Young M.A - My Hitta Lyrics

Yo, babe, you love me?
(Yes, I love you)
You gon' ride for me?
(Yes, baby)
No matter what, right?
(No matter what)
You're my lil hitter
You not gon' be my hitter?
If I give you the, if I give you the Glock
You gon' bust that shit?
Let's go, baby, I fuckin' love you, baby, you heard
You heard?
(I love you too)

Ay, ooh, she spicy yeah I like her and she like me too
I think I'ma drop a check on her like Nike shoe
I usually don't trick but, shit, I got a trick for you
I'm usually a hoe, but, girl, I got this dick for you
And I don't have a boo 'cause I think I was meant for you
And I just bought a Cooper coupe that's only meant for two
My niggas in that foreign right behind me, ay
We fucking up the highway like a high speed chase
Blew fifty at the mall like it's my B-day
But it's just a regular ordinary weekday
Ooh, that's a bad bitch
You can tell she eat her collard greens and cat fish
I'm trying to make your daughter cry, sorry miss Jackson
I wear that pussy on my face like it's in fashion
Ooh she said I'm nasty
Baby, I just need a rider like a taxi
And if your ex is the disease then im the vaccine
Blowing bags, popping tags, we a tag team
And we fucking up a foreign going max speed
Shopping bags tipping over in the backseat
Coffee on the seats, engine got that caffeine
And you bitches couldn't have me even if she didn't have me

Ay, and I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
She the realest of the realest, man, I don't need my niggas
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
She the trillest of the the trillest, yeah

Ay, yeah, she my bottom bitch
But when I need it, just like seasonin', she on top of shit
Know how to treat her, she a keeper, man, that's common sense
And, yeah, she fine, I call her mine, it's an accomplishment
She hot like Mexico, won't ever let her go
She my little lightning bug, man, I just let her glow
And she get what she want, can't ever tell her no
She my little spoiled bitch, she got that boiled drip
She don't follow other rappers, that's that loyal shit
Tell them niggas it's a wrap like on some foil shit
'Cause this Glock will get you steaming on some boil shit
I'm a thug, she a thug from the mud out the soil, bitch

Ay, and I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
She the realest of the realest, man, I don't need my niggas
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
I don't need my niggas 'cause my girlfriend is my hitta
She the trillest of the the trillest

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Young M.A My Hitta Comments
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  6. Brandon Jacks

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    Young MA: Amma put that pussy on my face like it's on fashion

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