Young M.A - Bleed Lyrics

Four years later, they still sleeping on me
And I ain't gotta get the strap, because I keep it on me
It's crazy how I got a big dick without a dick
It's Young M.A., don't ever let that name come out your lips
I'm the big goon, I send my goonies to your crib, and you can die inside your living room
If gettin' money mean you dumb, well fuck it then, I been a fool
And I ain't just go and get the food, I built the kitchen too
I'd rather be inside some pussy, than do this interview
Little gay nigga, hoes been on me since like middle school
Break up with a bitch, by next week I won't remember you
Just because I put it in, don't mean I'm into you
In them foreign countries with them foreign chicks
Foreign whip, foreign food, foreign shoes, just a bunch of foreign shit
Niggas wildin' out in Paris
Caught, 'Are you recording this?"
Put 200,000 on my balance just for talkin' shit
Fuckin' up a tour and shit
Rem handle the important shit
It's funny how haters throwin' shots, but they ain't callin' it
Clear the way, make room, please excuse
That's a real nigga walking in (wooh)

Huh? This M.A., bitch, ugh
You got something on your mind, then say that shit
We kingpins, this is not a playpen
In other words, we don't play that shit
M.A. 'bout to drop, better play that shit
Hoes love me, them niggas hate that shit
They be like "Ooh, I hate that bitch"
Ooh, but ain't they broke? And, ain't I rich?

Ooh, ooh, shake 'em off
Niggas wasn't on they job, had to lay 'em off
A nigga wasn't on his job, had to break her off
Three words for these hoes, "Take it off"
Ooh, drop panties, no hands please
She don't need Plan B's
She pop Xanny's like it's candy
That's why she antsy, but she nasty
And I'm a thoroughbred nigga with a attitude
It's Young M.A., make sure the 'M' and 'A is capital
Being broke is a joke, that's why I'm never in a laughing mood
Always got the track clickin' like some tapping shoes
It was either get rich, or die, I had to choose
'Get Rich or Die Trying,' Curtis Jackson move
Bipolar, can't control her, keep a tool with me
Strap across my shoulder, 'cause my mind is like a bag of screws

Huh? This M.A., bitch, ugh
You got something on your mind, then say that shit
We kingpins, this is not a playpen
In other words, we don't play that shit
M.A. 'bout to drop, better play that shit
Hoes love me, them niggas hate that shit
They be like "Ooh, I hate that bitch"
Ooh, but ain't they broke? And, ain't I rich?

Flex, ooh, Hercules
In this motherfuckin' booth, leavin' third degrees
Cookin' crack up in that stu', I gotta serve the fiends
Hop in that Maybach, tell the driver, "Um, curtains please"
Rich and filthy, still rock silkies, red most certainly
Black and blue, that green one too, just copped that burgundy
I swear I tried to change my ways, but it ain't work for me
Fuck a bitch, 'cause currently my mood is currency
And I'm sippin' Hennessy
Make sure it's Privilége please
I'm countin' up, she said 'How much?'
I said 'Infinity'
If I don't come for you, aye, do not send for me
'Cause I will pop this brand new Glock
Take her virginity (crr)
Big pimpin' spendin' G's
What I look like trickin' on a bitch?
That ain't did shit for me
Keep bein' my vicinity without abilities
All you haters, hold my nuts and suck my dignities (sheesh)

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Young M.A Bleed Comments
  1. Daku Hall

    1 of my favorite female rapper's in the game right now period

  2. bonfire22

    Its crazy that i have a big dick without a dick

  3. Goons Production

    I dont care what yall say but straight up Young M.A better then all these female rappers straight up!!! NO CAP 💪🏼🥶👌🏼

  4. Mj Ne

    Talent knows no sexuality or gender. Talent IDENTIFIES talent.

  5. Nelson Alvarado

    i am a pianist like i found the key to a lost key. my mind like a bag of screws

  6. Everything is Pusha T

    “And I drop that top, make sure I’m seen out here”

    - Me Always

  7. Erasablemaster 000

    At least she respects the og's

  8. Chris & Kita

    Green line?

  9. GT Skies

    I love how she say “ u gay ni****” but she gay

  10. William D'Alexander

    Most lyrical in the game

  11. Nitsu Bowman

    Ouu..ouu shake em off 💯💯

  12. rachel chocianowski


  13. Carlos Medoza

    I'm A Man and id say id like to smoke amd meet with her

  14. sparkplugcomics

    "... what i look like trickin on your bitch that aint the shit for me, you cant be in my vicinity without abilities, all you haters hold my nuts an suck my dignity!"

  15. Kyle Bradley

    If you like real gotta love M.A.

  16. Sunny Day

    Luv yung ma.....

  17. Noah Hassenzahl Michigan

    I got a big dick without a dick

  18. Abdul Simmons

    Just bc im n u dnt mean im n 2 u!

  19. Evan Tracey

    Yeah don't worry bout your name....just worry bout your imaginary dick...😅😅🤣🤣🤣...weak worst line ever....i can't wait for a dude to say i got a tight peach and I don't have a that's underrated n keep it that way...



