Young Jeezy - Been Getting Money Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Jeezy:]
Had a mill at 16 know how that felt?
And I'm still kicking shit, bitch black belt
Shoulda seen me in that yella 4-30
Got it washed everyday, bitch never seen dirty
Told me meet him at the waffle house, he got a clean.30
On my Domino's shit, only took a mean 30
My folks always on time yeah I'm talking seen murders.
Is it me or this frank Mueller it just seem early
I'm in something low-key steady mobbing with them thangs, greet us always
Steady mobbing be the game
Cut the music down cause my cellphone ringing
From what I just heard think my cellphone dreaming
Wasn't doing this I'd probably be a politician
Fuck first forty-eight just too much snitching
If them folks get behind me it be a whole lot of chasing,
Cause I ain't pulling over it be a whole lot of racing
Cause I ain't pulling over be a whole lotta arresting

[Hook - Akon:]
Ain't a damn thing change now
Cause I been getting money
Who you know pulled up
Black cars jeweled up
With the big-faced hundreds
Put them things on the road now
Nigga still getting that dough now
Niggas think I lucked up, must got me fucked up
Cause I been getting money

[Verse 2 - Jeezy:]
And just when I thought it couldn't get no better
Nigga hit me on my chirp, got all my cheddar
All wondering why I got this shit runnin like a shower
Big bag full of white, you woulda thought it was some flour
Work hard in the kitchen like a culinary school
I be doin my thang, I'm a culinary fool
So much Pj, I was pissin that shit,
Talkin bottles so big put a fist in that shit
You were born that way, always be a hater
Don Jaun on these hoes, always be a playa
Way I run thru the check I Shoulda been a calculator
I'm so cold with this shit, count it in the refrigerator
Jewelry store, green bob bought my first Cartier
Threw em 30 thou and got the fuck up outta there
That's how jo jo jimbo and dave day got indicted
There's a party with the feds, I ain't tynna get invited


[Verse 3 - Jeezy:]
Imagine this breeze coming from the ceiling fan
Stack a hundred bills in your right hand
Right there by the couch bag of rubber bands
Gotta get 5, double stacked that's a hundred grand
Rose gold jacob, 4 units for the timepiece
Got my niggas working so much they need a time sheet
They thought it was a joke until I copped that 6
7:45 pull up in that bitch
Ever see a nigga pop a hundred bottles for the club
Had a big trash bag get that money dem bitches love
One song, blew a quarter chicken, yeah that's a car tote
If a nigga re'ing up with half a ticket that's a car quote


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Young Jeezy Been Getting Money Comments
  1. Carlos Hernandez

    Konvict and Young Jeezy are a great collaboration

  2. Patrick Faltys

    2020 still banging this shit... Ain't a damn thing changed now , been getting money.

  3. Tyler Busch

    .75 speed, thank me later hoes

  4. Justin Dion

    Tory lanez Made The Hook I Never Knew!! 🔥

  5. beastxxwar

    My ex girlfriend said I played this song too much. I dumped her

  6. Matt Skelton

    Can someone please tell me the guitar chords for this?

  7. Sergio Gonzalez

    11 /09/2019 any one 😎

  8. Victor Smokes

    2019 here?

  9. Trenton Minium

    Put out the soundtrack to this

  10. Brandon Boyden

    2019 anyone

  11. Neuby Ras

    "Niggas think I lucked up, must got me fucked up" .. Cuz I've Been gettin money" 🔥

  12. Tevin Cotton

    Akon n young jeezy.. We been gettin money.. Snowman da trap 🐐.. 2019

  13. Carlos Hernandez

    They made two songs Young Jeezy and Akon Soul Survivor that came out in 2005 and Been Getting Money and young jeezy was featured in Akon's song I'm so paid with Lil Wayne that came out in 2008 those are the threes songs Young Jeezy made with Akon

  14. DrRhopnop Opldop

    This beat cold af

  15. Carlos Hernandez


  16. Jimmy Garcia

    2019 still buming this song!

