Young Scooter - Don't Call My Phone Lyrics

Please don't call my phone
The streets high, everybody snitching
It's too much going on
Keep it low key
Please don't call my phone
It's too much going on

Throw them racks on [?] put it on yo face
Fucking pussy nigga throw the body in the lake
We sold the crack on the corner then our boss came
I got the rollie and the beamer see my [?]
I bought 2 benzes on the mofucking same day
I think you niggas [?] shoot em in the face
I rubber band my money like I'm still selling yay
I'm on [?]
I'm on the drank I swear the shit help me [?]
A million dollars nigga when I walk I grab a take
A trillion dollars nigga middle fingers to the fed
I gave a lot of rappers wife I'm bout to take away


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Young Scooter Don't Call My Phone Comments

    😖 he needs to stick to drug dealing if you ask me...rap is not for everybody....


    Young scooter is so horrible he makes future sound horrible as well

  3. playboimckziii

    imagine ya des français ici! 🇫🇷

  4. Derrick Sagland

    Free Bands 🇺🇸🤑💲🥃🙏🏾

  5. Derrick Sagland

    I swear 🙏🏾💯🥃🚀📿

  6. TS theProducer

    Hook sucks so fucking hard

  7. Fabio Ortega

    I can listen to scooter all day mane! He talks about real shit not some phony ass shit like the rest!

  8. Trapped

    Scooter and future are the best together . Absoloute classic track here still bumping 💯🔥

  9. Kathaleen Grant

    Don't 📞

  10. Fair Rule

    this mother fucker is so off key. sounds like ice jj fish

    State Boogie

    Dakota Blaze suburban kid never been in the streets or understand street rappers

  11. Porsha Pride

    a gril i will seeyou

  12. Tunisia Applewhite


  13. Ashton Floyd

    please don't call my phone

  14. Lilwalt Pierce

    raw video

  15. Miya_bebe 5002

    please don't call my phone.📱

    Lilwalt Pierce

    what up

  16. La'Siya Cates


  17. Haitian Jitt AKA Litty The Producer

    bruh stole dis beat

    Sam Watson

    If he stole it he need to give it back. Song is shit

    Psalms Wiz

    How you know fam?

  18. Cori Woodruff

    this his best song

  19. DrDem420

    this shit needs more views


    i killed that open verse

  21. Mo Mitchell

    Beat was jacked

  22. BIPMyNiggas

    This What I Tell My Side Hoes.

    Cody Gentry

    Lol quit bluffing

    Cody Gentry

    You're side hoes won't like you snitching on them lol

    Cody Gentry

    A real player's girl wouldn't even care

    Margaret Kirkland

    me to inm a boy

    Don Royal

    lol u right