Young M.A - BIG Lyrics

It's that big drip!
Zombie on the track
I got a bunch of niggas in the studio
That's gang-gang though (facts)
Everybody good over there, you heard?
Uh, ayy, uhh

I never been a hater (never that)
I just, stick to my paper like a stapler
Yellow bone smoking purple, LA Lakers
If she give me pussy on a wake up
Double cup of carrot juice
Oh, that's my savage juice
I just copped an Audemar
Oh, and a Patek too
Dripping in that iceberg
Oh, in that Kappa too
Ayy bro, don't you cuff that hoe
'Cause I done had her too (I done had her)
They say that they packin', oh we packin' too (Oh we packin' too)
Run up like what's poppin' and what's brackin' too (Brackin' too)
Said I would get rich and made it happen too (I made it happen too)
Take a picture with your bitch and tag her too (I gotta tag her too)
Savage mode (Savage mode)
Rack it and roll (Rackin it and roll)
Clappin' a hoe (Clappin' a hoe)
Now you can go (Now you can go)
She poppin' a bean (Poppin' a bean)
Licking on me
Off-White, off night, cookies and cream

Ooh, ooh
That's that big drip (That's that big drip)
Big wrist (Ooh)
Big body, big whips (Ooh)
Big Glocks (Ooh)
Big guap, big notch (Ooh)
Big goons (Ooh)
Small problems, big moves (Ooh)

Sauce it up (Sauce it up)
All this drip, I could fuck around and wash him up (Have him washed up)
Hellcat sound like Mufasa when I start it up
That's a wide-body, bitch it's hard to park it up (hard to park)
Uh, buss it like a baby leg, spark it up (Spark it up)
Homie tuck your chain it don't spark enough (It don't spark enough)
(Ayy, tuck that shit, man)
Ayy, homie tuck your chain it don't spark enough
(Ayy, tuck that shit, man)
(Like what you doin'? Fuck this nigga doin' bro?
This nigga got Cubic zirconia stones, man
Nigga really tryna stunt
My nigga you a lil nigga, you heard? You a little homie)
(You should get your money back)
Get your money back
Double cup a Hennessy we call it money-gnac (that Henny)
Where all of my bloodies at?
I took her to the crib and I had fun with that (I fucked her)
Now come and get your mother back, I'm done with that (your mother)
Yo, I just copped a pocket rocket (Grrr)
For all you niggas pocket watching (Why you watchin' me?)
Why your rollie tick-tick-tocking? (Why your rollie tick?)
Ayy, uh, I fuck her during tax season, perfect timing (Perfect timing)
I bagged your bitch in Fashion Nova no designer (no designer)
Uh, man I like them tatted bitches, "Hi, Kehlani" (Kehlani)
I woke up in that pussy, her new name Bugatti (Bugatti)
Bitch, I got that drip, my new name Tsunami

Ooh, ooh
That's that big drip (That's that big drip)
Big wrist (Ooh)
Big body, big whips (Ooh)
Big Glocks (Ooh)
Big guap, big notch (Ooh)
Big goons (Ooh)
Small problems, big moves (Big moves)

Yeah, I'm Young M.A. but she call me papi (She call me papi, she call me papi, I call her mami)
Yeah, I'm Young M.A. but she call me papi (Tati)
Zombie on the track

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Young M.A BIG Comments
  1. GrayLine

    I feel like if I hung out with that crew I would have the time of my life. Then realize the next day that I didn't understand one word they said the whole

  2. Veronica Arges

    Sick beat!!

  3. Michael Trout

    Who else noticed she said “I woke up in the pussy her new name Bugatti” that song I woke up in a new Bugatti used to be my shit

  4. Alan Martinez

    Young M.A. still the shit 20/20 bro homie hide u shit it don't shine enough...

  5. xDribbleGodBagx

    🔥🔥🔥 All faxxx


    SHE CALL ME PAPI.🤠 3:10



  8. Irwandaaa Fernando

    She cute tho, got a sweet smile

  9. Aurora


  10. rhonda smith

    She so damn fine

  11. Daniel Bedoya

    I need to find the girl with the blue hair name please help😂😭🙏

  12. damn 1

    Young M.A really needs a head cut he looks like a girl


    damn 1 she is a girl

    damn 1

    @Lijem is she gay?


    damn 1 yes she is

    damn 1

    @Lijem ohh ok makes sense now

  13. Wanda Land

    Take a picture witcha BITCH and tag her too 😁😜🤪

  14. Rosalyn Mcfadden

    Now I know we're you live

  15. Anthony Tyson

    People saying she’s better than all these rappers it’s just the same shit what you talking about the kids these enjoy anything

  16. Keegan Mercurio is blonde

    That chain is bigger than my head

  17. Rat2019

    When they try to call you a one hit wonder

  18. Paul Jacobs

    Real life

  19. Nema Tmg

    I am today years old i found out Young ma is girl..fuck

  20. Aleesha Gray

    Yasssss !!!!!!

