YoungBloodZ - Damn! (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro Lil' Jon]


[Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri]
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck.
(If you already know).

[Jermaine Dupri:] So So Def
[Lil' Jon:] What! What! Hey.
[Jermaine Dupri:] It's the YoungBloodz
[Lil' Jon:] You know!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Uh!
[Lil' Jon:] Yeah!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Lil' Jon
[Lil' Jon:] Yeah!
[Lil' Jon:] Yeah!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Bone Crusher
[Lil' Jon:] Yeah!
[Jermaine Dupri:] And my man Ludacris!
[Lil' Jon:] Let's go!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Let's go!

[Verse #1 Ludacris]
D-T-P, motherfucker! goin' four years strong.
Got plenty haters, really wishin' I ain't last this long.
And please don't get it twisted I ain't Hollywood yet
I just jumped in that movie to get a big ass check (that's right).
So fool break yourself, that's the phrase that pays,
I'm about to open my own shop, AK's and Chevrolets.
I just bought 20 acres, and I'm still in the hood,
they like damn lova-lova's doin' pretty damn good
So when it comes to this paper I don't slack to get it (uh huh).
They call me lazy, 'cause my cribs gotta' elevator in it (that's right).
It's sorry to say, but it's harder to see, and I don't have to hit the club, I'll bring the party to me (uh huh).
'cause I'm the Lord of the Lord, and the King of the Kings.
I never claim to be hard just down for my team (that's right).
Shawna, 20, Chingy, Titty and Fate, I grab a booty and pinch, and lick the titty, and shake.

[Verse #2 Sean P.]
Now roll back in the street, working, stackin' my bread, put some in the hood,
'cause I got plenty to spread, and a brand new lac, on some brand new feet,
a brand new grill shinin' like a gold teeth, still ride with AK's, still sweep in the street,
but I'm a real G, I ain't got no time for beef, I don't train for nothing nigga,
I'm a part of the street and live life everyday, like it's a party to me.

Well I'm for sure with it, if it's money to be made, well I'm gonna' go get it,
split it wit' 'da hood, and den get some throw wit' it.
Catch me swirvin' through your hood, no he didn't, did he?
Straight up sippin' on some hen, I ain't no go get it.
I leave the tapes for the supper.
Separate the hard motherfucker from all the busters (from all the busters).
To the grinder's in the hustle, so I know that you feel me.
Put your hood up in 'da air, represent for your city.

[Chorus Ludacris, Lil' Jon, Jermaine Dupri and Bone Crusher:]
[Lil' Jon:] Yeah!
[Ludacris and Bone Crusher:] If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck nigga!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Say what, say what
[Ludacris and Bone Crusher:] If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck nigga!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Say what, say what
[Ludacris and Bone Crusher:] If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck!
[Jermaine Dupri:] Say what, say what
[Ludacris and Bone Crusher:] If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck nigga! (nigga!)
[Lil' Jon:] Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit! [x4]

[Verse #3 J-Bo, and Jermaine Dupri]
Now who the hell wanna tangle my ankle, I'm sittin' off.
To the party, no party like Crusher, we Break 'Em Off.
YoungBloodz and Ludacris in which you know the names.
We runnin' through your speakers like big balls of flame.
Living like hurricanes,
We blowin' through your town, wipin' out your system, and shuttin' the club down.
'cause we don't give a fuck, already you know the deal.
Like soldiers, we walk slow, so listen close, and clear.
'cause we don't act foolish, and we send chumps back to school (uh huh).
And teach them motherfuckers to never break the rules (that's right).
Lesson one, some pimps don't never crack the style.
Lesson two, respect they been doin' it for a while (c'mon).
A-Town, Southbound, we bumpin' down your block.
Switch it from lane-to-lane, you know it don't stop (nah).
We back, and still foolish, and poppin' like once before'.
So go and throw it up my people, now hear the flow.

[Chorus Ludacris, Lil' Jon, Jermaine Dupri, and Bone Crusher]

[Verse #4 Bone Crusher]
I won the strongest competition in '94.
For benching 600 pounds and no more.
That equals 6 of your feathered waists gonna hit the floor.
So a nigga want a buck then a nigga needa' know.
I'm serious with this, pardon my french, but I'm this shit.
You about 6 fuckin' seconds away from catchin' these bricks (hahaha).
When it's all said and done, and I ain't done this song.
You better ask fuckin' more so you all niggas learn.
I cry for this paper, shake a nigga down for his paper.
These underacheiven' niggas always hate you.
So you gotta keep your need lock and load for these takers.
You all niggas harder than my daughter on a seven o clock wake up
Wake up, YoungBloodz and Bone Crusher fuck niggas discover (uh huh).
Put them fight strips on you and watch you suffer.
They call me noodanator, a bitch nigga bluffer.
Watch you see me in the streets, with all your mean brothers, you bitch!

[Chorus Ludacris, Lil' Jon, Jermaine Dupri, and Bone Crusher]
[fades out]

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YoungBloodZ Damn! (Remix) Comments
  1. Tony Piselli

    So much better than the original track, still jamming 2019

  2. Unity

    Back in high school

  3. Hongo Haruhisa

    So So Def


  4. Christopher Loesch

    Who still not givin a fuck in 2019?

  5. Jenn Hud

    "If you don't give a damn, I don't give a fuck" 2K19!!!!!

  6. Trick Money Smitty

    The song that kicked off da T.I vs Luda beef....

