Young Scooter - G5 Lyrics

G4 we ride G5
Fuck with Young Scooter errybody gon' die
G4 we ride G5
Fuck with Young Scooter errybody gon' die
I push a show on ya you get shot up
Everything I'm droppin' dope boy product
G4 I'd rather fly G5
Fuck with Young Scooter errybody gon' die

[Verse 1:]
I keep it so real they tryna find a flaw
Bitch shout out to my jeweler he made that water cross
Plus when It ices my tounge out nigga I
Money stove cars and clothes that's what we about
Black Amigo gang deep like Wu Tang
We zone 6 niggas free Poo tang
Scooter Teflon just like 2 guns
I'm in my own lane I already won
Takin' boss man steps I got authentic soles
Face platinum in the streets far pass gold
In New York I'm counting bucks up with my nigga Slow
Jugged a hunnid bricks in a hour it's time to make some more


[Verse 2:]
If it's a gold on you then that gold on it
25 thousand I put a show on ya
I'm just tryna get these millions why you hating on me
Thought you was a real nigga what you on homie
Young Scooter is a nigga you don't fuck with
I let the rustling cow boys come shoot up shit
How street these niggas go shoot at the President
I get sick without it money that is my medicine
Millions off rap thank God that's my blessin' then
I'm jugging for the future just so they can live
I make and spend a million a month that's just how I live


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Young Scooter G5 Comments
  1. dimitrius jones

    Jug 100 bricks in a hour time make some more

  2. King James

    Rip it...

  3. King James


  4. JPE Jalekas

    I Control Dat Hoe

  5. GoodNight Robicheaux

    Taking bossman steps I got authentic soul 💯

  6. Trap Jamez

    FUCK Wit Young Scooter Erryybody Gone Die !!!

  7. Matt Miller

    If its a go on you then they'll go on you

  8. Brittany Roper


    J Black

    Brittany Roper what yo big ass laughing at

    Dirty FaceJeweler

    Brittany Roper the fuck you laughing at fat ugly ass bitch

  9. Antwan Street

    me my nigga chederr. g4 im street g5 zoe boi $1800


    all i talk is money go get yo calculater

  11. Samantha Smith

    This my shit💯💯

  12. De 'Mario Love

    G5 BITCH

  13. Edwardo Garza

    my nigga we G5

  14. finesse on da beat

    check out my tracks on