  21. อินทัช โต๊ะซา

    Love you thailnad yo yo

  22. moises13mendez

    It was ok. Till she made fun of the broke fool. She making fun of me...and you

  23. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce


  24. KahtionBeatzRadio


  25. Nirooo

    i like the car.

  26. Aiden Hernandez

    Young M.A - BIG - Like
    Baby Keem - ORANGE SODA - Comment

  27. Louisa Wilson


  28. t0nyc0nde

    Where is the duet with Saucy Santana?!

  29. Zain Khan

    Someone tell me is it a he or she

    Dewillie Smith

    Zain Khan she’s a female 🤦🏾‍♂️


    She is basically a guy but a girl by birth lmao

  30. Anthony Vasquez


  31. Grind Mode

    I fux wit this nigga here

  32. Stephanie Garcia

    Best female right now imo

  33. Duplex Supreme



  34. Chris Platt

    Watching her head go big made me question if I was on drugs

  35. Weeb Joestar

    It is ok if you hate me but I never knew that ma was a woman

  36. Tahir Roshanali

    Does she say yeah I'm young M.A. but she call me Papi or yeah I'm young and made but she call me Papi ??

  37. That kinda clean 320ci Coupe

    Hellcat sound like muffasa when I start it up

  38. khristian hamilton

    Go Wendy Go Wendy Go Wendy Go Wendy !!!!😂😂😂

  39. Shane Kelley

    This video looks like it was shot at my neighbors house with his car in Maine

  40. Dave4infinite

    Dope video

  41. Gabriel Pereira

    whats brackin

  42. Chanin Lindgren

    You'd get a free ride

  43. Chanin Lindgren

    My miles rolled over to frequent flyer

  44. Chanin Lindgren

    I know I'd be no different in this position

  45. Lorenzo Fiorenza

    Chi qui dopo il freestyle di Lazza

  46. Redd

    Who in here is not from tik tok

  47. Sumiran thapa

    Is young ma a guy or a girl?

  48. Jeffrey Do

    “Now come and get your mother back I’m done with that”

    She a certified HE bruh

  49. Desi Eliza

    I honestly want young MA to make a song with her singing like Ariana Grande😂😂💀 JP

  50. Volcano •_•


  51. Brellyn Vásquez

    🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🙏 big young m.a

  52. Absol 812

    I like that there is a female rapper who is not basically a prostitute

  53. Jose Jose Jose

    Listen Young MA and Black Folks: Y'all promoting gang culture and then wonder why there are so many young Blacks killed in the inner cities. Listen...promote Black excellence and family values to lift up the Black communities otherwise you'll be screaming racism again in 50 years blaming the White folks for your failures. Amen!

  54. Jose Jose Jose

    And I don't like girls acting like boys. Be a girl....look at Remi Ma, Nikki Minaj, etc...very sad where this world is going to!

    genangar games

    You don’t like her because she’s not stereotypically girly? That’s an actual question. And if so why is that bad?

    Jose Jose Jose

    gagames  uhhh... yes! She's pretending to be another gender but in reality she's a girl. It is called gender dysphoria...a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. I know it could be hard for you to comprehend but feel free to look it up. Then add to that, she's a lesbian...and clearly promoting Homosexuality/Lesbianism to the masses therefore poisoning millions of young girls' impressionable minds. Yes, I take issues with that. So, I do not like her and I will not buy her garbage music. And, I will also speak my mind and let whoever reading my comments know that it is WRONG!

    genangar games

    Jose Jose Jose okay
    1. I was being respectful because I legitimately was just interested in what you where thinking so no need to bite my head off and insult my intelligence

    2. Yes I do know what gender dysphoria is ( and yes I can comprehend that concept thank you very much) but I feel like you might not because if you did I feel like no human would attack someone for feeling like that

    3. I don’t believe she has ever claimed to even be transgender as you suggest (but honestly I may be wrong) I’m pretty sure she’s just a masculine lesbian

