YoungBloodZ - Cadillac Pimpin' Lyrics

[Chorus: Cutty]
I'm chillin, wood spinnin
No Bentley's, Cadillac pimpin
I'm cruisin, hoes choosin
That's cool cuz I'm Cadillac pimpin
Spoke spinnin, gold grillin
Liquor spillin, Cadillac pimpin
Keep ridin, car slidin
That's cool cuz I'm Cadillac pimpin

Now as I grip and dive, I smoke on to keep a high
In the sky, as I emphasize the right to reply
With these words you under heard I swerve through a blur
Dodging these fuck niggaz who figure we outta splurge
And if happen to have the nerve, see homeboy you made a choice
For the crime you standing on and walking on is getting poise
Plus the Cadillac's we pimpin so slightly you been slippin
On really how it goes when these ties begin to grippin
And shiftin and whole takin to the spot where hoes shakin
I'm quakin, ridin on out - am I gon make it?
And pimp fool like niggaz with gataz without no chaperone
So see, we been doing this from way back long
'92, aqua blue, on them thangs we roll
With a cup full of liquor blowing good on swole
So let's ride til we can't ride no damn more
We Cadillac pimpin hard see my nigga fa sho'


[Sean Paul]
Sure be white Cadillac but I called it to go
This your boy Sean Paul, baby tell 'em the truth
So roll Old Fleetwood with the two door coup
All platinum bill with the fifth wheel too
And give truth to these suckas something overdue
Ride a 'Lac like a true playa 'posed to do
Old school, slant back with a jigga too
Tan gold wit some bows like a poster boo
Old school, gold chain, still grippin the grain
Show a crease in my jeans, stay ahead of the game
Got a, piece on my grill, diamonds off in the back
And got so many hoes had to change up my 'Lac
All day I don't know how to act
Got this game down pat, sure be running the track
Get some money from these hoes and see how they react
Show 'em how a real nigga come down like that


[Sean Paul]
I got a 'Lac with a rag, Loui Vuitton top
Diamond cut interior, 15's the knot
I'ma be a last nigga from the ATL
Y'all hell, feel eyes and the playa can sell
When you see me in the street, holla at me playa
My bitch got duke, e, rose and wine, boo as fine as hell
Through the strip'll never die, only time'll tell
To be in, it's Cadillac steerin wheel

Say what, gather round for this two door show
We let the spillin go, rillin in the Eldorado
We rollin through the spot to see which hoes gon follow
Cuz we get cool and down passin rounds of bottle
With a gloss so clean, I put this thing in throttle
For we out and cruise in the wind like roscoe
So you gonna know us when you see us when we ride on by slow
Cuz this shit'll never end through the eyes of my foes

[Chorus 2x]

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YoungBloodZ Cadillac Pimpin' Comments
  1. Cold Lampin 216

    The CRUNK ERA was sooooo UNDERRATED

  2. Miami10305

    "I'm chillin, wood spinnin
    No Bentleys, Cadillac pimpin
    I'm cruisin, hoes choosin
    That's cool cuz I'm Cadillac pimpin
    Vogues spinnin, gold grillin
    Liquor spillin, Cadillac pimpin
    Keep ridin, car slidin
    That's cool cuz I'm Cadillac pimpin"

  3. Bret Nickerson

    Now im cadillac pimpn'

  4. Vik B

    this era > anything from today.

  5. Kareem Sanders_249

    2002 swag & on some of the girls dressing like the guys 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Darrin Griffin

    That A town stomp was the flyest coolest dance back then

  7. Juan Heard

    $till riding this in 2019!! Cadillac drivers gotta feel this!!


    This has to be the #1 Napster download back then

  9. Ju Da Prinx Beatz.


  10. Siryvonne Bell

    Favorite song yes indeed!!!

  11. Chantal Johnston


  12. Neilson Nolascojr

    Fuck to all my haters out there

  13. Neilson Nolascojr

    Youngbloodz here of yztillo 13


    Damn bring back so many memories



  16. Yahrize 1Love

    I ❤️💛💚💙💜YBZ ....back when freaknik was Poppin in atl🤗

  17. plus77mann


  18. The Style Child

    Sharp crease stayed killing that stomp.

  19. Mercy Grace

    You could had never convinced me Atlanta would go from this to what it is today! R.i.p



  21. Robert E

    @ 45 pm 4 &

  22. Tristan Crowe

    From Montana been a fan of atl hip hop since southernplayalisticcillacmusik and remember taking my buddies Eldorado bumping this song to some gnarly fishing spots in high school

  23. Chad D'Boy

    Single mothers on crack be telling they fuck trophies they're special. THAT IS WHAT RUINED RAP. this shit was fire back in the day. RIP Pimp C for giving southern rap its signature bang.👌

  24. Siryvonne Bell

    Favorite Youngbloodz song doggone it!!!!!!

