Young Jeezy - Enough Lyrics

If you grind hard enough
If you grind long enough
If you grind hard enough

[Verse 1:]
Oh Lord, I woke up this morning and started praying
And only niggas feeling my pain, know what I'm saying
Dear Lord, street life ain't no game, know what I'm saying
It's for my money really, fuck the fame and I ain't playing
See I passed the rock a couple of times, let me assist
Nigga me and ya'll together how the fuck we gone miss
Nigga all we worry about is how the fuck they gone flip
Come thru in dem drop things, I swear to god they gone trip
Beat the haters, Beat the feds, now that's gotta be a sign
Smoke da blunt and left the body, Right and loose my mind
Hit the booth and spazzed out, almost lost my mothafuckin' mind
Might fuck these hoes, get on my mothafuckin' grind
Sleep is the cousin of death and I'm alive
Thug Motivation plus inspiration equals survive
They tryna rob you for ya success with no disguise
I know that shit was hard on you Young and where ya ride

(If you grind hard enough)
You could stack a few mil' nigga make it out the streets like me
(If you grind strong enough)
You could be a trap star nigga be on TV and keep it G
(If you grind long enough)
You could take care of your nephews and your nieces and your moms and your girl
(If you grind hard enough)
You could stand on top, tell these hatin ass niggas It's Tha World

[Verse 2:]
I'm on deck, on point, I'm straight, I'm cool
Dropped the whole 500, drop dat old school
Live by the G Code nigga, I don't break no rules
Hey, when I was in the streets I ain't see those dudes
All I know, come through use the kitchen do the dishes
Block hot say ya prayers say ya mothafuckin' wishes
Jizzle what you do? you sick of hopping outta a Coupe?
Cop a four door nigga hop up out it in a suit
Giorgio Armani, still represent the struggle
I'm in this Giorgio Armani, still represent the hustle
See the man made the clothes, clothes never made the man
And if a nigga tell you different, he ain't seen a hundred grand
All I heard is what I couldn't do, All I heard is what I couldn't be
Yet I'm still determined on these niggas, just look at me
Sometimes I lay up in my bed, think 'till my head hurt
Fuck rest I rather stress, yeah we call that bad work


[Verse 3:]
Okay now fuck that bullshit, get off ya mothafuckin' ass
You working with us
Yup, you grind a mothafuckin' a half
And when you grind a half
You pay ya mothafuckin' staff
And then u take the hood
You do the mothafuckin' math
Now fuck that bullshit, get off ya mothafuckin' ass
Get off ya fucking ass
Nigga stack ya fuckin cash
And when you grab ya
You pay ya mothafuckin' staff
And then u paid the world
You do the mothafuckin' math


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Young Jeezy Enough Comments
  1. Natasha Tate

    This is inspiration Muzik ever

  2. Gaming with Kingmal YT


  3. Str8DropMuzikGroup

    2019 I’m still here

  4. Moonlight? B A D V I B E Z

    This song is fire and motivational. When I first heard it I kept it on repeat And I’m still playing his songs from 2007💵🔥💯.

  5. Arvel Gilliam

    Still here 2019

  6. Phillip Jennings

    Real Captains beat.

  7. Jerrell Harris

    2019 still young

  8. Coach Watkins

    See I passed tha rock a couple if times, let me assist🔥🔥🏀🔥🏆🔥🔥

  9. King Me

    Still whamm'n 2019.... Came home 3 days ago for get back in focus...

    Makaveli X

    Welcome home!

    King Me

    @Makaveli X bet

  10. BusinessLawPole

    I love Jeezy. Motivation for the hood 💯

  11. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  12. Ebony Eaglin

    The 🔫.

    Ebony Eaglin

    A message 2 my kids🏦

  13. Arealaview Interview Series by 1Shot Enterprise

    Songs like this can change lives if you use the inspiration provided by the Homie Jeezy!! "Take care of your Nephews, Nieces, Mom and your Girl" Haaaarrrrrddd Enough!!!!

    damion barnes

    Arealaview Interview Series by 1Shot Enterprise Exactly

    damion barnes


  14. Lionel Boyo

    get off your ass

  15. Elite Gamer

    Beat the haters beat the feds mane it's gotta be a sign. Young

    Leroy Murphy

    Rip Pimp C im trying tell ya nah

  16. Jesse Gales

    if this make you get your ass up and get a dollar nothing will

  17. agthaog1986

    kenoe be coming though wit sum gangsta azz beats sometimes

  18. frank ackley

    Need to make a real video of this song

  19. oliver howlett

    u do the math $$$$

  20. Makaveli X

    Going for my masters then PhD bumpin all jeezy shit. Let's get it! Thanks jeezy!


    Makaveli X God bless you brother I'm over here trying make the league bless up!

    Elite Gamer

    Makaveli X hell yeah mane

    Leroy Murphy

    Makaveli X thug motivation plus inspiration equal survive

    Erick Mc Cord


  21. Antonio Jones

    If you grind hard enough you shine bright enough

    Ginger Brown

    Antonio Jones 😍😘❤

  22. Keria watson

    this my mom shit , ian fw it at first I bang with it now 💰🔫🔌

    Tulu Smith

    moms know good music..

  23. XR7 TM


  24. palomine21040

    You know usually, I look are rap artists today and think, "Eh I like there old stuff". But jeezy, jezzy got way better with time.

  25. Brian Borden

    motivation song bro everyday

    Druglife 82

    +Brian Borden yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh

  26. Brian Borden

    instant classic 4 show boss

  27. Lee Norton

    Get ready my hometown im taking all ya FUCKIN PEEPS... ITS TIME TO SHOW YALL BITCHES HOW TO SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 On my way back from 8BALL MJG LAND!!! Yall bitches aint ready for THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. smurfitstoney

    This that Fire !!!!!!!!!

  29. quadracer(450r)

    One of the realest rappers. nigga lets you no how it really works and if you listen to this music this nigga teaches you how to rule the street stay away from the heat (police) and do it in discreet and receive c-notes (100 dollar bills) as treats.  organized crime king he once said  "it aint about whos damn bread the longest its about who can stay on the streets the longest. you fuck up wont be back til them damn Buck Roger years". 

  30. Courtney B

    classic TM103

  31. Patience Gaye

    whn i ws in thm streets i aint see those dudes

  32. Tylance Marcell

    Thats wats up jeezy keep it moving i love to rap to

  33. Highest Point

    This is like Thug Motivation all over again. I fucks with it!

  34. Stanley Milbourne

    Feel like this track sound like something that would've been on "The Recession".

    John Wicc

    Stanley Milbourne more like 101

    Tim H

    Stanley Milbourne agreed

    Justin Harp

    And that a fasho right there.


    well? who still bumps 101, thug motivation and inspiration in 2019? jeezy make me hustle harder

  35. darnell dreuitt

    Nothing hotter then this track rite now

    Ginger Brown

    darnell dreuitt 😊

  36. Buggz MusicTV

    this my shit on replay

  37. Lone Wolf

    Dj Toomp in dis bitch


    KreolaBoy I know this is old but Maurice Kenoe Jordan my cousin did this Producer of Bees N Da Trap him an Toomp parted before i got out Toomp taught him alot on the AsR but Dj KLc really put him on when he was signed under cmurder at TRU Record s

  38. FLAME writes

    This the 1...I needed this..Trap Or Die