YoungBloodZ - Brand New Lyrics

[Intro: Mannie Fresh]
I say gentlemen! ladies!
And bad ass outta control babies
It's the return of the bad ass perm pimp, ya heard?!
Ya boy! "Fresh" - {*scratched*}
Hey! Dust me off (Sean Paul!)

[Verse: Sean Paul]
My black Benz (Benz) is on dubs (on dubs)
Sitting out infront of the club
Me and my thugs (my thugs) and my bitch (my bitch)
We smoke purp, buying bottles cause we rich
Yeah! I say that I (say that I) I'm on deck (on deck)
I got blow, got dro and got X (got X)
That's me (that's me) Sean P (Sean P)
My life, smoke weed, get chiefed (get chiefed)
I'm showing out (showing out) spending stacks (spending stacks)
Hoodrich bitch how ya love that? (love that)
Double stacks (double stacks) single stacks (single stacks)
One line, two line, powder packs (powder packs)
VIP (VIP) I'm in the back (I'm in in the back)
And you ain't gotta ask a nigga where them dollars at (dollars at)
I break bread (break bread) money on the floor (on the floor)
A million dollar nigga, clothes newer buy the store ho!

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh]
I'm fresh (I'm fresh) brand new (brand new)
Everytime that I come through
Ho look at my wrist (my wrist) my neck (my neck)
I just bust me a fat ass check ho ho.
I'm the mayne (I'm the mayne) he's a wimp (he's a wimp)
If you wanna get ahead get a pimp
Dope Boy shoes (yeah!) big rims (yeah!)
And all these bad bitches say my name ho ho.

[Verse: J Bo]
Yeah! That's me (that's me) I'm so fresh (so fresh)
Brand new I got that purple no stress (no stress)
Cause what ya see (what ya see) is what ya get (what ya get)
But fuck around and I'll show ya how it hits him
I'm coming down (coming down) now what it do (what it do)
Yeah you see it when I fall straight through (straight through)
Big body (big body) ya ain't know (ya ain't know)
That's how we do it when we pull up to the door
So get your shine on (shine on) get your grind on (grind on)
Hold up motherfucker ain't ya time home!
Catch me later on (later on) then maybe then so (then so)
You can show me who's the man, I didn't think so
Fat checks I got em, on deck (on deck)
I love sex, YBZ or brown neck (brown neck)
Bottoms up (bottoms up) it's going down (going down)
How them bitches love me brown by the pound


[Verse: J Bo]
See I'm a bad motherfucker if ya ain't never seen it (never seen it)
See all that popping, yeah I know you don't mean it
I'm cool as a fan (as a fan) sharp as a crease (as a crease)
And yeah I stay slizzered seven days of the week

[Verse: Sean Paul]
I cash out (cash out) I hit the lot (hit the lot)
Tell 'em hurry up, mayne drop it like it's hot (like it's hot)
Fat faced hundreds nigga, I don't ride hubs (hubs)
Black Giovanni riding good no scrubs (wit no scrub)
What it is ho, wassup (wassup) money talk bitch, and you know it (you know it)
Wrist shine (shine) and my neck glowing (glowing)
Everything icey (icey) and I'm riding foreign (foreign)

[Verse: J Bo]
Yeah! see in my Dope Boys - I stay clean (stay clean)
Look at my wrist, the ice and when it bling
Boy I'm a pimp (pimp) if you don't know (know)
And I could care less and give a damn about a ho
You see I'm..

[Chorus x2]

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