  25. Tyler Mowrer

    Kids these days just don’t know

  26. Andrew L

    Best pump up song ahaha

  27. Alex Atkins

    Everytime I buy a caddy I got to bang this💯

  28. oldskoolson

    I miss these days, i thought i was the shit when i had my Lac

  29. Deshawn Jones

    Swerving lanes on 85 and 95

  30. TaterHead CuHHH

    Glenn Twiins in tHis BitcH.

  31. DanT-Rex

    2019? almost 10 years old!

    Johnny Blaze

    2002, buddy.

  32. The Mekanix

    This song sounds like some gangstar singers

  33. Blk Knight


  34. Ernest H

    Highschool years. 🤙🏻🤘🏼

  35. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  36. Russell Mills

    I like this song a lot I use to play the hell out of this song and I wonder why they broke up maybe the money and the business wasn't right and they probably got sick of each other. And on a side note I have a youtube channel type in Russell Mills may 22, 2017 and watch and leave a like or a comment or subscribe.

  37. Shane Crumley

    Shane hello music video

  38. Junior Lubaki Malanda Mingi Matota

    frankly i have nothing against rap usa become shit i speak frankly i ask the girl today usa i really like i do not know rain the case harvey weinstein men we scared woman i tell the truth this sad i get fed up chao. the girl today usa n has worn différent nationality looks in an ice cream thought i was you better

  39. okechi agurd

    Man I Love Sean Paul's FLow Too SmootH! 🔥 #He's a BeaST

    El Hajj Malik El

    Don't sleep on Jbo. Everyone sleeps on that dude!

  40. Christian Mills


  41. Wolfpack8706

    God what happen to ATL Hip Hop???????????? Now they need an Unsung.

  42. Homeless man 2020

    Can someone do the lyrics to this pls?

  43. MB TV

    Monster Jam??

  44. Franki Solis

    I'm soooo pumped UPPPPPPP

  45. Worlds#1 VILLAIN


  46. TuPaCheck Торговец

    ну слюни круче

    TuPaCheck Торговец

    нормальный шон пол)

  47. jackson knox

    And the girls 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Keymond Robinson

    yo people

  49. Demetrius Martin

    they don't suck and you can't talk because you ain't paid little boy

  50. Geoff Nicosia

    I just noticed the the URL has the word God in it

  51. Harry LaMota

    WTF happened to hip hop man. This was the shit back in the day. Even the style of clothes were dope back then.

    El Hajj Malik El

    It's been bought out by these white corporations and became homogenized and watered down. We need to take our music back.

    milk yo

    Black pipo in the 90s were so fascinating me by the way they walked, talked, dressed .. Lol i always chilled with the black pipo at my school.

  52. Meme Magic

    As a white guy I miss this southern rap. Wtf happened? I loved it. Remeber Drake is Canadian and he sucks. The Southern rap is the best.

    Nazzy Escobar

    Meme Magic what’s wrong with being Canadian?

    Andrew L

    Drake doesnt suck ahahaha hes been grinding 10 years all top chart...i get ur aim..but hes still good fam ahaha


    @Andrew L Drake a singer


    Don't hate on Canadian rappers just cuz drake there's alotta good ones

  53. Javon Canty young bloodz music

  54. Will Millhouse



    Shawn remind me of pimp c where you at man???


    I wish does cats would of made some music with ugk because that would of been legendary!!!!....

  57. Antonio G

    austin, Tx 2004

  58. Corey Tealer

    Tha old ATL

  59. Duane Bradley


  60. Jordan Ntoka

    The disappeared off the map..,

  61. Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish

    See, this is when shit was lax, straight from LAX. Man now rap garbage!!!!

  62. lasjonie wilkie

    the old shit right here love it

  63. Richard Martin

    This is how YoungBloodz originally popped off. memories

  64. Nc Hemi

    love the Youngbloodz they were underrated as artist. jbo was dope but Sean Paul was that heat. one of the best groups to come out of Atlanta


    they were like next Outkast to me... Much love to YBZ


    chevy boy no. They suck and should have never started rapping. I've taken shits that came out with more musical talent than them.

    Gobbles wells

    No shit!! Thats where Sean Paul came from??

    Knight Rider

    Gobbles wells not da raggae one

    khal davis

    I 💯 percent agree

  65. Trey Thompson

    How is this song not on a racing game ?

    Mel Ross

    Trey Thompson Lol right!!! I hit the highway plenty of times speeding to this lol.

