Young M.A - PettyWap Lyrics

Uh, bag-flippin', cash-trippin', pull up
Beat the block like a ass whoopin'
Stash box, keep the smashing, racks in it
Bought that bitch a Fashion Nova dress just to see her ass in it
Twerk for my Instagram
She just got a hundred missed calls, it's her man, damn
Oh that's your nigga now, huh?
Said you wasn't with him, now you with him now, huh?
Things different now, huh?
You committed now, huh?
Guess I can't hit it how I hit now, huh?
Well hit me when ya nigga ain't around
There's money to be made bitch, I won't wait around
I flex on her for fun, but I do not play around
"S" on my chest and I keep a cape around
Gang gang with me, yeah I keep like eight around
Even when you think they ain't around, they around
Woah, woah, woah, we ain't playing fair
Oh no, no, you don't want to take it there
Thinkin' 'bout my next move in my thinking chair
This chip is on my shoulder and it's stayin' there
'Cause I been through a lot of bull
And they can't stand me 'cause I'm misunderstood
And I need a bad bitch just to give her good good
Ya girl, I like to eat, I hope you like to cook, cook
Used to get the works from my cousin, WupWup
Where the foul, free the guys out the woop woop

Teacher said you'll never make it
Turn my textbook to a checkbook
I put food on the table
And I did that without a cookbook
I'm rich and they fucking hate it
And while they looking mad, I'm just looking good

Ay, I feel like flexin'
Bitch just call my phone, don't feel like texting
My Louis clothes that's French, that's what I'm dressed in
Dior my cologne, she said my scent is her obsession
I became possessive, soon as the money came in my possession
I'm selfish, no question
My alarm is set to every second, no restin'
My haters spend a lot of time with me, I'm they bestfriend
I'm they bestfriend
Go bestfriend, go bestfriend, go bestfriend, go bestfriend, go bestfriend

Aye, teacher said you'll never make it
Turn my textbook to a checkbook
I put food on the table
And I did that without a cookbook
I'm rich and they fucking hate it
And while they looking mad, I'm just looking good
Huh, aye, and while they looking mad, I'm just looking good

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  1. amit anveri

    How do people watch this shit?

  2. Gang Yes

    Bro please share the @ for the girl @ 0:33 to 0:44 pleaseeeee

  3. Valentina Fragapane

    Malardo video

  4. sand under-man

    I can't understand a single word he's saying

    sand under-man

    @Uncreated Lady no

    Uncreated Lady

    @sand under-man yes

    sand under-man

    @Uncreated Lady no u

  5. sand under-man

    If you say heck age restrictions but all this ass is fine some how

  6. Erik Deák


  7. Erik Deák

    Szia elviel emge meg a baràtomat

  8. Zee Gurskis

    On repeat

  9. mabin chowdhury

    Girl's are not product..

  10. Sangam Saumya

    🤮🤮🤮🤮 black girls

  11. Derya Kızıklı


  12. IceCreamOnYou ?

    This was my 1500th liked video

  13. Haven Rogers

    yas finally a lesbian legend 🌈🌈🌈🌈

    Tara Mia

    Haven Rogers xxx

    Haven Rogers

    @Tara Mia lol

  14. Naun Na

    Is this her voice? Wow 😮
    her voice like a man

  15. A.M 4 LYFE


  16. Randy Tombs


  17. CuberGener

    isnt young ma a girl

  18. Genduk Genduk

    Konttol.t).besae sekali

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  21. xxxtentacion fan doh

    young ma u gay

  22. Emma Ramirez

    Her music makes me want to be a lesbian

  23. ميس طه

    اين العرب

  24. Manjunath MR

    Love from India... Good song though

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    Niga чёрный реп умирает? :)

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  28. Dominik Dos

    i m freakin love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cassandre Timé

    Dominik Dos slt

  29. Raihan Talukder

    His voice like male but her body figure look like female! Haha

    YPN Spazz

    Thats ah girl😂 she just wants to be ah boy

    Raihan Talukder

    Including his approach & face.

  30. Dabababa H

    Young M.A can do to me whatever Young M.A wants!

  31. FLY HIGH

    Ur grown up kid
    Ur parents r watching ur video

  32. Midhun 2401

    Happy 2020

  33. Jesse Campbell

    Wait a minute M A a girl what the fuu

    Lolito borja

    Jesse Campbell

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  35. Dajah Sade

    I love the way she looks when she says. !! I’m rich and they fucking hate it.😂😭🥰 Young M.A. is a 92 baby. All my 1992 baby’s tell them how we Roll. !cruise control !🤪🤩

    S E L O R M

    Dajah Sade hell yeah💯

  36. Kulaishi Munyakayanza

    Young ma always happy when she’s rapping, you can tell she enjoys making her music 🎵

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    I don’t even like female rappers but M.A is the exception.. Is she even considered female 🤔

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    And while they looking mad I’m just looking good

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    I love this track

  43. Vincent Drafor

    I Change my text book into a check book

  44. Falilou Diop

    In 2020 🔥🔥

  45. Jason Bush

    Ooooooo young ma you make me wanna slide in that box. Let a nigga take you out and get some flowers.

  46. s_jun

    She look like a female version of Kodak Black bt better at rap

  47. Game Dude

    Blood or crip ?

  48. SredaSrediBesov FAMILY

    Он такой настоящий

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    These bitch rap way more batter then you niggas



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  52. HAJAR TV

    I feel MA is really in her own lane, she stay dropping 🔥 but the industry just be overlooking her

    S E L O R M

    HAJAR TV Stolen comment 🤣


    Don't approve of her lifestyle but this girl is a beast 💪💪💪💪 on the mic

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    M.A is a gurl?

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    MedicTiger 28 yes it is

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    Man raps fetty sings

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    One of the best ep of 2019, no fuckin cap

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    I have free type beat🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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    gap yuq

  62. Tyler Smith

    The lyricism is amazing but her energy dry, could’ve been better but she stay with that heat tho

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    0:59 roubad the cena.

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    They need mans pants

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  67. the Green😍

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    Are you a lesbian? i‘m sorry that i ask


    Altina Shaqiri yes lmao

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    marv knows best

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    I really hope she didn't sell her soul. She has so much talent! You go girl! ❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤😕❤

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    Bruno Fernandes

    Quem sabe um dos mais

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    حرام عيب

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    marv knows best

    U must be a kid. Best female ever, wow u gone 2 far.

    Masome Rajabi

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