    3. Gay,lesbian,bisexual,transgender and so on are not contagious which is evident when you consider the fact the straight Christian fire and brimstone parents who live in a homophobic neighborhood and are homophobic still have and often do raise lgbtq+ children but make them hate themselves in the long run

    4.There are a lot worse things a child could become then gay like o I don’t know..... a bigot 🤷🏼‍♂️

    P.s I understand that this response may undermine my trying to be respectful point but you’re response was rather... aggressive towards me so I felt I had to retort my anger slightly but if you do respond can you please be calm because I will Bc I want to have a legitimate conversation. I’m also not saying you should listen to her music that’s your choice obviously

    genangar games

    (Sorry for my numbering error)

  55. Jose Jose Jose

    Pure Garbage

  56. Ilya 24

    It’s a piece of shite music. And who is it? Boy or girl?! WTF?!WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD!!!

    chris ramus

    Why u care

  57. Djery Leger

    This was splendid to watch!

  58. Ape City

    Is Them All Studs?????

  59. malek shut up!

    '''bitch, i got that drip. my new name tsunami.''

  60. Ethan Radd

    BIG PROBLEMS! , - small - moves

  61. Keith Cee

    Video ain’t bad, figuring one whip and two Walmart chairs and baby pool lol

  62. Stezzy Ivan

    She got some crazy flow

  63. Rex gang Team

    Okay okay I see you

  64. Nicolas

    for the longest time I thought she was a dude

  65. M4KERB

    can't believe em fucks with this trash. haha

  66. makiaveliHD


  67. Marcin Król

    Love from Cold 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🔥 🔥 🔥

  68. Tramayne Randall

    RIP Kobe lakers

  69. His Son

    Her rhymes are basic and she sound monotone. Idk.

  70. Billy Aka ウイリャム

    I've seen lot of people in the comments saying things like "Young ma is better than most of the rappers nowadays, her flow and delivery are so untouchable". But I don't understand why that much people say this, I mean, she's not a very good rapper and she's not better than the others in my opinion. Personally I really don't like her rap, so I just don't understand why does everyone call her a genius. She's totally whack compared to new school rappers like joyner lucas or dax

    Jeffrey Do

    Billy Aka ウイリャム you should check out her other songs. Her flow is really good. Sure she may not have as much bars as Joyner or Dax on most songs but her flow combined with the dope beats make for way more enjoyable tracks imo

  71. Irfan Raziq

    Wait shes a female?

  72. Abass Gareth

    Small post
    Big move
    M A

  73. James Johnson

    She can rap

  74. Bala Records

    Sounds like orange soda or vice versa

  75. Sasha Mccann

    This girl deserves recognition more she’s so talented and underrated she should not be making cheap music videos

    Azz Beats

    DeadShot2kAim she’s clearly not tho lad

    Azz Beats

    Sasha Mccann have you not seen the view count 😂?

    Mr. Blonde

    Straight garbage

    Rashaad Roberts

    She’s not underrated she just REFUSES to sell he soul........

    Rashaad Roberts

    DeadShot2kAim you sound serious. She better than YOU!!

  76. Guilherme

    estranho não ver nenhum brasileiro aqui kkkkkkkkk acho que só eu que conheço essa MSC


    Escuto desde o ano passado, Kkkk tu tá errado irmão até o Dfideliz já escutou


    @DRAGON Xkrl ainda bem que não sou o único kkkkkkkk

  77. Gabbe Guevara

    The one

  78. yolvin davis

    Me Too 💯💯

  79. 38.จ่อปากดับอนาถ 2ปีที่ผ่านมา

  80. freezeme360

    0:00 ok Kanye

  81. stowel cooper

    This beat so fucking sick...🔥🔥

  82. ANTTIE

    NEVER BEEN A H.A.T.E.R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. ANTTIE

    THIS IS THE FUCK OUTTA HEA SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. ANTTIE

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Moose Chop

    That rasta guy put up a crip sign at the end.

  86. YungCamelToe InYoHoe

    Why Young M.A such a mood man

  87. Cogdd Vhgf

    It's great to see some real females back in rap and not niki minaj trash

  88. Les Gold

    I always thought this was some young guy that drank too much whiskey and smoked probably a pack a day..

  89. Alexis Cara

    Young MA but she call her papi ... Ou 😂

  90. Hayati Can

    Why your rollie tick tick tocking ?

  91. poisoned

    Where does she find this biches

  92. KayKay Fabulous

    This beat is 🔥

  93. Игорь Скинивайт

    0:53 pull up with tha iceburg on tha neck fr fr

  94. Mathieu Tassera

    La daronne à evan