    Samantha Dixon

    Mel Ross man use to live listening to this as a teen riding on my scooter hitting corners like i was Cadillac pimping when i wasnt

    Nazzy Escobar

    Trey Thompson could’ve been in midnight club or need for speed underground

  66. car1it0sWAY

    Makes me wanna bring out my Fubu jersey and Nextel phone 😀

    John Rutkowski

    No not really

    David Zarco

    Real dudes! Not dressing like a littke girl.

    Rasta Buritos

    i stil wearin this stuff lmao


    car1it0sWAY 😂😂

  67. Nikki Byrd

    One of my Dad's favorite songs. Atl all the way. Learned the lyrics to this song at early age. Thank you Daddy for timeless classics. Atl until I die.

  68. Marcos & Sandra por vida

    Jam that I could ride to

  69. Julian Graham

    Cadillac pimpin Youngbloodz.

  70. MrGixxer1Thousand

    This was my cut right here!!!  I miss the Youngbloodz and I fa sho miss my old skool '65 Cadillac too.

  71. Stefany Ramirez


  72. QC Reptiles

    This was that jam!!!!

    Phylisha Thompson

    mine too omg

    Awesome Things

    Quinton Mann still is

  73. Detrick none

    my opinion is that the Young Bloods should be placed in the same Rap Duo's vault with the other greats Run DMC . EPMD Salt n Pepper. Get Fresh Crew. Fat Boy's. Beastie. Boy's I can go on Outkast. Eight Ball MJG.

    Polar Bear

    +Detrick none Nice try!^^


    I don't know about all that......but they do be jammin, a lot of their songs have some good beats


    Field Mob was better...??? hope you joking !!! FM was no where near to YoungBloodz


    Marvin Tellis and i'm telling u Fuck noo they weren't... field mob was garbage


    Marvin Tellis that's why Luda dropped them from Dtp... no hit having ass niggaz.. Smoke & Shawn j ??? Come on son ..

  74. Josh Walker

    where are the young bloods @ 2015?

    Richrad Tylr

    Josh Walker, They fell off.

  75. Daddies Little Girls

    Im just came  for the first 25 sec.

  76. 16juillet1985

    it's easy to pimpin' with a cadillac

  77. Renard Carroll

    Bring back memories

  78. RJ The Houston Kid

    Classic ATL

  79. IA Vagabond

    This song makes me think of the monster jam truck escalade

    Moa Wolphagen

    Me too!!!

  80. Fleetwood Brougham

    What Bullshit. Edited the song because why? Because some people are offended by some of the words. Cant enjoy anything without somebody breaking balls.

    Johnny Rodela

    Ik right that's my thought..

  81. eazyezwife

    ATL STNAD UP!!!  Peachtree Plaza in the background-I love it!!!

  82. Donnie Kane

    02' omg fresh in high school when this jive came out lol 912 baby

  83. drapermike

    Now we got rappers like cheif keef shiiiiity lol

    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    drapermike 😄

  84. chicagocold312

    I'm A Town Stompin like a mufucka to this!!!

  85. cratlanta

    Boi, The Attic Crew had some hits back when.

  86. FrankieThaLuckyDog

    Can't believe this just came on MTV Jams! I feel like a teenager again! Such quality, southern rap at its finest! Nothin' but coolness and not "money" mentioned every four bars, like everything out now!


    @FrankieThaLuckyDog What channel is "MTV Jams"??????????


    MTV Jams iz now BET Jams.


    @FrankieThaLuckyDog What channel number is it???????

    Rogue Warrior

    mentioning money indirectly by referring to the cadillac

    David Cline

    Nickel back answer yes

  87. gokuxavi270

    This is better than pokemin

  88. pierre moise adolphe

    me too i miss this day aint worry about none BET only rapcity with Tygger

  89. Yvonnia Mclean

    Cadillacs ARE THE BEST!

    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    Yvonnia Mclean 😎

    ES RC


  90. Yvonnia Mclean

    I love the nostalgia!

  91. Caramel Complexion

    still love them

  92. tim west

    Back when rap was ACTUALLY GOOD if rap was like this now a days I would still listen to it


    I hope you're kidding lmao

    David Zarco

    Tim west. Real talk!

    YouTube Nerd

    I would

  93. plus77mann

    man i miss these days


    We all do.

    Benji Man!

    @John Rutkowski Mind your business opie. You weren't the right color to identify

  94. TheRealLaina

    CADILLAC PIMPIN!!  Always sounded good in the ride.

  95. Tucson Sean

    Cadillac's all day round here

  96. Tanel Murd

    did the blackman just stole the caddy? where the fuck are all the cops when you need one?

  97. Peachy Drea

    Mannnn i miss hip hop like this! Straight PIMPIN BABY!!!!!!!!!!