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    1 time for 2019!!!!

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    Mashed dat hoe mayne

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    Crooks elite fam hola at me!

  24. allie holliday

    Still listening in 2018

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    Notice the switch in styles over these past few years? Jeezy sounds better than ever, save USDA.

  26. John and Dina Show

    I fuck with it

  27. nola herron

    I'm from West Philly #1fan I screen the same words to the youth can't wait to meet you address 537 n Paxton come holla at your bull I'm around

  28. Jeffrey Ward

    Am I the only person who sees that illuminati eye

  29. Angel Guevara

    Fukk sneak diss i will kill u been gettin money believe dat

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    Fuck world star. Where I grew up brought me here

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    Thinkn u got me fuckd up.. Still ur 2 commas too.

  35. Lacey Francoeur

    U tricked everybody 😂

  36. JoeyGames

    Who is here because they are actually a Jeezy fan and know about this song lol?

  37. Marcus Williams

    Aye shit fk what you talking bout Akon and Jeezy 😂😪😴🙃😱😱

  38. Korron Ramirez

    tory lanez wrote this

    Tyler Busch

    Korron Ramirez only the hook

  39. SMASH

    Who’s here because of everyday struggle

  40. Femi Oladimeji

    Everyday Struggle Brought me here!

  41. BonBonLaFlare 615

    Tory Lanez wrote this

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    Tory Lanez wrote this hook. Wild.

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    i love his iconic AKON And young jeezy when they do a song together

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    August 4. 2017

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    January 5. 2019

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    this is a awesome song

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    Check out my YouTube channel and Instagram Josiah_badazzjo

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    akon use 2 go hard den a mtf

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    Man I love this shit!!! This my favorite song

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    Still my shit idc idc 🙄👍🏽💯

  57. Milestone Records

    Tory Lanez wrote this


    Milestone Records the hook but oh well, Akon sang it perfectly.

  58. Eric Wright


  59. Mech Sparks

    Jezzy dropped "Chruch Of In These Streets" So quick he didn't give one of his best albums "Seen It All" time to breath & circulate

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    And I still kick shit, blackbeltttttt

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    my cellphone dreamin🕵

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    u was born that way always be a hater lol real shit

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    Credit to that dude that was shaking his ass in that video on worldstar, nobody heard this song before that video.

    Who Cqres

    almost noone heard of that here because jeezy is and always has been a great.

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    "Talking bottles so big put a fish in that bitch"

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    that bae

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    we aint fishin we in the street

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    how did i not know about this album

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    Jeezy The Realist....Hands Down!! Shout Out To Yo Gotti, T.I., Young Bucc, E-40, Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg, Big Boi, Turk, Boosie, Webbie...Just To Name A Few For Keeping It Real...RESPECT HOMIES

  69. J J

    Did y'all think this was a good Jeezy album? I thought this was his best work is awhile. This song, Seen it all, alot of really good tracks on here.

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    I Love This Shit Yo.

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    pro year

    akon is the new nate dogg

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    Sergio Ingelmo hate to tell you this but Tory lanez wrote this hook my G

    Lex Hvmiti

    I would always choose Akon over Nate on a hook, may that's just my taste, you know...

  76. Jason Gillespie

    just when I thought it couldn't get no better n**** hit me on my chirp and got all my cheddar

  77. Randy Perry

    had a mill at 16 i new how that felt still kickn shit im a black belt

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    shoulda seen me in dat yellow 430 got it washed everyday bitch never seem dirty

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    classic duo

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    Everything they do together is an instant classic..

    Adam Chuckran

    G Cap. Yio

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    This song is vintage Akon and Jeezy. Honestly can't believe that this song came out last year. Listening to it, I felt like I was travelling back in time.

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    no rapper talkin shit about jeezy man he is probably one of the biggest drug dealin rappers who kept it real up till now. get em jeezy.

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