Young Jeezy - Me OK Lyrics

First to tell ya "Motherfucker, trap or die", that me OK
Mister whip or not and get a half a pie, that me OK
Mister if I'm talkin' you should listen, game is free OK
Mister got two whole ones and two half ones, yeah that's three OK
Leave up out of here with two bad ones, yeah, that's me OK
Mister re-in' up with 'bout two phantoms, yeah, that's me OK
On that Avion to the head, hey, but me OK
Never put a bitch before my bread, hey, now me OK

I'm a fool on that Avion, snow be on that liquor
Approach me if you want to, I will smoke ya like a Swisha
You know my game tizight you know that's all tizzop
Presidential Day-Date, looking like two blocks
Chain on 2Pac when he was on Death Row
All black glizzock, that 40 says leggo
All my niggas is 'bout it, all my bitches is with it
One call that's all, choppers pay him a visit
Real nigga fo' sho', got a fetish for dough
34 a unit, nine hundred, an O
Break 'em down into zips, that's a hell of a flip
Had 'em now they gone, guess I'm takin' a trip


When L.A. Reid was in office made some history up in Def Jam
If Jizzle ain't droppin', nigga, what the fuck is Def Jam?
I know you heard how your boy bossed up at Atlantic
Boss shit, might just drop my next album on Atlantic
I really hope you bitches ready, Vice-prezzy and his Presi
Got some shit up in my bezzy, So what ya sayin'? My wrist is heavy
All white, penthouse, yeah, like the one on Belly
With a brown skin thing swear to God she look like Kelly
Two door Rolls is how I'm rollin', plus you know a nigga totin'
Keep that street nigga paper, rubber band it, it ain't foldin'
First the XXL, read about me in the Forbes
That's a long way from trappin' in that 4-door Accord


Snow can eyeball a seven, yeah you best believe without the scale
I just want the mansions and the riches, yeah without the jail
You can call me postman, don't go nowhere without some mail
In and out in 20 minutes, you best believe I'm makin' bail
Put you on designer watches, put you on designer frames
Had you cashin' out, payin' for, you can't pronounce the name
Had that Murcielago, it was green like margaritas
Sold yayo, I sold albums, might as well sell some tequila
Dropped so many Lambos, thought I was a Lam ambassador
Dropped so many Rollies, niggas thought I owned the Rollie store
Snow it's been a while, yeah you know them streets missed you
I don't eat, sleep, or shit without my mothafuckin' pistol


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Young Jeezy Me OK Comments
  1. wilfrid fred

    Slim duckin rip

  2. sheenbeen87

    Can't band the snow man

  3. Richard Blinsky

    Piece of mind pistole biesto Fraho I don't need hos meet death sent me back barreled

  4. J R

    Im just gonna say it now Young Jeezy is a legend.

  5. Adrian Lesi

    Me okkkk yeahhh

  6. Psychoanalyse Dave


  7. Cam Uloth

    I remember when this album from dropped harder than lead. 💯

  8. Troy Adam

    Wtf they talking about lmao

  9. Young Soulja

    That beat and jeezy together should be illegal

  10. Corey Tinker

    Never put a bitch before my bread hey that me ok🔥💯

  11. Gregory Morris


  12. Aston Gang

    The most gangsta intro ever, combined with a goddamn fuckin fire ass beat! Well done Jeezy! 🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎

  13. Shaniece Neal

    Love him the hardest

  14. Joshua Willa

    Dammn all that crips.

    Love my blue
    Blue sky
    Blue ocean
    All the great is blue

  15. curt francis

    One of the realist niggas out tough street creds.SNOWMAN

  16. Casaundra Emerson

    Whatz Under inner over stood no n33d 2 EXplain

  17. true guy

    Deep fried Michigan Eastside Westside mile roads

  18. true guy

    6 Mile 2020

  19. true guy

    Young Jeezy keep it real bro we love you for keeping it real

  20. Trump is so rascist

    Fine ass beat

  21. travis claus

    Because he's my best rapper 2020 am still here. Who else?

  22. chris williams

    Snowman. Yeeaaahhhhh. 2020. Blessings to all!!!

  23. TSgt. Terrell Paul

    Still slapping in 2020

  24. Jasper Hester jr

    Hardbody sounds

  25. Tyrone Smith

    I know you don't like white people but l'm white and man i love your song "me ok"

  26. Tam D.

    You couldn’t tell me nothing bout Jazzy we this dropped... 2020♥️

  27. K Johnson

    That beat drop tho👌🔥🔥💪....#ME OK

  28. Tony Sayavong


  29. GP Outdoors

    Approach me if you want to I will smoke you like a swisha 💥🔥

  30. miyakal sanders

    2020 we still bumping this ‼️

    Logical Thinker

    Listen to this track bbbbbbitch. 💪🏿

    Sean Williams

    Me Okay

  31. Kenneth Clark

    that's me ok all 2020 still going off.

