' lanes, grippin' grains, Got them thangs - That's Me
Swervin Lex, Servin X, Countin' stacks - That's Me
Cook it up and bring it back, That's a fact - That's Me

[Chorus Two: Sean Paul]
Stay fresh, white tees, sharp crease - That's Me
In the Chevy grippin' grain, drippin' paint - That's Me
In the club, 'bout drunk, stay crunk - That's Me
Represent the A-Town, best believe - That's Me

[Sean Paul]
Now on the realer, I'm a hell of a nigga
Like when I was down in that 'Cedes Dealer came out a winner
I'm a big bank flipper, purple syrup sipper
Stuntin' ass nigga, cost my thunder for some spinners
Don't you see the chain and watch, bitch, we chillin' like December
Finna change the weather when I stick it out the window
And I don't want no sack, mayn, don't give me that ever
And if the price the lo'-lo', then gon' give me two mo'
Give me two-lo, when I ride out with two hoes
One dark skin, one light skin, wit two though
Let the top down and let them hoes hair blow
Fired up some dro, this like ridin on two fo's wit' two hoes

[Chorus Two]

[Chorus Three: J-Bo]
Stay slizzard on Patron, Herringbone - That's Me
In the club tippin' strippers, sippin' Goose - That's Me
Ridin' clean, blowin' good on that dro - That's Me
Dirty South, Straight Country, 105 - That's Me

See I can tell by the way they look me in the eye
That he's a ho, and she's a bitch, and often many try
But like a soldier, I'mma rid til' I fuckin' die
Swerve on the buster, run up and put one in the sky
And if you ain't comprehendin' what I'm sayin' to ya
It's 105, Youngbloodz, and I ain't playin' wit'hca
Now watch me break 'em down, back 'em up, and ship 'em out
Even steady, comin', breakin bread, what I'm talkin' bout
Cause what you didn't know, is how I get so many hoes
How I keep it pimpin' never, sippin' cause I'm all pro
And yeah, I see you like the way we do it big
Pull up in the old schools, blowin, hoppin' out the whip

[Chorus Three]

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two]

[Sean Paul Ab-libbing throughout the remainder of the song]

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YoungBloodZ Dat'z Me Comments
  1. Hongo Haruhisa



  2. Bless Love

    Yung bloodz #2019 who wit me!

  3. GRod

    2019 stand up!

  4. Derrick Clark

    "In the Chevy Gripping Grain dripping paint that's me " 🙏

  5. Abztraktt

    They shouldve just gave Buck this joint, he stomped all over that mf

  6. mr hepburn

    Sean Paul said we gon bust a head before we leave

  7. Rod Spodar

    2018 still listening

  8. Liam Burke

  9. Intelligent Brother

    DAT heat in 2018 still

  10. Abztraktt

    I SWEAR TO GOD, Buck was one of the best guest rappers of the 2000s!!!

    Jeffrey Neece

    Abztraktt buck still been killing it check out his 10 series mixtapes if you haven’t already ! 10 plugs 10bricks 10bullets 10bodies ect ....


    Abztraktt fo sho


    almost 2018 and im still on this. 8 12"s in a bubble with this song, everyone waking.up

  12. Bruno Augusto

    does anyone have the video clip?

  13. Rob Welch

    This shit is real. You gotta be Bumpin this shit while smokin a fat blunt gettin road head, ownin my ghetto white boy hood.... Datz me lol



  14. bronze johnson

    sample from Kill Bill

  15. Marina Ivanova


  16. Keshia Edmond

    mursic.....I am waiting on the radio music...come on now....

  17. John Wright



    John Wright Straight up!!

  18. Rodrys Dim

    foda veio.. bass absurdo..

  19. Aribo

    realest shit in da hoood

  20. danijel vasic

    The remix is The best The original its Shit

  21. FisheyGuy

    well that was a tease....i went to click on the link for the discography and realized it was megaupload lol :( maybe can u upload it to fileserve?

  22. nopi01

    youngbloodz need to come back one more time and drop some real shit .....not that shit i hear on the radio this days

  23. tsvetyhp

    speachless !

  24. Brandon Bovero

    mannn this was the bomb i remeber this shittt

  25. Daniel Reid

    damn this shit make me think of now and

  26. blue diamond

    diz my shxt

  27. djm93

    Bad Ass