    Side note...
    Luda is the only thing that makes this worth listenin 2

  7. Tyler Shaina

    Gotta be honest, Ludacris kinda outshine everyone else here. YoungbloodZ had some solid flows, but honestly Bone Crusher didn't really fit on his verse and nobody could live up to the punchlines Luda drops here. I remember this being a lot better, but nostalgia does that to ya

  8. da Joka

    NEVER sleep on Luda

  9. Chuck Olar

    I came for bone Crusher verse .

  10. matthew mann

    I am a minority here but I think Crusher had the best verse here.

  11. Brandi LUTZ

    Yomg yang twins independemt lol qaunst.k.

  12. da Joka


  13. ARD 3

    2019 in this BIT! memory music 🔥

  14. Tony Porter

    Trick daddy will remain the realest rapper of all time, something for you young heads to know.

  15. Vanessa Kay

    Yeek yeek motherfucker going four years strong
    Got plenty haters really wishing I ain't last this long
    And please don't get it twisted I ain't Hollywood yet
    I just jumped in that movie to get a big ass check (that's right)
    So fool break yourself, that's the phrase that pays
    I'm bout to open my own shop AK's and Chevorlet's
    I just bought 20 acres and I'm still in the hood
    They like damn, Luva Luva doing pretty damn good (that's right)
    When it comes to this paper I don't slack to get it
    But call me lazy cause my crib's got an elevator in it
    That's right, it's sorry to say but it's harder to see
    And I don't have to hit the club I bring the party to me
    Cause I'm the Lord of Lords and the King of the Kings
    I never claim to be hard just down for my team
    Shawnna, 20, Chingy, Tity and Fate
    I grab a booty and pinch then lick a titty and shake

  16. Kenisha Johnson

    Luda so underrated... One of my favorite down south rappers

    simon makinde

    Kenisha Johnson - Love listening to songs that he does or songs that have him as a featured artist!

  17. Die scharfe Axt

    when crusher steps in i just want to destroy something!!!! 😬

  18. Frankie Seper

    Luda made this my favorite remix

  19. Adam West

    I use to bump this shit daily, this song and the original, man 80's 90's early 2000 music was an awesome time for music

  20. Krown Silver

    "I don't have to hit the Club, I bring the Party to Me"

  21. Kruppt808

    Another song, another Ludacris hit.👌

  22. Eli Cordero

    I remember this back in 03

  23. 90's baby26

    What album is this on? I can’t find it on iTunes or anywhere...

  24. Erich Mason

    That was when Ludacris's raps were real good


    Tbh he always been solid

  25. jeffery price

    Still knocking this out of my box Chevy

  26. Matthew Roberts

    Come out and plaaay!! 2018

  27. peter jay figueroa

    My bitch 600 lbs...but no moe!!... bone crusher

    T1 R3APER

    For benching 600lbs*

  28. Tom Loving

    Ludacris: The King of Punchlines

  29. Ganu Rocks

    "When it's comes 2 this paper I don't slack 2 get it but call me lazy cuz my cribs got a elevator in it " -Luda

  30. California Combatives Club 209

    I miss the 10th grade

  31. Cassius Bricksquad

    Slappin still 2k17

  32. Die scharfe Axt

    still in 2017!!!!!

    Die scharfe Axt

    still in 2018 !!!!!!

    Die scharfe Axt

    still in 2019 !!!!!

  33. Cody Wetherington

    Bone Crusher verse gets me hype as fuck. Still. 12 years later.



  34. Vance Lopez

    man rap was the shit right here
    Now it done fell the fuck off

  35. TheYukon103

    PLZZZZ dont get it twisted!!!!


    TheYukon103 , I ain't Hollywood yet

  36. JT Lynn


    Michael Bailey

    Oh yea including West Tennessee!

  37. Larico Plummer

    short paul and bone crusher an Ludacris lit that bitch up fabo was str8 to though

  38. Krown Silver

    "But Call Me Lazy Cause My Cribs Got An Elevator in It" - Ludacris

    simon makinde

    Krown Silver The only way is up and Luda is awesome! 👌

  39. D-Unit

    Takes me back to the early 200s, good times, good music


    2000s* you left out a 0 lolol

  40. Jr Jr

    yewh..yewh...the song says it all and closes the chapter.

  41. kevin davis

    I miss this hip-hop

  42. Kenny Dixon

    this song iz old i heard dis back in 07 when i was in hiiigh school but still a good song ;)

  43. Luke MF-Knocks

    9th grade when this shit came out. aayyye! still slappin

    California Combatives Club 209

    Luke MF-Knocks i remember that

  44. Yung Dimebag

    Rap back then (yeah, its been 7 years) and before wuz so hard. Wtf is dis pussy shit there is now?

  45. L Dwayne

    This is still my shit in 2014 ya heard me

  46. Devon Boyd

    Ludacris just killed this track

  47. Andrew Romero

    Fast n furious 6 theme

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    This is a mash-up, not a remix.

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    Real ATL Ish

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    My shit

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    This remix goes hard

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    ...u needa get hit with a bricc for that question lol

  54. Dr. Jé

    These underachiever niccas always hate cha

  55. Ravice49

    prob but rappers do over popular beats all the time
    so there prob a handful of rappers then used this beat

  56. huey13000

    cool remix

  57. MrGetFresh87

    @MsMegabrick This Is The Original Beat! YoungBloodz "Damn"

    Rogelio Villagrán Calva

    MrGetFresh87 and the versión in spanish??