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Young Scooter Real Diamonds Comments
  1. Moockzy

    imagine ya des français ici! 🇫🇷

  2. odizzle15

    Still listening in 2019! FREE RALO! 💯💰

    Dontew Davis

    odizzle15 ongod🙏

  3. See 'Em

    Summer 2018

  4. Jordan Youkhana

    I don't smoke purrrp 🚫

  5. Jamie McDonald

    real shit y'all shit bang put a Yung nigga on consistent key to success got a constant Yung nigga over here it's go time

  6. Big Dog


  7. xxkidclutchx x

    bring memories


    hell yeah, beat so hard too... the piano goes off

    chibattaBoy T

    xxkidclutchx x flexrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. franklinZac

    that Intro

  9. Rastah Fari

    Big fucking 1 bro !