  21. Collins wanyang

    drop panties no hands please

  22. Zee Menowla

    this is crazy

  23. Donovan Williams

    Whole album 🔥

  24. mjnefan

    Young M.A, that bottom-lip pout, SHEESH! 💋❤

  25. Damien Slade

    M A keep doing your thing...I'm an ol school 90s head but I fucks with your shit...definitely showing that new younger artists can still be dope...I bump you fo sho...much better than this mumble trap garbage out now

  26. Detroiter Girl

    Still here 🔊🔥💃

  27. BreC.


  28. Computer Scientist

    ain't they broke? (yes)...and ... ain't I rich? (affirmative)

  29. Meechino Johnson

    By far one of my favorite tracks on the new album

  30. landon Mcfee

    I ain’t just go get the food I built the kitchen too

  31. vidgy

    Krrrrr!!! 💥💥💥

  32. Kamikaz3

    Listen at 1.15 Speed

  33. Jeremy Butler

    She said "ain't it's crazy how I got a big dick without a dick" lol

  34. myreashaful

    Pop off!!! Bars!!!

  35. 13 Fabiw

    Instru ? 🔥

  36. Agnese Zanasi


  37. drizz gang

    Who else is enjoying the HERstory In the making album without skipping tracks

  38. elmer lopez

    Man dis bitch go hard

  39. tboogiewitdabun B

    Get rich or die tryin “Curtis mood”
    🙌🏽 BARS! #respect

  40. Dj Ward

    About time 🔥

  41. lewietheville

    My mind is like a bag of screws 🔩🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Ivette Espinosa

    Queen Latifa gave up to soon and worried to much about what others thought of her. So M.A took over the show

    soul rebel9

    Hello along wit da brat



  44. Detroiter Girl

    Fuck yes 🔊🔥💃❤️

  45. NYners718 !

    the perfect marriage of beat and barz!! 🔥🔥🚀

  46. Carlos alberto

    Young M.A: "UUUh Uh UUUUUUH"

  47. Chris McRoy

    After what happened to her brother (rip, nothing but respect fyi) i figured she wouldnt promote gun violence. But she knows what sells and thats the sad part. I wonder if she would gain or lose fans if she only rapped about positive thoughts and experiences...instead of guns, drugs, gangs and fucking bitches...thats the only thing she does that isnt original. I really think that if someone did it right, that type of rap would be even more well received. Any thoughts?

  48. Ramon Diaz

    Whoever dislike this, I wanna spit on you 😂🤣

  49. 2 Live Crew

    that you can DIE in your LIVING room lone went over my head 😮🔥

  50. sassy

    They be hating on her cause she’s Hot Fire 🔥 period!!! I don’t even listen to rap and I love her!!!

  51. Yonica Pope

    This hard from beginning to end

  52. Raims NA

    Who's here August 2019

  53. Forever Known

    FUCKING BARS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. Deekay823

    Ma you gotta re drop this with more base fir me please

  55. Arian Ragan

    Haaaaaa haaaaa all u haters suck my nuts and hold my dignities lol I'm dead

  56. Omarion Bracey

    The best rapper and the game

  57. Cheryl Mcclain

    Keep winning / your the realest 💯🌹

  58. family 1st

    She's a fucking problem.... 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  59. Diego Alex Perez Pineda

    No le entendi nada :( jajaj

  60. Louis Bravo

    Damn this shit was a fatality. Flawless victory. 💀🔥

  61. Ahmad Albatayneh

    This is deadly!

  62. Supreme Deeme


  63. Jana Perry

    “A nigga wasn’t on his job had to break her off “ 🔥

  64. foxxmoxx

    Honestly I’m quivering. M.A so fine! Lyrically gifted too.
    “She don’t need Plan B” I mean I knew I was queer but that’s the dealbreaker right there! Ha!

  65. Takura Mubwanda

    this track loaded with bars-just bcoz i put in dnt mean im into you

  66. Chris Powo

    More hit songs my best rapper

  67. Pam Cody


  68. Erick Farias

    “Just because i put it in , don’t mean im into you”

  69. Who Dis???

    3rd verse 😳🔥🔥🔥⚠️

  70. jay vince

    most UNDERRATED,BUT real fans highly recognize YOUNG MA.

  71. Mikey B

    Dam she punching on this 👌🏿🔥🔥

  72. Mamma Drama

    City girls rip...

  73. big dreams

    We feeling your barz all d way from west Africa #best in the game. MA

  74. Deljon Finister

    Lmao this song fire except for the first 44 secs 👀👀😂😂😂

  75. ashley thomas

    Collaboration with Nikki and young ma magic happens

  76. Shay Perlé

    She went the fuck in !!!!

  77. Xavier Figueroa


  78. Sergio Carrillo

    Love you M.A

  79. Sergio Carrillo

    Fracking love M.A

  80. Phyllis Smith


  81. Meagan’s Blessings


  82. The Pride of London

    Are you fucking serious ????? 🔥 🔥? 3 mins of just straight PRESSURE 😤

  83. Jesse Kamau

    Lion King*

  84. Jesse Kamau

    What sweds' trackin' shit now.

  85. Jesse Kamau

    "Justice a bunch of foreign SHIT"

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  89. WomenRockdk15

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    Gritings from Logan KAPUCZINO mofaga

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    This needs 10000mio views

  95. Jesse Kamau

    Lay dem Off

  96. RIP Playboi Cactus

    Young M.A the best female rapper of the new generation fym

  97. Miss Never Laccin

    Americans love this stuff 😂😂

  98. Amanda Ryba

    Oooh But ain’t they broke and ain’t I rich 😂😂

  99. Amanda Ryba

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