Young Scooter - Rite Mind Lyrics

I just haven't been in my right mind lately,
I got too much money.

Ain't been in my rite mind,
'Cause all my niggas doing time,
Ain't been in my rite mind,
These niggas trying to steal my shine.

The newt, he just took a fire,
I can't lie, that shit hurt me inside.
My young nigga, that's my right to die,
But he got caught up on isle 65.
I know you worried about me,
But I'm all good, nigga,
I got Blacky with me and these little niggas.
These shooters in the cliffs throw away
Them real pussy.
I got extended bricks on my bricks,
Got remix in them.
All I know is Geo Grime,
The trouble make you loose your mind.
Don't I mind, you were never fine.
Meet the plug at the state line.


Ain't been in my rite mind
Since Lil' Brook got time.
One of the real niggas I know.
Taught me how to grind.
And you a damn liar if you say
He gay or something.
Gave me my first couple of thousand,
Told me run it up.
And I ain't look back,
Bought a pack, made some rags,
Now, why the good nigga gone?
Somebody tell me that!
But I'm a still here
And I'm a go get me paid.
Got a polar bear down,
So I can start thinking.
Shit killing me, they ain't feeling me,
I don't mind playing,
But still gotta watch out for the snakes.
Push your shit, too bad.
Ain't no flaw in that.


The fans want me for my past.
I escape the streets with a bang.
They know I still clocking out.
50 thousand worth a shopping bag.
We niggas still in swag,
I ain't really worried about that.
I'm a real young O.G. boss, nigga.
A lot of niggas man 'cause that
Red, white and blue flag,
Get money, that's Blackomedo gang, nigga.
In my hood we spring freaks up,
Squeaky 2, that's my little nephew.
For my cousin Quae 40,
Shoot your ass with that Glock 40.


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