Young Scooter - All With Me Lyrics

[Hook - Casino:]
Just made a hunnid band jug brought it all with me
Guess a young nigga killing brought em all with me
Got a bunch of bad bitches brought em all with me
Cop 10 new whips brought em all with me
And we do it just to turn up
[?] got 99 problems just turnt burn up
We bought the bar just to turn up
Yo bitch down now we probably gon' pour up

[Verse - Young Scooter:]
If I ain't having money problems then I ain't worried bout it
Yeah them Black Amigo boys serve errybody
Greek bills OG and promethazine
Turn a heaven to a pile like how you stress the weed
[?] new young niggas
A lot of new rappers getting old should be done with it
If you ain't talking free bands can't fuck with ya
Throw some money in the air if you a real nigga
Everytime I make a jug I hollow count up
2 hunnid dollars in the blunt that's how I roll up
New young boys don't want no problems just slow up
Scooter this Scooter that just shut up


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  1. Julian Ramirez