Youngbloods, The - The Dolphin Lyrics

This old world will never change the way it's been
And you know all our ways of war can't change it back again
I've been a-searchin' for the dolphin in the sea, yeah yeah
Sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me?

Lord, I'm not the one to tell this old world how to get along
I only know that peace will come, yes when all our hate is gone
I've been a-searchin' for the dolphin in the sea
Sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me?

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Youngbloods, The The Dolphin Comments
  1. TM Adventures

    Wow that had me on the edge, just been fishing from small wooden canoe in Philippines and got bumped by a Tiger for almost an hour , amazing experience but nearly pooed my pants, awesome channel 👊🏽

  2. Mandla Mnisi

    Geez you guys live in paradise ✌🏾

  3. Kate T


  4. George Khoury

    My God between the music and I guess you want say the storyline it seems like everyone is tripping on acid or something this video is ridiculous

  5. Hoody Doody

    man i love the end track , who’s the artist, please let me know thank you! enjoyed this video, ✌️💯🎯

  6. K M

    Wow the music/editing/footage/creative/skill on this video is AMAZING! Better than anything I've seen. You guys should have wayyyyy more views on this video in particular and more subs in general. Amazing, next level material!

  7. Animal Lover

    God I wish I lived there 🙏🏻 BEAUTIFUL!!!

  8. sharpservicestn

    Good video background music is okay leave the screaming lady out of it it just got too loud in the middle Beautiful video cut down on the dramatic enchantress singing thank you

  9. youoldduffer

    What an absolute abortion of a classic cranberries song, jesus that nearly made me turn off the vid.

  10. cool innovation

    Dude you should have interviewed jacky on camera how was her encounter with the tiger shark we wanted to here her experience

  11. Gustavo Perez

    Where is that beach??

  12. Joshua Dobbin

    In that particular moment, on that particular day, Jackie broke all of Michael Phelps swimming records😂😂🤙

  13. Anthony Luce

    Jealous of everything y’all do. Love your channel. My two year old comes home and says “I wanna watch oceans”. He loves ur stuff. Keep it coming bruh

  14. Thor F

    Holy crap. Jackie Brown is such a badass!

  15. Flying Fish Guy

    Brodie and family. Just want to say thank you to you all for getting me through a season of complete devastation. I love you all!

  16. Mark Orsini

    I’ve been following you guys from back when you had 60,000 subscribers & I was instantly a fan of yours then!
    This video... still today... is by far the best you have published in my books 👍. 🙌

  17. Hardworking American

    Thank God that didn't end differently .

  18. abzoorb

    Wow! The drone clips of ”Jackie” swimming, worldclass!!!

  19. Crypto BR


  20. Caveman Way

    So much for Dolphins saving us or sharks being scared of Dolphins lol.

  21. Vaughn Edge

    Well done, very nice. Did alot of spearfishing 80's- mid 90's bay of islands NZ if only go pro's and drones where about then. Love your footage.

  22. Pimp Jerk

    Great video, minus the overbearing soundtrack (in volume and melodrama).

  23. Andrew Skerritt

    This is an amazing channel with amazing footage, but it’s only a matter of time till one of you gets taken by a shark.

  24. Carl Erasmus

    You guys know how to enjoy life. Well done. 👍

  25. Beth Lundquist

    I love YouTube you can go anywhere from your couch!!! Nice video. Gosh wishing a scratch and sniff app to smell that lobster!!

  26. Jay Scarbrough

    Beautiful. Must tell where this was filmed.

  27. Joe King

    This has to be Ningaloo off Western Australia.

  28. gaetan del deo

    Thanks for the travel 👍🤙♥️

  29. Al Leclerc

    I'm so jealous of the life style ur haveing. You guys are awesome!!!!..
    Keep up the nice vids!!!!
    From south florida !!!!

  30. Nick P


  31. Cliffton Johns

    Yep awesome

  32. Ashley McQueen

    Man you have the life!

  33. Melissa Boeckman

    That's it!!! I'm moving to Aulstrailia!!!!

  34. Todd Trimakas

    Pure magic

  35. simon jandrell

    what a crazy, stunning,amazing and mind blowing part of the World

  36. Brett Dman

    if that were me, I would have hid in the brown stain

  37. Niz Breck

    Reminds me of the end of a fast and furious movie

  38. Mangara 77

    Grande experiência! Acredito que sua conexão com a Natureza naquele momento não deixaria aquele tubarão de atacar !

  39. Philip Lucky

    the Aussie way

  40. 1969cmp

    Teerific...cheers from Central Oz.

  41. Jorge Rodriguez

    '!!what was Jackie doing out so far from shore!!???.. swimming all by herself knowing this is great white sharks territory or tiger sharks!!??. scary encounter..but I bet it was quite an interesting experience and adventure to be able to come so close to a tiger shark say hello how are you doing today!??..and then just be on your way"!!???😎🤔🙄😎🤣🤣🤣🤗😆 this in Australia somewhere"!!??..come to think of it...tiger sharks are only found in carebean waters????😎🤔🤔..have to look that up!???😁😁🙄🤔🤣

  42. Jorge Rodriguez

    "now this is what I call living the good life"!!.. I've always wanted to be able to do some scuba diving with dolphins or around great white sharks in a cage,. even deep sea fishing...but unfortunately it's not my reality"!!??☹️😯🙁🤔☹️🙄.. maybe I'll hit the lottery one day (soon 😎🤗😂😁)and would be happy to live my dreams".. good video"... ever come to Puerto Rico for an adventure let me know be happy to go fishing with you guys"!??lol🤔😎😁🤣🤣🤣


    Jackie reacted just how, she should of With any shark , its the one you dont see and cant confront you need to worry about.