  32. Bobby Villalpando


  33. Gabriel Pontees

    listening in 2020 \O/

  34. Rafiki Mustafah

    Yep, it's 2020 and this is still a banger

  35. alex martinez

    2020 and still banging this

    EpicMeme Productions

    Hell yeah!

  36. Shameka Walker

    2020 still banging it!!💯💯

  37. keath stone

    Edgewood. Fam barber shop . 💯💯

  38. eugene calgary

    Anybody noticed Marshawn Lynch at 1:40?

  39. Elias Ramirez

    mad respect in the hood LOL

  40. Litunechi Napoleon

    Litunechi Napoleon Me Ok Litunechi Napoleon

  41. hi haters bye haters

    This is my friday night song when I'm heading to da damnnnnn club to do my damnnnnn thing😎😎🔥

  42. Neal Bonner

    Brian bee hey cuz cooking steak

  43. JANET Brooks

    Let's go 🖤 my fav rapper

  44. Saadiya Rothschild

    I miss my city Atlanta. Love u Atlanta.

  45. King James


  46. Emily Koroumah

    Hustler ambitionz

  47. K T

    Let me see these new guys drop all this is 1 song! #ithinknot #jeezy

  48. Lacey Francoeur

    Make sure you hit that SHM.48 W32

  49. Brenno Medeiros

    Brazilian Fan

  50. Dejour Stewart

    Me okay

  51. King James

    OSU check

  52. King James

    CLEM check

  53. King James

    LSU check

  54. Neal Bonner

    2bads me ok Detroit 1

  55. K Kooley

    Cousin is me jay love you

  56. Klassz Kouture Jewels

    Hey jay it’s your cousin jay/javius

  57. Lilly V Gutierrez

    Trying figure out what song's are his trying figure out if Young jezzy is same as jezzy can't believe JEANIE MAI IS DATING HIM. I do love his music for sure trap music . I'm surprised he's date jeanie. But I think it's 4 publicity didn't think she would ever be his or even her type


    Use to go by young jeezy

  58. Joshua Breckenridge

    APPROACH ME IF WANT TOO!! 12/03/2019

  59. Gregory Morris


  60. Beast Mode FIAZCO

    Mista if I'm I'm talkin you should listen game is free o k

  61. Philip Roberson

    I like this beat goes ham!

  62. Roger McFaddin

    Who listening to this Christmas 2019 ? That me ok....


    Me ok bro.

    Sparado Ao

    Merry Christmas the 🎁 on 2 pac when he was death row

    Snap P

    Roger McFaddin me ok👌🏾✌🏽

    Patrick Pezoulas

    Honies still bouncin to this

    Tyrone Smith

    I get it

  63. Surefire Youth


  64. Philip Roberson

    quantity! Makes good quality music!

  65. 極悪


  66. tee tee

    Damn jeezy baby talk that shit omg he can get🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ i don't eat sleep or shit without my mf pistol 🕺🕺💃💃💃

  67. treezzy_tree luie tree Trees baby Trees

    Tree OK

  68. keith anderson


  69. roshell falcon

    Nov2019 still here trap or die the game free you should listen OK 👌

  70. AyeitsA

    Came here AFTER I heard that upchurch remix. Both slap so hard

  71. Lisa Crawford

    This is a dope jeezy song :).

  72. Starlove89 Thorn

    Still october 2019

  73. 3rdworld TV | Global


  74. Neal Bonner

    Two bad ones me ok Chicago

  75. Dino Keso

    "That's a long way from trapping in that 4 door Accord" real shit!

  76. IRockStyles

    ☃️❄Snoman Season☃️🔥❄Thatssssss righhhtttt🔥

  77. raejean hightower

    Never put a bitch before your bread facts 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  78. raejean hightower

    This song still go crazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Maybach Music

    فوزي الرئيس

  80. Gang Gang


  81. Jen Kovacs

    O mane on the lodge with it

  82. Jen Kovacs

    Hellzzzz YESSSS

  83. Kourtney Grant


  84. Jonathan Kestner

    Lemme get a show of hands of who’s here because of Upchurch I love Jeezy so it’s sick af when he does Jeezy Remixes and Yo Gotti and shit now all we need is maybe a 2Pac remix which would be a bit out of his style maybe but that would be suck if he tried an old Pac song

  85. Quantrell Huff

    The "irrelevant doesn't has a place in Growth and Development!!!