  44. Sailing Spirit of Adventure

    Absolutely amazing footage!

  45. Alexia Sousa

    Wow, it's amazing 😮 Where is this place? 💕

  46. Shane OD

    I probably would have shat myself and panicked,, flapping around like a struggling fish I would have been mauled to death!

  47. Dan Hurley

    That was the most amazing, inspirational and beautiful video I have ever viewed! Much respect for Jackie swimming out and her unexpected encounter with that very large shark!

  48. Rosalinda Tobar

    Where is it?

  49. micheaven

    this episode and Ep 148 are my favs!!

  50. David King

    Baby Tiger shark. 5 footer?

  51. Kenny Choi

    prefect! prefect! Really prefect!!!!!!!

  52. flabblepie

    i feel like the tigershark was probly on edge after encountering the group of dolphins

  53. BlAir Akana

    That’s why i’ll never be swimming by myself out in the ocean like how this person is doing. He or she is very lucky to still be alive and not have been attacked.

  54. Miami Eyes ME

    1:24 to 4:46 the dramatic part of the video, love it

  55. Miami Eyes ME

    My favorite vídeo of Youngbloods so far ,I watch it over ten times,

  56. Shane Ortega

    Great movie as usual mate.. but I did notice a lot of harsh sounds in the audio .. Can't I explain it but it had to turn volume down for once when I normally crank it

  57. Miami Eyes ME

    That part with Jackie Brown was espectacular

  58. tidus2323

    Hey guys where is this located in Aus. this water is amazing

  59. John Pike

    even My Colesterol has gone up just on the Tiger approach, this is the most fun channel

  60. Bill Prosser 1967mustang

    Brodie and Australian friends, my heart goes out to you all . I wish I could be there to help fight fires and get your country back from the fire disaster. I am praying no more animals get hurt and a fast painless recovery for those that were hurt in this natural disaster. I as well as the world is empathizing and wish we could help more than we are . We have fires here on the mainland USA as well . The animals get hurt most of all and it just tears us up . God speed the recovery . As always love your videos keep up the good work .god bless and Aloha from Tejas

  61. Miami Eyes ME

    Beautiful video, you have the best time of your life ,enjoy !

  62. robert marshall

    Yeah no.

  63. Adam Amirul

    Wou this is a crazy

  64. TRA H & A

    I had to mute the video because of the music

  65. Sergio Souza

    This is real living, I'm a fan of this channel on YouTube.

  66. James Simmons

    That's awesome ...

  67. EJP79

    WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! God bless you, your family and all that surround you!

  68. Janna Perez

    If a tiger shark might be that close to me. I might be running above water.

  69. ArmadaPerak 92


  70. Invisible man Invisible man

    Drones taking footage surely

  71. Glenn

    Definitely Western Australia. Queensland water isn’t this clear without crocodiles lol

  72. sederet tani sederet tani


  73. Nill Gddy

    seriously? wtf is with that god awful music

  74. The Guy

    This episode has made me a subscriber. Seen a few other episodes but this was class.

  75. Christopher Johnson

    This lifestyles is almost gone. Soon everything will b illegal. Enjoy as much u can 30 years ago was even better today u got to watch every step not to get arrested.


    Hi i'me from indonesian

  77. Adrian Lyons

    Your videos are awesome mate.

  78. Sentinel

    You guys live the best life!!!

  79. De Roy

    Best oceanic coverage I ever seen. Kudos

  80. Rob Bastien

    Jackie OK, after that encounter? I would be fu$?ing petrified and not go back in the water ever.

  81. Jodie Lena

    Kool as Ice..👌🏼👌🏼

  82. Jamie Orford

    Beautiful but forget there's bigger things than us out there

  83. Blitzie 123

    Beautiful but background music too loud to hear everthing you are saying.

  84. 3S4EVR


  85. Ninjamaster77

    That shark got nice and close.

  86. gretchen mcclurkan

    I love you guys so proud of you and the life you live God bless from Texas

  87. kiki lu

    amazing quality stuff you have here! wonder what kind of drone u used for this..

  88. axelgs11

    🤔click click

  89. Chris Kha

    You give me an idea of what I work for and I thank you for that. Got you a new subscriber

  90. Family 4x4 and Camping

    Crayfish Jaffles, now that cook up is awesome!

  91. Vicky Donor

    God bless you and your family, just do you man ❤️

  92. Vicky Donor


  93. Tim Miller

    The shark was like " WTH...what are you and how did you possibly get to the fish head before I did?!"

  94. Талгат Малдыбаев

    Ребенка не забудьте накормить!

  95. Ian Nunez

    Beautiful,where is?

  96. Judd H

    that was a brush with death ... she is very lucky to not be attacked ....

  97. Karoly Vaczy

    Where was this filmed? Anyone knows?

  98. Russell Patey

    Very nice!!! Very tasty!!! Tiger😮